I had one of those days last week….I’m having trouble finding the exact word, but I guess I was feeling sluggish. A little sore but nothing crazy. I had already worked out three days that week, I debated back and forth with myself if I should even work out. Maybe I should rest. But I actually had time to hit the 9 am class so I went in. Why not?

We warmed up and I started to feel better….I started to WAKE UP and not feel so groggy! I felt pretty good during the lift and then we did that short, intense piece with a 20 cal bike, 20 burpees, 200 m run. It was a burner, and as I was stretching afterwards I couldn’t help but think….THANK GOD I SHOWED UP TODAY….I FEEL GREAT AND ACCOMPLISHED AND I WOULD BE SO PISSED AT MYSELF IF I DECIDED NOT TO GO!!!!

Even after all these years of doing CrossFit, I sometimes forget how awesome you can feel after these workouts. How accomplished you feel….like you really did something good and fun! Sometimes I lose sight of that. I have to really remind myself and have this internal dialogue, “hey, dummy, if you have time to hit a class….JUST F*CKING GO!!! Don’t you know how amazing you will feel afterwards???!!! No excuses. Just go, and you can thank me later!”

So this is my message to you. If you have time to go to a class, JUST GO!!!! When have you ever come to the gym and regretted it? Admit it, you always feel like a million bucks after pushing yourself in these workouts with this great community. There is no better feeling.

See you at the gym real soon, right?

WOD SPOILER: Rope climb warning for Monday. Bring those high socks!!!!


Jack got his first taste of tire juice this spring at Thursday’s Strongman Class!!!!!


Brutal little sprint on the bikes!!!


Alberto, Kirk and Pat cycling through those push jerks on Saturday


We loved Monica’s gymnastics class warm-up so much on Friday….we did some of it on Saturday as well


Melis looking strong with her OHS


Shaun, Angie and Sara in the middle of a barbell hold during Sunday’s partner workout