7-25-11 – This week, we’re doing a series entitled “Why I CrossFit” for the blog. I reached out to a bunch of you via facebook and email and we’ve received some awesome, inspiring, creative and amazing responses. If I didn’t get in touch with you electronically and you want to contribute to this project, send me an email to info@crossfit203.com.

Nathan, Lo, Ashley, and Bruno are starting us off this week and below is a cool video about the same subject, courtesy of CrossFit 516.

Nathan- I Crossfit to get high. I’ve had some wild experiences in my life: shark diving, bungee jumping, skydiving, Jell-O wrestling Richard Simmons and Bea Arthur. But I’ve never experienced anything that made me feel as alive as facing down a terrifying WOD, gritting through it, and making it to the other side, exhausted, aching, and deliriously happy.

Lauren (aka “Lo”) - I CrossFit because it leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment and success. Whether it’s getting a personal best, pushing myself through a killer WOD, or simply cheering on the person next to me, CrossFit gives me the opportunity to do something great each and every day.

Ashley- I CrossFit because I am always surprised at how far I can push myself. And I love having a group of fellow CrossFitters around to keep me pushing above and beyond what I thought humanly possible!

Bruno - I Crossfit because it’s a F$@& drug and I must have it. Oh and because you can take your shirt off at any time!