Sip ‘N Stretch

Save the date!  On Friday, May 27th, we are hosting a “Sip ‘N Stretch”.  Join us at 7 pm for some yoga and wine!  It’ll be a great way to unwind, relax, and get in some much needed mobility!  Melissa Silva is a great yoga instructor, she was met with rave reviews after she kicked off our last ladies night!  Please sign up with Coach Melissa if you plan to attend.  This is a free program and open to all our member…not just the ladies this time! Everyone could use the stretching session…and a little wine hopefully  bribes you to get here!


Connor throwing the barbell around


Bella cycling through a set of push presses during fight gone bad last week!


Jack making those 36-inch box jumps look way too easy!


Loved seeing Lia sky to a 28-inch box during Monday’s workout!


Don’t look now, but Livia is getting STRONG


Paul got his muscle-ups back on Tuesday!


Lisa working on her muscle-ups



TUESIMG_2608 (1)


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