Community has always been at the core of what CrossFit 203 is all about.  With our growing community we thought it was important to remind everyone of some basic ground rules.  We have adapted a list of “House Rules” to make your experience at 203 the best as humanly possible.  These are a way for 203 members to help keep the community awesome, keep the gym in working order, and maintain an environment where EVERYONE feels welcomed and comfortable! 

• Respect each other. Show respect to the coaches, yourself and fellow athletes.

• Introduce yourself to anyone you do not know or recognize.  We’ve got an amazing and diverse community here, make sure you get to know everyone! 

• Clean up after yourself. If you move something from its home in the gym, be sure to bring it back after the workout is done. It is not the coach’s job to clean up after you.  This also applies to any excessive chalk/sweat left on the gym floor, a quick wipe down is much appreciated. 

• Be on time. Get caught in traffic? No problem, it happens….we are happy you are here!  Jump on a bike and get in 25 calories before asking a coach for direction on additional warm up. 

• Train with integrity. If you miss a rep, don’t count it. If you didn’t move full range of motion, don’t pretend like you did. Even if no one else notices, you will know and you owe yourself more than that.  

   Cheer for each other!  Everyone can use encouragement to push harder, finish faster, be better, or get one more rep!  

   Wait to put away your equipment until the last athlete has finished their work out!  They could probably use a friendly face to support and encourage them, instead of seeing you put your equipment away! 

   Communicate!  Talk to your coaches regularly about any injuries, scaling, concerns, etc.  We want to help! 

• Have fun while your lungs are screaming, your muscles are on fire and you’re missing every double under. SMILE! This stuff is supposed to be FUN!   

• Leave your ego at the door. There is no room for it here and it can wait for an hour outside.


Josy working hard with those sledge hammer hits!


Kasia climbing over the box


Loved playing in the truck yesterday!


Avery getting over the 30 inch box


Rich’s arms looking ripped as he hops into the truck!


Kylie looked great with those handstand walks!


Arun moving the 150-pound sandbag


Livia moving fast with the 100-pound sandbag