The Challenge MVP….ERICA!!!

We have the winners of our recent Fall Nutrition Challenge! We were so impressed with the numbers we saw from everyone, losing inches and demolishing their challenge workout after the six weeks. Five competitors scored perfect across the six weeks, and somehow, someway, four of them were on the same team! Armed and Hammered is our winner! They have each earned some extra cash this Holiday season! The team members with perfect scores each week were Mike Liguori, Erica, Reagan and Teresa. The other perfect score for the challenge came from Rose Marie from team Die Lard.

We aren’t done though! A few other people deserve recognition for their awesome success during the challenge. As usual, we have an overall MVP, which goes to ERICA!!!!!! Erica crushed every aspect of this workout, including a perfect score. Furthermore, she lost 18 pounds!!!! She lost almost four inches from her hip measurement! Are you kidding me??? Her physical numbers were great and it certainly carried over to her performance in the challenge workout. She had one of the best improvements, adding 42 reps to her score! For being named MVP, Erica has earned a FREE month of CrossFit. Throughout the challenge, Erica displayed heart, hustle and perseverance, which earned our upmost respect. A free month it is!!!!! Congrats Erica!!!!

We also wanted to honor a couple other people. We saw some amazing photos, but none better than Craig! Craig scored perfect in two of the weeks and lost two inches from his waist. What did he get for all his efforts? Hello 6-pack abs!!!! His other reward? A free pair of our new CrossFit 203 sweatpants! Awesome job Craig!

Another competitor we have to mention is Pete! Pete scored perfect in 5 of the 6 weeks, and the hard work shows with his loss of 5 inches to his

Craig looking RIPPED!!!!!

Craig looking RIPPED!!!!!

waist! He’s looking lean and mean! He also added 29 reps to his challenge workout, crushing his previous performance. Pete has also earned a free pair of brand new CF 203 sweatpants when they arrive next week. Congrats Pete!

Also an honorable mention is Reagan!!!! Reagan scored perfect during the challenge, and lost three inches from her waist and two inches from her hips! She improved by almost a full round in the challenge workout (25 reps), all while being a high schooler and dealing with homework and everything else. She was amazing during this challenge and the results are obvious!  Reagan earns her choice of a 203 tank or ¾ sleeve. Great job Reagan!

Final honorable mentions go to Natalie and Amber.  These ladies had some amazing before and after pictures, and for their hard work also have earned either a tank or ¾ length shirt!

This was by far one of our most successful Challenges to date!  We saw some incredible changes over the course of the 6 weeks.  We want to thank everyone who participated, you made this so fun and we loved your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and change for the better!  Folks…if you missed out we’ll have more Challenges coming up in 2018.  This stuff works!! We saw first hand the incredible changes that took place in just 6 weeks with the athletes who took their nutrition seriously.  Eating clean combined with CrossFit is going to change the current state of chronic disease in this country!


Seth just showing off with a 1-arm stone-to-shoulder 🙂


Pete locking out a muscle-up


Christine looking strong with her TGU’s


Kasia on her way up!


Excuse me….are those abs busting through Pat’s shirt???


Steve and Stacey working hard!


Stephanie and Livia during the 7 pm class