#SmashedBySolla and Games Week!!!

We have ONE more guest week of programming and it kicked off today with Coach Solla week. First of all, some of our newer members may not know Mike yet. Mike is busy with his studies since going back to school and he comes to the gym when he can, which isn’t as often as he or we would like! But, he is here coaching the noon class once or twice a week! Be sure to get here and thank him for his workouts. #SmashedBySolla

Also, this Wednesday kicks of the 2017 CrossFit Games! You can watch all divisions (Open, Teens, and Masters) compete on the CrossFit Games website, Facebook Live and cbssports.com.

Live and post-event coverage will air on CBS, with additional preview shows, daily recap shows and an eight-episode, documentary-style series on CBS Sports Network. As part of each hour, CrossFit will air spots about the CrossFit community and show how viewers can find a nearby affiliate. 

The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games will be the best-attended event in CrossFit’s history, with an all-new venue and format. Keep track of all the action in Madison by downloading the event app.

Bottom line….be prepared to get very little done this week at work!  We’ll be streaming live coverage all weekend long here at 203! 


Robin getting under a clean


Reagan setting up for a lift!


Pat and Kasia getting work done, meanwhile….



…….Carlos played the role of baby whisperer


Sarah starting her set of 10 cleans









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