Something has been on my mind lately and I wanted to do a little blog about it. I was thinking about the CrossFit Open. It’s been over for a while and we’ve all had a chance to recover mentally and physically and get back to our regular routines. My hope was that the Open would FIRE YOU GUYS UP!!!! We now all have a clear idea about what we need to work on…..we all have a whole list of things. Maybe it’s barbell strength, gymnastics, cardio, or just simply getting to the gym more and gain some more experience with CrossFit in general. I was pumped to see everyone REALLY get to work and strive to get better. By the 2018 CrossFit Open, you could be an entirely different athlete.

For a bunch of you, we HAVE seen that and we love it. However, we have seen others fall off. We have hardly seen some of you since the open ended. Here is the thing. We KNOW you can make it to the gym. We saw it during the Open. You came in on weekends, evenings, or random times to get the workouts in. You made it a priority and MADE IT HAPPEN! So, we know you can. It just takes effort and commitment.

Here is what we want for all of you! We want you at the gym pounding away at your weaknesses. We want you here often. Not just one or twice a week…..we want much, much more. In order to really reach your goals, it takes a commitment and we want you here as much as you possibly can. We know schedules are crazy….kids, sports, events, appointments, work, and whatnot. You have to make yourself a priority sometimes. Some of you are so caring for everyone else… forget about yourself! CrossFit 203 is YOUR place to focus on YOU!  You’ll be better off in all aspects of your life if you are feeling healthy and good about your fitness!

I get excited thinking about the 2018 CrossFit Open because I hope you’re all doing things you never thought possible. Doing things you couldn’t this year. But you have to work for it! We want to make you all better athletes, parents, students, employees, husbands and wives, etc. We want you at the gym, working hard and getting stronger and fitter.

Are you in?


You will all be happy to know that we got 2 new bikes the other day. More of this in the near future!!!!


Craig and Robin hitting the Sunday morning 8 am Endurance workout!


Awesome to see Avery getting her first rope climbs!!!!


Rich looked great on the peg board the other day!


Christian locking out a press


Jane looking strong!!!