Tonight we just have some schedule notes for this week!  Coach Monica will be heading for vacation, so Melissa will run a special gymnastics class on Friday. 

This class will be geared towards anyone who is still stuck on that damn band or in “jumping pull-up purgatory”!  Coach Melissa has a pull-up program given to her by Pamela Gagnon, one of the head CrossFit Gymnastics trainers.  Pamela has guaranteed a pull up to anyone who follows this program for a month!  Remember…no kipping pull-ups until you master that strict one!  Melissa will review the specifics and give you the tools to get that first strict pull-up! 

Second, join us Sunday afternoon from 1-4 pm for a Ladies Day on the lake learning to paddle board!  Contact Melissa for our beach address!  She will post a sign-up on the 203 ladies page for any food or beverages you may want to bring. The weather is looking great, and it should be a lot of fun!  Make sure to join us!


Gabby setting up for a lift



Lucy and Cindy getting up those ropes last week


Teresa tossing the tire around last week


Brian and Stacey getting their WOD on!