11-8-10.  It’s official!  CrossFit 203 held its first classes Sunday morning.  Thank you to all who showed up, and to everyone who lent a hand setting up and getting ready.  We could not have done this without your support.  This truly is a dream come true for us and we are very excited to grow this gym into a fantastic, fun, and supportive community. 

A year ago CrossFit 203 started out as a joke when Kirk came home sick and tired of his nine-to-five job.  I joked, “Lets just start a CrossFit gym.”  The more we thought about it, the more we were convinced that this is what we were meant to do and that CrossFit came into our lives for a reason. My dad wanted to know why I wasn’t putting my hard earned and very expensive college degree in Physical Therapy to use and opening up a PT clinic instead. Well, it’s because CrossFit is what I am passionate about…and it’s WAY more fun!

It’s a scary thing to make such a huge change and life decision.  My very wise grandmother once gave me some great advice when it comes to big decisions and change.  She told me, “Melissa, you have to focus, make the commitment, and then you just gotta jump”.  Long story short, after lots of planning, saving, and more planning, we “jumped” and were able to open our doors today. 

This is the start of a great journey, thanks for joining us for the ride!

Rachie getting her pull-ups on during Fran