Time for a rare Friday evening post. But we just had to announce that it’s here….Member’s Week is HERE! Many of you submitted workouts and THANK YOU to everyone who did. We have to say……some of you are sickos just like us. We saw some nasty workouts, and even a lot of the same movements in what you chose. It was surprising to see how many of you included things like wall ball, atlas stones, burpees….and it’s clear many of you love tire flips.

It was tough, but we organized the workouts and picked nine of them, starting tomorrow (Saturday), and extending to next Sunday. Trust us when we say that even the workouts we couldn’t include were really good and creative. We can tell many of you took time and thought long and hard about these workouts. Thanks again!

As a little teaser……our first workout tomorrow comes from Cathy!!!! Followed up by Rachael, Jack, Sam, Robin, Stacey, Steve, Natalie and Mike Leo.  Be sure to let them all know how much you love their WODs!!