January is the month of new beginnings and resolutions. The month where typical globo gyms see a huge spike in new members, that unfortunately are usually long gone by March (or earlier). We pride ourselves at 203 that this is NOT the case here. Members who start here….stick around long past March! We credit our awesome community, great coaches, and the fact that we actually CARE about everyone who walks through these doors.

Looking back at 2017 we had an amazing year! Lots of new faces, and huge improvements all around from EVERYBODY. Stronger lifts, faster times, and diminishing waistlines! We are so excited for continued improvement in the coming year! In order to continue to provide each and every one of you the best results, continued gainz, and progress towards YOUR specific goals we want to meet with you!

We saw great success with the Chalk Talks we did this summer and want to expand on that. This January we’d like to meet with as many of you as we can. Sign up for a Chalk Talk, GOALS edition! Sit down with a coach to talk about specific goals you have for 2018. During this time we’ll help identify reasonable timelines and outline specific action steps to get you there. For added accountability, we’ll follow up with anyone we meet with in late spring to assess progress!

We can’t help if you don’t let us know your goals…. so be sure to sign up for a meeting! See the white board this week for time slots. Please take advantage of this!

**We apologize for the lack of pictures…our current photo editor is not compatible with new website.  Stay tuned, should be go to go by next week! **