Sugar WOD seems to be a hit with everyone here at 203!  We are so excited you like it so much, we have decided to go ahead and subscribe the gym for this app!  This will be free for all of you to continue to use as an added benefit to your current membership.

It is so important for you guys to have a convenient and quick way to log your workout results and weights. We want you to see the #gainz you make every month and year here at 203!

If you haven’t already, head to the app store and download Sugar WOD.  Be sure to join CrossFit 203 and start logging results!

If you have the app, you know that our element of surprise with the daily WOD is now a thing of the past….damn!  But if you like the surprise….. just don’t look at the app before you come to the gym. For some, knowing ahead may help with preparing for the day. Either way, just remember…some of the workouts that look boring or “easy” on paper are often the most devastating. And the days you look and say to yourself…”ugh, that looks awful/stupid/I hate it” are usually the workouts you need most in your life to make you a better, more well-rounded athlete.  

The new update includes a news feed so don’t hesitate to throw out some WOD suggestions or helpful tips for the later classes!  We hope you enjoy!


Mike locking out a thruster on Sunday morning


Yes, Rachael suffered through her brutal workout just like the rest of you….gotta give her credit.


Burpee pull-ups. Enough said.


Jill having fun with the sled during a sunny Monday noon class!


Phillip pulling that heavy sled


Connor up to 255 on his clean and jerk!


Miguel looked strong with that sled today