Competition season is heating up already!!! We have a pair of upcoming team competitions that we need to get ready for, and we’ll start with the Battle for the Bell 3.

Our friends at CrossFit Strongtown in Southbury will be hosting this event on October 25th, and our goal is to enter as many teams as possible. The workouts have been announced, so this will help you decide whether to do the RX or scaled division. To do RX this year, you should be able to do chest to bar pull-ups, double-unders, and handle power clean reps at 155#/105#. The max lift they are doing this year is a hang snatch. This is a 4-person (two males, two females) team competition, so start getting your teams together!!! If you want to participate but aren’t sure who to team with, we will have a sign-up on the whiteboard at the box. Check out all the info HERE.

The CrossFit Team Series is also starting later this month on August 28. This is also a 4-person team competition (2 men, two women). This competition is being run by CrossFit and will have worldwide standings on its website, similar to the CrossFit Open. There will be three total workouts over a span of a little over a month. Check this release for the details HERE.

The registration website with more info is HERE

There is already a “sponsored” team of Rich Froning, Jason Khalpia, Julie Foucher and Sam Briggs. Let’s do this!!!!!!

INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS: Yes, we have finally created a page, so please find our page (crossfit 203) and do whatever you do with Instagram. Thanks to Coach Kim for getting this going for us! She’ll be updating it regularly with photos of all our amazing athletes and the shenanigans that go down at 203!