It’s time to release another WOD that you’ll see Saturday at our in-house throwdown.

For Time
125 Wall Ball
100 Plate Burpees
75 Box Jumps

1 person works at a time. The WOD starts with the L1 athlete, followed by L2 and L3 and stays in that order. No team member can do more than 15 reps, or less than 5, at any given time with any of the movements throughout the workout.
Wall Ball

Level      Men                                 Women
L3            20# to 11 feet                    14# to 10 feet
L2            20# to 10 feet                   14# to 9 feet
L1            14# to 10 feet                    10# to 8 feet

*Masters Men – 14# to 9 feet
*Masters Women – 10# to 8 feet

Burpees Men will do a burpee (chest and hips on ground) and jump onto 45-pound bumper plate instead of clapping overhead. Women jump to a 25-pound plate. Both feet have to land on the plate (step ups are allowed) and hips DO NOT NEED TO OPEN. Your foot does not have to be fully on the plate when landing on it. However, heels must be off the ground.

Box Jumps
Level           Men                  Women
L3                 24-inch               20-inch
L2                 24-inch               20-inch
L1                 20-inch                20-inch

*Masters Men – 20-inch
*Masters Women – 16-inch

Step ups are allowed. Hips must fully open on top of box and control must be established (no jump-offs).

Let us know if you have any questions or clarifications!

DSC_7554 (2)

Mike T. looking strong with his thruster!

DSC_7547 (2)

Welcome to Karina!

DSC_7543 (2)

Elsa toying with the thrusters at the 9 am class