I’m a free man of sorts. And so are you. The Nutrition Challenge is over and if I cheat, I’m not letting a team of people down….I’m only letting myself down. Have you thought the same thing? You CAN stop and get a donut now, or gorge yourself on a pizza or a half gallon of chunky monkey. But read that third sentence again. It’s not like there is no casualty from a massive cheat….YOU are the casualty. No cheat is ever truly “free” right?

Yes, I’ve been tempted many, many times since the challenge ended. By the hundreds of chocolate treats that line the cash register at almost any store you enter. Can’t they line the register with fruit PLEASE!!!!  I’ve been tempted by Rich’s Ice Cream Farm, by Dunkin Donuts, etc. And I have slipped up a couple of times. But I continue to question why I slip up, because I KNOW how I’m going to feel. I’ll feel like crap mentally and physically.  

And now I think back to the final few weeks of the challenge and how I felt during those WODs. I swear, during a few of those 20 minute AMRAP’s, I wanted to go 30. I felt light and strong and full of energy. You felt the same way, right?

Then I analyze my workouts after those cheat days. I felt heavy, weak and tired. I haven’t felt REALLY good during a WOD in a week. To me, the cheat days obviously carry over. They don’t just ruin one WOD. They combine to ruin all of my WODs when I’m sloppy with my diet. A few good days here and there just won’t cut it.

Well, I’m done with that. I’m back on the train. I was off the tracks for a bit this past week, but I want that feeling again. Light….strong….full of energy. I’m not going to let a f*cking double chocolate donut take that away from me.


Brian and Jake


Welcome Mark!


Nicole on her way to a new DL PR!


The move to our new bigger space can't come soon enough!


CF Kids enjoying some scooter fun!