Summertime is filled with BBQs, parties, and adult beverages. Our nutrition can very easily go completely off the rails. How can we enjoy our summer barbecues and parties without completely losing track of our nutrition and health?!. Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep you on track all summer long.

1. Stock up and prep the good stuff. When at the grocery store, stock up on tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Be sure when you get home to take an extra 10 minutes to pre-cut some of those fruits and veggies. You’re much more likely to reach for green bell peppers and hummus over the other bag of chips if they’re already cut and set to go. Likewise, pre-cut some fresh melon or pineapple for easy access and quick snacking. If you know you’re going to be short on time, pay a little extra and buy the store precut veggies/fruit.

2. Follow the 80/20 rule. For those of you who are happy with your current state of fitness and body composition, sticking to clean eating 80% of the time and indulging 20% will work just fine. For those of you who still want to make changes, maybe stick with the 90/10 rule, indulge just 10% of the time.  (That means that out of the 21 meals you eat in a week…only 2 involve cheats). Monday through Friday stick with meats and veggies, then Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy life (and your favorite foods) a little. Planning ahead to know the days that you’ll have special events will help you stay on course the rest of the week.

3. Make two grocery runs.  Do one shopping on Monday for the week, stocking up on all the good stuff like meats and veggies, fruit, etc.  Save buying any special weekend treats for Saturday morning.  If there’s no special treats to eat in the house, you won’t be tempted to eat any. Any extra goodies left over from the weekend, do what’s right and toss for the garbage man to pick up on Monday morning.

4. On days when there’s a special occasion, pre fuel up with lots of water and lean protein.  Odds are you’ll get your fill of carbs later that day.  Filling your belly with good protein sources and hydrating will get you started off right. 

5. Get to the gym! You know that you can’t out-train a crappy diet…but making the choice to get to the gym will leave you feeling good about yourself and one good decision often leads to more later that day.  Start things off the right way! 

6. Drink a glass of water or can of seltzer between each alcoholic drink. Choose mixers that don’t add empty calories or added sugar. Stick to club soda and fresh lime juice.  Make your own margaritas with bagged frozen strawberries and limes…or pina coladas with frozen pineapples and coconut cream rum.  Super tasty without all the added sugar!

Follow all or some of these rules and be sure to look and feel great at the beach!!!!


The 6 am crew starting the Filthy 50


Adriano working through his kettle bell swings


The Sunday Endurance class getting work done!


The 9 am class starting todays EMOM


Lauren setting up for a snatch


Lisa getting TALL during her lift


Jon landing a snatch


Working on those deficit HSPU




Filthy 50!