We are just over 1 week away from Fall Nutrition Challenge kick off! Be sure to get your name on the board by Wednesday if you plan to participate.  We’ll need everyone to get their entry fee and measurements/pictures done at some point next week. 

We have had a number of inquiries and folks on the fence.  Here’s the deal…there will ALWAYS be some sort of event, birthday, wedding, etc…  If you used a special occasion as an excuse to delay/put off getting healthy…you never will.  So many of our social events center around food and drinks…..we get it…it’s hard.  But…we promise there will always be another opportunity to enjoy a beer or a piece of cake, especially as we enter the fall and winter holiday season! 

Make the commitment to spend 28 days getting your health under control.  All we ask is that you take sugar and alcohol out of the equation…that’s it!  If you have found yourself short on energy, lacking progress in the gym, unhappy with how you look naked…now’s the chance to do something about it!  Do it with the guidance of your coaches and the support of your community here at 203.  We promise it’s much easier to do with the accountability of the group. 

Don’t think, just join!  If your health and wellness isn’t enough of a prize, we are working on some pretty cool cash, membership, and gear prizes!!   

Let’s get a big group involved and get after it!


The 9:30 am crew cycling through their hang cleans


Rich and Mary


Phillip locking out a heavy thruster


Natalie doing a tire flip during Thursday’s Strongman Class!


Kimberly looking strong with her thrusters tonight!