It’s about that time folks….and we have a feeling MANY of us at 203 need this…..IT’S TIME FOR OUR FALL NUTRITION CHALLENGE!!!! We have heard a lot of chatter about a summer of bad (ok, horrible!) nutrition and it’s officially time to get back on track! The challenge will start on Monday, Oct. 9th and last until Sunday, Nov. 19th.

We will be making this a team challenge to help with the accountability….the number of teams to be determined. There will be a $25 entry fee….just a small price for looking and feeling SO much sexier over a 6-week challenge. The winning team will earn CASH PRIZES along with a winning individual from each team earning 203 gear, prizes, or credit for a free month of membership!

This will be a 6-week challenge with strict rules for 4 weeks plus an extra 2 weeks where we will allow certain cheats and drinks, and then we will release you back into “real life” again with the tools you need to keep it going and not totally fall off the wagon.

For the first 28 days, there will be NO SUGAR (no added sugar, none at all), NO alcohol and NO refined or processed carbohydrates. If you haven’t done a nutrition challenge with us before, it’s amazing what happens to your body when you eliminate these foods from your diet.  Yes its tough…but so is CrossFit and you show up day after day for that!  Commit to cleaning up your diet and see how good you can look and feel!

For weeks 5 and 6 we will allow one 6-oz glass of wine per day and 1 cheat meal for the week.

Now for the point system. You can earn up to 5 points for your team each week.  Three possible points for clean nutrition each week; 1 for no sugar, 1 for no alcohol and 1 for no processed carbs. If you slip in any one of those categories, you lose that respective point. One point will be earned for making it to the gym at least 3 times per week. A fifth and final point will be available via a weekly bonus point that will change from week to week. This might be a physical challenge or something like sharing a recipe with everyone, or something not related to CrossFit at all.

We will be taking before and after waist and belly button measurements as well as before and after photos. AS ALWAYS, these photos will be strictly confidential. These photos are important though, because sometimes it’s tough to tell the progress you have made. But, by looking at photos, it’s easy to see!

Sign up on the whiteboard at the gym and submit your $25 entry fee in cash please. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose…..or maybe it’s the other way around?????  Let’s get after it!


Damien getting after the atlas stone


That feeling when you are about to stand up with a PR! Congrats Leslie!!!!


Brook and Stacey having fun with the stones


Miguel looking strong with his strict pull-ups


Justin with the stone


Eliana and Stacey teaming up for the Sunday partner WOD!


Nothing better than starting a Sunday morning with a little bike ride











Sunday Partner WOD!

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