As we get older, we are forced to “cut the fat,” and I don’t mean in your diet. We can’t be involved with everything anymore.  Growing up, we want to be everywhere and with everybody. We don’t want to be left out of anything. Clubs, teams, groups, frats….we want to be a part of it all.  As adults we realize that it’s just not possible, and that priorities need to be made in life.

Life gets pretty hectic with families, jobs, friends and hobbies. We have to choose what’s most important to us and cut out some things. We can’t be everywhere anymore. Maybe you cut little things like TV time or facebook, spending sprees at the mall or late night parties at the bar. Or maybe bigger things like travel or not being able to hang out with old friends much anymore.  However, amid this elimination of things, we hope CrossFit can be an addition to your life.

Of course, if you add CrossFit, you might have to go on a spending spree because your clothes won’t fit anymore, but I digress. The best part of CrossFit?  It’s making the most of a precious hour in your day.  In one hour you get to spend quality time with your partner…or maybe some quality time away from the house. It’s YOUR time to focus on YOUR health and recharge YOUR batteries. It’s your chance to challenge yourself mentally and physically, and get in some good laughs with new friends. 

Your life it hectic…trust me, you need this hour. 

Miguel working on his bar muscle-ups


Mike A. ripping through some ring dips


Jeanine hanging around


Ring dips for Neil, strict pull-ups for Alana