1.23.12  The most important aspect of CF203 has always been to offer the best coaching in the area, and we took another step this weekend as Kirk and Rob took their Strongman Certification Course at Hybrid Athletics with Rob Orlando and his staff. We can’t wait to do some more strongman!!!

On another note, the snow has officially arrived so we need to discuss winter etiquette. Please bring a dry pair of sneakers with you to the gym every day. Or, pick a cubby and leave them there all winter long.

Please change into your dry sneakers before you walk onto the rubber mats. PLEASE do not walk onto the mats with your salty, wet, snowy shoes or boots, unless you like licking dirty salt when you are doing burpees. Please walk around the perimeter of the mats as you enter and exit the gym.

Also, with winter comes the cold and flu.  Please make an effort to wipe down the equipment you use. We want to make sure you all stay nice and healthy this winter!

Please be sure to check the blog and our Facebook Page for any winter related closings or delays. 

Miguel and Cristina

Rob from Rockland CrossFit will be joining us weekdays...203's happy to be your home away from home!

Matt and Thom

The Milanos oversee 'Team Freddy 5'

Post WOD stretching