The Holiday Season is upon us! A time when our nutrition can very quickly go completely off the rails. How can we enjoy the season and parties without completely losing track of our nutrition and health?! Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep you on track.

1.) Follow the 80/20 rule. For those of you who are happy with your current state of fitness and body composition, sticking to clean eating 80% of the time, and indulging 20% will work just fine. (Keep in mind this equates to only 1.5 cheat meal per week, think meal plus drinks!!) For those of you who still want to make changes, maybe stick with the 90/10 rule. Sunday through Friday stick with meats and veggies, then Saturday you can enjoy something you love to eat and be a little naughty. Planning ahead to know the days that you’ll have special events will help you stay on course the rest of the week.  Remember the Holidays are for enjoying friends and family not stuffing your face!

2.) On days when there’s a special occasion, pre fuel up with lots of water and lean protein. Odds are you’ll get your fill of carbs/fats later that day. Filling your belling with good protein sources and hydrating will get you started off right. Stick to the meat and cheese apps, and any fresh veggies or fruit platters.

3.) Get to the gym! You know that you can’t out train a crappy diet…but making the choice to get to the gym in the morning will leave you feeling good about yourself and one good decision often leads to more later that day. Start things off the right way!

4.) Drink a glass of water or can of seltzer between each alcoholic drink! Choose mixers that don’t add empty calories or added sugar. Stick to club soda and fresh lime juice. Choose wine over egg nog.

5.) Don’t keep cookies in the house! You will be surrounded by them at work, parties, etc., so keep your home a safe haven from sugar! Find holiday craft projects for you and the kids to do vs baking cookies every weekend.

6.) When the office starts filling with cookies and other holiday goodies, just stay out of the break room! Come to work prepared with tons of healthy food options, it’s when you are not prepared and hungry, things go wrong!

Many of you are coming off a 6 week nutrition challenge! You have worked so hard and are feeling so good! Don’t let the next month undo all your hard work. Stay on track and commit to keeping a healthy balance this Holiday season!

That being said, enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow, enjoy some food, wine, and lets commit to getting back on track Friday!


Damien getting aggressive with those push jerks on Monday


Robin and Lisa rolling through those jerks


Cindy with a strong deadlift


Rachael lifting heavy


Pete looked solid with his deadlifts!


A hooded Moves throwing weight around



Paula focused before this lift


Gabby about to lift some heavy weight


Stephanie went 233×3!!!!!