Most of you at CF 203 have goals, whether they are long term or short term. You wrote some of your goals on our board, and you work toward them and can sense when you are on the verge of crossing one off the list.

Sometimes, along the way, we have a spontaneous moment of achievement….a nifty term that I came up with after watching you all flip the tire during Monday’s WOD.

A lot of you had never done a tire flip, or hadn’t since last summer. You looked at the tire, and a number of you said, “sooooo, do like 2 or 3 of us  flip it together? There is NO WAY I can move that thing!”

You didn’t think you would be able to flip it. You should have snuck out of class right then and there and raced home, right? But then we warmed up and reviewed technique. Fast forward about 20 minutes and nearly everyone flipped the tire all 16 times….by themselves! Did you surprise yourself?

We don’t use the word “can’t” around here, and if we do it’s ALWAYS followed by the word “YET”.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying something for the very first time, or the 20th. We hope you all reach your CrossFit goals, but along the way, you might just surprise yourself with some of the other things you didn’t think you would be able to do.

Deb throwing the tire around


Sarah flipping a tire that weighs about 3x more than she does!