Happy Anniversary to CrossFit 203!!! We are proud to celebrate 7 years with our amazing community! Our first official workout was held on Nov. 7, 2010. Here is a link to a blog post about that workout and a photo of our first ever class.


Seven years later and we are still the luckiest people to be able to call this our “job.” The truth is that YOU all inspire and pick us up every single day. Even if we are feeling tired, sick or run down, that all changes as soon as you all start filing in from your cars ready to work hard for whatever is in store for that day’s workout. Something happens when a bunch of like-minded, hard-working, fun people start filling the gym. An energy is created and you can’t help but feel it spread as we start warming up, chatting and joking around. It’s the perfect blend of having fun with each other, working as hard as we ever do in life, and getting into the best shape possible.

Looking back, Melissa found out about CrossFit simply by chance. Totally and completely random. Eleven years ago she was treating the mother of someone who was starting a CrossFit in her garage. At the time, there were maybe 3 CrossFit gyms in the entire state…..not like today with a gym in pretty much every town. It was still relatively new here on the East Coast and Melis took a chance, tried it, and immediately fell in love with it. It was a perfect way for her inner athlete from high school and college to come back out! 

What would our lives be if that random event never happened? What if that family had gone to a different clinic for physical therapy? I don’t even want to think about it! But here we are and we are still loving every minute of this.

Thank you guys for taking this journey with us…for trusting us with your health and fitness.  As we enter our eighth year of business, we promise to continue to bring you guys the highest caliber of coaching, and will strive to make improvements in all aspects of this facility. We are committed to bringing the CrossFit methodology to as many people in the greater Danbury area as possible.  You guys are on the path to long and healthy lives thanks to the training you do, the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live that is CrossFit. 

Help us celebrate 7 years this Tuesday on the 7th…with the hero WOD “The Seven!”  Does it get luckier than that?!


Sam and Mike flipping those tires


Pat getting under a clean


Pete loving those step ups


Kasia looking strong with her kettlebell swings!

IMG_7058 (1)

Brian and Dorothy in the middle of that tough Sunday row/burpee combo