It’s time to sign up for the 2018 CrossFit Open!!!!! If you were here last year, you know what we have planned. We hope a huge number of you sign up for the Open because we will also do our own “in-house” competition by splitting into teams.  We make it a fun competition with each other and it was over-the-top fun last year. We have done the Open every year since it first started, and adding the intramural aspect of it to 203 has made it so much more fun. The Open starts on Feb. 22!

For our newer members, here is some background. The CrossFit Open is the first step en route to the CrossFit Games this summer. CrossFit will release a workout each week for 5 weeks and everyone who signs up does the workout and records their score on-line. Everyone is ranked among their respective age group, state, world, etc. That said, you don’t need to be a fire-breather to compete. RX and scaled workouts are released each week, so anyone at this gym can sign up and participate. We want to highlight the fact that THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! YOU, yes YOU can do these workouts and have some fun with us. So just sign up! It’s only $20 to register. Go to and find Team 203 and sign up. Keep in mind that you need to join both our affiliate AND team.

Depending on how many people sign up, we will split into 4 or 5 teams. Some of our coaches will serve as captains. We will assign every athlete to a team and each team will have a wide variety of athletes, from beginners to advanced athletes and everything between. Each team picks a color and we will be ordering CrossFit Open t-shirts. There will be smack talk, friendly competition, and lots of fun!

Our big day each week is Saturday morning. BUT, you will have the entire period between Thursday nights and Mondays at 8 pm to get the workout done. Keep this in mind….there are multiple ways to score. You don’t necessarily need to post a top score to contribute to your team. You will get points for just completing the workouts and recording your score on-line. We will also have other bonus points like spirit points or if you earn a PR of some sort.

Anyone who has participated before will tell you it was worth it. They’ll tell you they had fun and they pushed themselves harder than they ever thought possible. We saw so many great performances the last seven years because we all come together as a community to give it our all.

More information about the Open, and our friendly competition, will be released soon. In the meantime, just sign up!!!!

Livia throwing up a push jerk

Paulo locking out a jerk

The Thursday 4 pm strongman class in action

Great pic of Jeanine working through those “man-makers”

The 5 pm crew getting things started

How cute….synchro burpees by Mr. and Mrs. Moves

Kylie at the bottom of a front squat

Victoria working on her T2B


Forgot to post the Sunday board the other day….here it is