Our February Member Spotlight is Steve C. (yes, we chose him even though he’s a Cowboys fan….see below). Steve has come a long way since joining, as evidence by the photos below. He is a dedicated member of our Masters Crew and you can count on him being at those classes on Fridays and Sundays, unless he’s on the road for work. Despite his busy work travel schedule, he has taken the next step and is now focusing on training for competitions in the area, like the Masters event he references below. Steve is extremely coachable and always eager to learn. He will spend extra time with a coach to try to perfect a lift/skill he’s working on. And, he recently signed up for the upcoming CrossFit Open! Steve works as hard as anybody at the box, and we truly appreciate his dedication to CrossFit 203. We can’t wait to see what the year will hold for him. Congrats Steve…..keep up the great work!!!

Name: Stephen Costallos

Where are you originally from?   Born in Queens, spent the majority of my young life in Rockland County, NY and I have been working my way North through Westchester and CT ever since. I think I have landed as far North as a boy from Queens should be!

What high school and/or college did you attend?  I attended North Rockland High School, in Theills, NY and went to Marist College, in Poughkeepsie NY

Favorite sports teams: For the most part, I stay true to my NY roots –  Yankees, Rangers and Knicks, but Football is where I stray. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan! When I really started following football, the Cowboys were America’s team AND there were the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders…I assume they played a role J

What do you do for work? I work for Diageo, in Norwalk CT.  Most people don’t know that company, but we are the largest Beer, Wine and Spirits company in the world.  We are better known for the brands that we own –  Johnnie Walker, Ketel One, Captain Morgan, Ciroc and Guinness just to name a few.  I run Customer Marketing for Guinness.

When and why did you start CrossFit:  I legitimately started Crossfit in October 2012.  Two of my good friends Frank and Lauren Milano had joined 203 and that was all they talked about for months.  All I heard was “WOD”,” Paleo”, “burpees”, “the Box”, blah blah blah-  I originally thought it was some sort of cult…. Eventually my wife Diane and I agreed to give it a try and the rest was history – I officially drank the “cool aid” and I am still drinking it

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?: Although not my best lift, my favorite lift is the Thruster. I feel like I have made a lot of progress, but still a ways to go.  My least favorite lift is the Squat Clean.  I just CANNOT get it through my thick skull to drop and get under the bar.  Everytime I do it, I hear Coach Rich (whether he is there or not) yelling “get under the bar”.  I am determined to get this right.

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing? I think my first workout was Christine… the entire time I was telling myself I cannot go any further, and I just kept on going and somehow finished.  After I got over the feeling of having to throw up, I had such a feeling of accomplishment.  For the first few weeks I would come in and look at the board and just cringe and was completely intimidated.  Then I just accepted that each WOD would be “hell”, so I might as well just go as hard as I could as the pain would be there regardless and now addiction has set in and I don’t even look at the board anymore.

Greateast CrossFit Achievement so far: I have to say it was the first year I competed in the Northeast Masters Throw-down at Shoreline CrossFit.  It was something that I didn’t think I could do in a million years, but thanks to the coaching and encouragement of Coach Rich, I competed and I finished. Never did I hurt so much, but feel so good!  I competed in the event again this year.

CrossFit Goal for 2014:  2 goals:  1) Learn to “get under the bar” and 2) finish in the top half in the next Northeast Masters Throw-down for my age group

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: I live in a “Barn”.  Well a converted barn that has turned out to be a lifelong project!  It also has a 4-horse stable and paddock. I came home from travelling one week, and there was a horse, a mini horse, 4 goats, a few chickens, a 2 rabbits on the property.  They are not mine. My wife allowed someone to keep them there for free so the kids could have animals on the property…. I guess 2 dogs and a cat were not enough J

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….” be the principals from which I live my life” –Hard work, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, fun and pushing beyond what we think is possible

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:  On a plane or a hotel working or with my family!

Other comments?:  Crossfit 203 has become a very important part of my life.  It is the one place I can go that no matter how stressful work or life is, for that 1 hour I know that I will not (actually cannot) think of anything else but what I am doing and be with great people who are truly supportive and helpful regardless what level of athlete you are. Not all CrossFits (not many) have an environment or community like 203!


Friday Schedule Note: Sorry for the late notice, but we are going to have to cancel the Friday noon class. Try to hit the gym at one of our other class times! We will run a 9 am class, Masters Class at 5 pm and regular class at 6 pm.

A pic of Steve taken about a year ago


Steve looking lean and mean at the Shoreline Throwdown last month