12.1.10  Leaving the gym tonight we couldn’t help but smile.  It has been our dream to open a CrossFit gym that embodies all that we are passionate about; fitness, friendship, laughter, and support.  Right before our eyes we see CrossFit 203 turning into just that.  There was GREAT energy at the gym tonight. We had six people working out (whoot! that’s a record for a weekday 5pm!), one member show up just to hang out, and Coach Jackson was cheering from the sidelines and making us laugh with his crazy noises.

We put some legit Push Jerk PR’s on the board.  Monica once again showed her stuff, as she push jerked for the first time and threw up 118lbs. Greg made the lifts look easy, and kept us entertained between sets. And, in typical CrossFit style, we had a lung-burner mini-metcon to close class, with everyone cheering each other on.

The energy will only grow as more members come aboard, and that’s why CrossFit is the best program out there. Classes like today, with positive energy oozing from the walls, are commonplace. You will feed off the other people in your class and it will bring the best out of you. That’s CrossFit, come on in and join us!