8.24.11 One of the great things about CrossFit is that your time here usually doesn’t end when the hour is over. You stick around afterward to talk about the WOD, life, or whatever is on your mind. When did you ever do that at your old “Globo Gym?” I hardly uttered a word during my time there, let alone stick around to talk about the workout. When was the last time you stuck around after work to talk about…..work?

I can see the excitement in you eyes after you do well in a WOD. I can hear the pride in your voice when you tell me you hit the RX weight for the first time in a workout. I love the look on your face after you surprise yourself with a great performance. You were in the bathroom for a nervous pee before the WOD, but after, you hold your head high because you are proud of what you just accomplished. You want to share your feelings with the world sometimes!

Even if I struggle with a workout, I want to talk to the rest of you and find out how you did, how you cut up your sets, and where you killed it. We are so focused on ourselves during a WOD, it’s nice when everything is over and you can find out how others approached things.

Keep the conversation going here on the blog. We want to hear your thoughts about the workout. How’d you do? What did you learn? Sound off!

The guys go Chest to Bar!

Freddy does a great job keeping chest up and perfect bar position in the bottom of his Thruster.

Matt D, Miguel and Michelle all at different thruster postions.