shout-outimg_4908-1We have another full shout out board! Keep the shout outs coming…we love seeing them!  We will start a new one this week….here were some of the highlights below from last week.

A HUGE shout out to Eliana for helping to plan our Holiday Party! She has so many amazing ideas. We can’t wait for you to see the final product! Not only that…she also managed to overcome a huge fear of kicking into a handstand!

Congrats to coach Alexis for doing her first squat cleans since July! As you probably imagined, she looked just as strong as ever! Also a big shout out for another comeback to AMBER! She is back in the gym after being forced to take some time off.  We saw Kristen hit a big 3 rep press PR (she had been waiting for that one!), and Rachael hit an OHS PR last week!  Shout out to our dedicated 7pm’ers Mel D. and Stephanie who despite some horrendous traffic… showed up anyway and managed to squeeze in a workout. Oh, and another sorry/congrats to the 6 and 9 am classes for “accidentally” doing 7 rounds of “Ryan” last Monday. Whoops!!!! 42 extra burpees just made you THAT much more fit!!!

Our New Year’s schedule is set, so if you plan on hitting he gym at the end of the week or weekend, see below!

Friday, Dec. 30 – Normal schedule – 6 am, 9 am, Noon, 4 pm (Gymnastics class), 5 pm, 6 pm
Saturday, Dec. 31 – “The Chief” at 9 and 10 am
Sunday, Jan. 1 – CLOSED
Monday, Jan. 2 – 9 and 10 am classes only



Eliana, Melis and Alexis had fun with the assault bikes over the Holidays!


Kirk Daddy getting his squat on


Mike bending the bar


Matthew has made quite the transformation in 2016!!!


Christian and Lou rolling through some swings


Jill has been working super hard and it’s paying off!!!!!


Shayna during the 12 Days workout


After doing the 12 days WOD at 6 am, Alberto stopped in to have a beverage while watching his wife and the rest of the class throw down (Coach Michelle doing burpees in the background)


Jane finishing a clean and jerk


The “203” team workout on Saturday


Friday’s 12 Days of Christmas workout


Saturday Team workout

Saturday Team workout


Monday Partner WOD

Monday Partner WOD