And the winner is…..


4.27.11  A huge congrats to EVERYONE who participated in our March Challenge.  You all made it very difficult to decide on a winner!  We saw HUGE gains in strength, endurance, as well as significant body changes for everyone.  So proud of you all!  We chose the winners based on the following criteria: do you look better naked? Daily food logs, attendance at the gym, and three Challenge WODs.  And the winners are….

In first place, taking 50% of the pot ($127) and getting $75 off their next month’s membership: Frank!!  Frank lost over 17 lbs and took off 5 inches from his waist, all while adding over 4 lbs of lean body mass!!  He added 18 points to his FGB score, took off 2:30 min from his Baseline, and added 20 lbs to his 3-Rep max clean.  WOW!  I’m so proud of Frank for his dedication to eating clean and getting his butt to the gym even if that meant waking up at 5:30 am when he got back  late from business travels the night before.

In second place, taking 30% of the pot ($76) and getting $50 off their next month’s membership: Jessica!!  Jess lost almost 9lbs, took off 4 inches from her hips, and 3 inches from her waist.  She added over 8 lbs of muscle and decreased her body fat 8%!  Jess improved 29 points in FGB, shaved 1:06min from Baseline, and added 5 lbs to her 3-Rep Clean.  It took a little convincing but I was able to finally pry her hands off those pesky little sandwich thins, and she is now eating clean! 

In third place, taking 20% of the pot ($51) and getting $25 off their next months membership: Nuno!!  Nuno lost almost 5 lbs while adding over 3 lbs of muscle, and lost nearly 2 inches off his waist.  He added 37 points to his FGB, took off 1:12 min from Baseline, and added 48 lbs to his 3-Rep clean!!  Nuno’s dedication to his diet has really shown in his workouts. His endurance is so much improved, his flexibility is better, and he is starting to move some serious weight around! 

I have a number of honorable mentions here…you guys really make me so proud! 

Barry not only provided me the most entertaining food log, he also lost 3 inches from his waist, added 30 pts to FGB, and 15 lbs to his clean!

Jeanine actually gained a pound but put on 4.5 lbs of muscle and took off 1.5 in from her waist!  She took 17 seconds off Baseline and added 8 lbs to her clean.

Rachael lost 4 lbs, added nearly 10 lbs of muscle, and took off 3 ½ inches from her hips!  She lowered her Baseline score by 1:38!

Thom lost 10 lbs, added 25 points to FGB, and took off 38 seconds from Baseline.

Greg lost over 7 lbs and added 22 points to FGB!

Fred lost 5lbs, took 1 ¼ in off his waist.  He increased his FGB by 14 pts, took 1 minute off Baseline, and added 40 lbs to his clean!

Gina lost over 2 inches from her hips and put on nearly 6 lbs of muscle! She improved FGB by 25 points and took 20 seconds off Baseline.

Ian gained 4 lbs of muscle!  He improved FGB by 16 points, took 30 seconds off Baseline, and added 10 lbs to his clean.

Monica added 8lbs of muscle!  She increased FGB by 67 points, took 27 seconds off Baseline, and added 25 lbs to her clean!

Michelle took 2 inches off her waist, shaved 1:01 off Baseline, and added 18 lbs to her clean!

Jen took off 2 inches from her hips, added over 6 lbs of muscle, shaved 53 seconds from Baseline, and added 45 lbs to her clean!

Lauren lost almost 5 lbs and took 3 inches off her hips and waist!

Tanner lost 11 lbs and took off more than 2 inches from his waist!

Keep up the great work everyone!!  I hope these guys have inspired you all. If you were not part of the March Challenge, remember, these improvements were made in just ONE MONTH!!!  Imagine what you can do if you keep this up?

22 Responses to And the winner is…..

  1. Beery says:

    I think you guys measured my waist wrong.

  2. Beery says:

    also, Frank looked awesome on his second baseline.

  3. admin says:

    Could be. That Kirk-measuring-Barry thing didn’t go too well.

  4. admin says:

    And remember, 9 am class with Rob tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! Be there!

  5. Matt D says:

    I entered my score the wrong way or the website is acting up again…my score for wod 6 = 932.

  6. jeanine says:

    Those are some huge numbers! Congratulations to all the winners!

  7. Monica says:

    Awesome job everyone!

  8. Rob says:


    I was there, I witnessed your 932. It was righteous. Too bad some dude got 4152. Methinks the site is messed up. SHOCKER.

  9. Beery says:

    the lack of gravatars is confusing

  10. Lauren says:

    awesome job everyone!!!
    great work Frank- you worked hard!! but, behind every great man, is a great woman…haha….
    seriously, you deserve it!! congrats!

  11. Greg says:

    Mongo no understand why no picture in box!

  12. Becky says:

    Those are all inspiring numbers — Great job everyone!

    Now I really can not wait for this baby to pop out!!! Then I challenge everyone to another challenge – We shall call it the “Help Becky break her love affair with the pizza delivery man” challenge.

  13. Greg (Not him. The other one.) says:

    WOW… Those results are awesome. Great work 203.

    • Hester says:

      Strahinja, I think you're the one who was never alive to begin with. You're just a little dangling puppet, burbling about race, and blood, and what have you. 'Cuz we all know what a swell place Europe is right now, with its Moslem population taking over, and what a great place it was to live during the 20th Century (when it had to be rescued by poor old, &qtuo;Dead" America.)

  14. Kirk says:

    I’m surprised Barry is one of the few with a gravitar. I figured by now he would have crushed it with his huge man hands. Anyone know the site you have to visit to get your gravitar? I forgot where you go. And, awesome job by everyone in the challenge. It’s amazing what just one good month can do.

  15. Karen L says:

    I saw Frank for the first time in about two weeks (becasue of my absence) and he looks fantastic. What a difference. Great work Frank.

    • Elida says:

      You really saved my skin with this inmifratoon. Thanks!

    • some conservative did an essay a few years back (probably in the weekly standard or a similar venue) on precisely that point–how the empire were the forces of order, and the rebels of chaos, and our sympathies should rest with the empire. (i'm sure someone else here can find a link.)given a recent (to me, at least) revelation that lucas originally conceived star wars as a vietnam allegory with the empire representing america, i find this argument even more persuasive.

  16. frank says:

    Thanks guys for all of the kind words and support – especially to my amazing wife for helping me to work up the guts to walk through the door. More work to do……

  17. michelle says:

    Holy CRAP you guys!! These numbers are amazing!! Jess & Monica, 8#s?!!! awesome! I’d like to request monthly re-measurings, I found this totally motivating. @Becky, well, maybe we’ll all come over & experience this pizza problem..i mean…we hafta know the enemy right? :) lol

  18. Thom says:

    Congratulations to everyone. What an awesome experience.

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