Feeling beat up from the past two weeks of programming from Coach Rich and Brian?!  Stressed from end of school year activities?!  Join us this Friday evening at 7:15 pm for Yoga! We did this last month and it was great for everyone who attended. We could ALL use some yoga in our lives and Melissa from Peace of Wellness is great at what she does. It’s FREE to all of you. And the best part?! We will incorporate a beverage or two during the session. Beer, wine…..whatever you want to sip on. It’s relaxing and you will feel like a million bucks afterwards. We have 10 people signed up and know there should be more. Sign up on the whiteboard ASAP!!!!

On another note, we hear that you are all enjoying Sugar WOD!!!! It’s an easy way to track your workouts and lifts and see how everyone does with the workouts. You can see where you stacked up against everyone else, give props to other people at the gym and recognize their effort. Being able to easily track your lifts and PR’s should be really helpful. No more rummaging through notebooks to see your old PR’s and lifts. Welcome to a more organized CrossFit experience! Let us know your thoughts on the app. The good and the bad. I’m sure there is still much to learn about it. Thanks everyone!


Carlos flying through his pistols Tuesday


Rachael getting under some weight!


Kristen ripping through a set of 10 power snatches


Moves and Lou starting the snatch/sprint WOD today