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To sign-up for your free trial class please email or call (203) 525-3005


11 Responses to Try A Free Class

  1. rose says:

    Was wondering if you’re hiring too!

  2. Dennis Rizzo says:

    Good evening, interested in a free session, you guys look like you kick some but…..

  3. Jill van Leesten says:

    I’m interested in cross training.

  4. sienna Ratigan says:

    My friend and I would love to try crossfit!!!

  5. Seth Murphy says:

    Hey guys,
    I am writing to tell you that my box will be opening tomorrow. I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. It was your class that I took that helped me decided to get my Level 1 cert, and you answered all the questions I asked you and I really appreciate it. The website will be up and running this week and our facebook page is up and running. I did have one more question for you, someone that is doing just three classes a week do you allow them to come to open gym? Maybe when my box has regular members we could do something together with our members. I would like to come down one day soon and buy one of your shirts, I would like to place shirts on the wall of all the boxes I have been to. Thank you again,

  6. paulo freire says:

    I would like one class Crossfit free

    • paulo freire says:

      hello my friends crossfit 203

      I apologize but I have to transfer the class to Monday Day 09
      for personal reasons,

      we can start on Monday next 09 days at 7 pm ok
      once again I ask forgiveness

      case has not agenda may be another day at 7 pm

      a big hug to all

      God bless the family crossfit 203

  7. theresa chikezie says:

    I would like info, prices, times for my 11 & 12 year old to do crossfit. Thank you

  8. Joanna Mazzella says:

    Hey! Im a westconn student and i have been doing crossfit at home in New York for 5 months and i was thinking about joining here. I was hoping to come try it out tommorrow! What times are classes?

  9. Joe U says:

    I would like to try out the class. New to the crossfit workout.

  10. vee says:

    Intersed in membership

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