Once again, we are trying really hard to keep up with technology (despite our lack of knowledge in that area). We are participating in a free 2-week trial to find a new way for our community to track workouts and lifts. It’s called Sugar WOD (strange name, we know) and it’s essentially a virtual white board!. We’d love for as many of you to test this out and let us know what you think!  If you like it…we’ll go ahead and offer this as an added service to our athletes! The best part is…..after the trial, this option will be FREE to 203 members.

Sugar WOD an app for your phone and it’s an easy way to log and track your lifts, PR’s, workout times and results. And, from the looks of it, it’s a cool little on-line community. You can comment on people’s results, give a shout out if someone sets a PR, or simply give a “fist bump” if someone does well in a workout. In short, it’s an on-line whiteboard and it looks like something you will all enjoy.

What do you do? Just download the Sugar WOD app on your phone and join CrossFit 203. (If anyone has trouble doing this, let us know ASAP). Try it out. You can log your results from the workout there instead of the old pen, paper and notebooks. It’ll be easy to look up your previous PR for a workout like “Fran” or your last 1 RM back squat. We think it will be helpful to be more organized and have some fun at the same time.

Our two week trial has already started…so don’t delay in testing this out!  Try Sugar WOD and let us know how you like it!!!!  



Bella looking good with those v-ups from Thursdayt


I have a feeling Dallas will really enjoy the Strongman class


A family affair on Friday morning!!!!!


Stacey LOVED Coach Brian’s week of programming!


The masters crew attacking those bikes!


Love this pic of Mike and Kirk dying while Rita gets work done!!!!!


Paula looking calm and strong with her lunges today


Not sure if Mary was a big fan of Rich's first workout of the week!

Not sure if Mary was a big fan of Rich’s first workout of the week!








Monday #ButcheredByBoucher

Monday #ButcheredByBoucher