That TGU EMOM from last week

We have really enjoyed everyone’s goal setting sessions so far! You guys have set some great priorities and we are so excited to help you see them through! Our goals board is filling up quick. We will continue to meet with anyone who is eager to make some changes or hit some PR’s through the weekend. A vision without action is just a dream….take that vision or goal and let us help you make it a reality.

Accountability and help along the way is how you’ll reach your goals. It also helps us have an idea for the things and extra programs this community needs. With lots of similar goals stay tuned for special gymnastics clinics on the horizon, more nutrition programs and more.

There are a lot of names up there and we are all in this together…..trying to get better and reach a goal or goals. Together we WILL get it done! We cannot wait to see it all happen!

Rose Marie working hard!


Connor starting the thruster/C2B workout


Kirk on the way up with a TGU