Move it!

It’s official…we’re moving into our new space this weekend!  We will have a slight schedule change to accommodate the move.  Saturday we will run just ONE class at 9 am.  We’ll throw down in our old space one more time, and go out in style with a hero WOD. 

On Sunday, we will run our normal class at 9 am, along with the Masters Class at 10:30 am. Because of the move, we’ll probably have to WOD in the parking lot. Don’t worry, it’ll still be a great workout.  

For anyone interested in helping us move some mats and equipment post WOD, we’ll welcome the help!  Beer and burgers for anyone who sticks around to pitch in!  We will probably be moving/painting/cleaning all day on Saturday and Sunday, so stop by if you can lend a hand. We can’t wait to get the new space set up! Have a great weekend everyone.

Jake with a snatch pull


Judy setting up for a pull


Nate back from his honeymoon and celebrating with OHS's


Gabby was clearly not impressed with the effort of the 6 pm class tonight



3 Responses to Move it!

  1. Eliana says:

    Poor gabby…she is still traumatized by what happened the last time her mom jumped rope…LABOR!!

  2. Mikey says:

    She’s a tough customer!

  3. Lauren says:

    Cool pic of Jake!

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