11.30.10  CrossFit prepares us for anything and everything that we may encounter in life.  Funny thing is that we have no idea what life has planned for us today, tomorrow, or next year.  A lot of boxes post the ‘Workout of the Day’. But in order to truly train for the unknown, most days you will come to CrossFit 203 with no idea what the daily WOD will be. We like it that way.

Posting the WOD would be too easy. You may find yourself coming in when you like the workout and possibly skip out if the WOD involves a weakness of yours. If you suck at something here, you’re going to have to work at it.  Most of us who CrossFit struggle with numerous movements, so don’t worry when you find a weakness.  See it as an opportunity to improve yourself and excel. 

Come prepared to work hard every single day, and tackle whatever may be thrown at you.  You’ll be better prepared for the day life throws you a curveball. 

In keeping with the CrossFit spirit of competition, we WILL be posting whiteboard results from the prior day’s WOD.  Check it out and feel free to discuss the WOD or your results in comments.

Jeanine works her dead hang pull ups