Everybody is required to complete our Foundations Classes before joining any of our group classes. Foundations will familiarize you with the equipment and movements that we use at CrossFit 203, while also gradually exposing you to the intensity of our workouts. Foundations consists of three to four personal training sessions, depending on your fitness level and experience with CrossFit.  Email us to schedule your foundations today!

We schedule foundations classes individually, and can schedule them early morning, afternoon, evening or weekends. Call or email to set up your classes!

Anyone with previous CrossFit experience who would like to test out of our Foundations classes should contact us to schedule a free class. If you come in with a good attitude and have sound technique, you can jump into group sessions right away. For those of you who have been doing CrossFit on your own, working out in a group atmosphere will take your intensity to the next level.

One Response to Foundations

  1. Kyle Murray says:

    Looking to foundations classes to get started but was hoping for a 5 am class.

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