We had a nasty little workout last week that started with the assault bike, which got me thinking about that f-ing machine. I, like many of you, have a love/hate relationship with that thing. When you’re pushing hard, I’m not sure if anything hurts more. THE BURN! EVERYWHERE!!! But at the same time, I look forward to these workouts because I embrace the challenge. I want to get better on that bike. I feel like if I improve on that piece of equipment, it means I’m getting better and in some pretty good shape!

I think facing a challenge is why classes like barbell club has been packed lately. We have been doing a lot of snatches and cleans recently, and those are tough lifts. You get a slight obsession with improving. You hit a few reps that feel SO smooth and you can feel everything coming together……and you want that feeling more. You want that feeling every single rep! But it takes work, and you look forward to that work. You know it isn’t and won’t be easy, but you dive into it!

And I think that’s why we all fell in love with CrossFit. The challenge. There is always a new challenge to face (along with 20 other challenges you are still working on!). In my previous fitness (or lack thereof) life, I was NEVER challenged. There was no place I wanted to go. No specific accomplishment I wanted to reach. Nothing. My main goal was just to not be bored to death every day at Planet Fitness. I look back and see how truly bored I was.

In that sick way we all know a little about, I can’t wait for the next assault bike workout already!!!!


The 9 am crew starting that first set of 10 TGU’s Monday


Amber looking solid with her hip extensions


Teresa, Michelle and Kylie looking great with their pull-ups!


Stephanie landing a heavy power clean


Alice locking out a push jerk


Livia trying out that axel bar at Strongman class


Shayna, Kim and Ihab starting a set of 10 deadlifts this afternoon


Leslie setting up for a lift