This week, from May 22-28, we want everyone to try and attend one of our specialty classes……simply put, it’s SPECIALTY CLASS WEEK!!!  These classes will be free of charge to EVERYONE for one week! Our coaches work so hard and put out such great classes, we want more of you to take advantage of it!!!! On top of our regular programming, these classes WILL help get you to the next level or overcome plateaus. Attending these classes consistently can help you reach whatever goals you have!

As a reminder, below is the full schedule to our specialty classes.  Take advantage next week, and no doubt you’ll want to upgrade your membership to keep coming back!  Our Specialty Classes are free for anyone who is an unlimited member here at 203. It is a $20/class drop in for anyone else normally.

Endurance Class: Sundays at 8 am
Barbell Club: Tuesdays at 7 pm
Strongman Class: Thursdays at 4 pm
Gymnastics Class: Fridays at 4 pm

SCHEDULE CHANGE AND WOD SPOILER FOR FRIDAY!!! Due to coach availability, we have to tweak the Friday schedule this week only. We will have “regular” CrossFit classes at 4 and 5 pm, and the Gymnastics class will be 6 pm (instead of the usual 4 pm time slot). Again, this week only. And, be aware that we will be doing some rope climbs Friday!!!! Bring those high socks!!! See you there!!!!


Ihab locking out a clean and jerk!


Pat, Michelle B and Kelly during today’s EMOM


Mike focused on his push jerks


Kaz and Sue getting after it!




Tuesday (sorry, we forgot a Wednesday board!)