More Video and Battle for the Bell News

Here is some more video from our in-house competition…..the final heat of WOD 2 and the third workout.

Things are starting to come together for the upcoming Battle for the Bell competition on Oct. 25. The teams have all been placed into the Big Bell or Little Bell Divisions. Check the following link HERE to make sure your team is in the correct division. If you aren’t there, let us know ASAP.



DSC_7779 (2)

The 6 am class starting Fight Gone Bad

DSC_7795 (2)

Julia locking out a push press

DSC_7804 (2)

Wednesday’s noon crew enjoying some sun

DSC_7818 (2)

Becca and Christine locking out ring dips

DSC_7828 (2)

Kim P. and Mel D. working through a set of 20 push presses






2 Responses to More Video and Battle for the Bell News

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