East Regionals!!!!!

May 25th, 2016 by admin

It’s almost that time!!! The East Regional is starts THIS Friday and lasts all weekend up in Albany!!! Many of you will be attending the action for at least a day….but like the last couple of weeks, many of you will be watching on-line at games.crossfit.com. Here is what you have to look forward to!!!

The biggest highlight is the fact that the best judge in the business, Melissa Reed, will be in action all weekend! But, if you are more into the athletes themselves, this is who you will see.

For the men, Matt Fraser, who placed second at the CrossFit Games the last two years, will lead the pack. He narrowly lost out to Rich Froning two years ago, and to Ben Smith last year. Smith, meanwhile, just won the Atlantic Regional last weekend and is heading back to the Games. Also headlining for the men will be mainstays and multiple Games qualifiers, Austin Malleolo, Dan Tyminski and Spencer Hendel. The regional also includes the best athletes from Canada East, and a couple names you may know are studs like Paul Tremblay and Alex Vigneault. However, the male ranked above any of those names after the Open is someone we don’t know much about…Patrick Vellner. He was top 4 among his region in every Open workout, and had better overall scores than anyone from our region as well. Let’s see if he can back that up!!!!

For the women, multiple-time Games competitor Michele Letendre out of Canada East is the top-ranked female entering regionals. Right behind her is 2015 Games Champion Katrin Davidsdattir, who moved into our Region this year to train at CrossFit New England. She’s not a true Northeasterner, but it’ll sure be fun to watch her in action! Dani Horan will be trying to make it back to the Games, along with some other names you might know like Kari Pearce, Cheryl Nasso (also out of CrossFit New England), Megin Oczkowski out of nearby Shoreline CrossFit, and Stacy Kroon, who always seems to make regionals out of CrossFit Lando.

Our boy Zach will see some familiar faces at Regionals. When he was up attending school in Albany this fall and winter, he went to Superhero CrossFit. They will be sending a team and also an individual female competitor to Regionals.

Should be a fun time. Hope to see you there!!!!


Mike Leo going RX with that WOD today


Amber battling through those thrusters


Paula looking strong today!


Nicole R. flying over the bar during a lat hop burpee


Rose Marie and Nicole G. getting through the WOD together!


That was ROUGH!


Memorial Day WOD!!!

May 24th, 2016 by admin

We’ll be open this Monday for Memorial Day for TWO classes, 8:30 am and 10 am!  We’ll celebrate by honoring a fallen soldier with a Hero WOD. Nope, not Murph…we save that for Fourth of July…a 203 tradition!  We’ve decided on a WOD that we’ve never done here at 203 and will be scalable to all levels!  The catch is….we’re not going to tell you what the workout is! Come and find out! We think you’ll like the challenge it offers!

Of course there will be plenty of adult beverages on standby for post WOD libations!  We will run a normal weekend schedule otherwise.  See you at the box!!!!


Zach working through those 100 partner snatches on Saturday


The Monday 9 am class starting a set of back squats


Carlos and Mike Lig. getting up close and personal with those back squats


Najah looking good with those squats!!!


Arun grinding away


Sam locking out a push jerk tonight


Dallas and Mike T. flying through their jerks


Whew….those GHD’s were no joke!!!! Just ask Lisa and Stacey!


Kim locking out a jerk while Teresa pushes under









May 17th, 2016 by admin

Tonight’s blog is brought to you by Coach Michelle. As you may know, Michelle, Natalie, Stephanie C, and three other friends teamed up with 6 strangers to run their very first Ragnar Relay. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s a 200-ish mile relay races. 1 baton, 2 vans, 12 people, 200 miles, go! They ran this race to fundraise for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (Paul Newman’s summer camp for critically ill children). Natalie, having had leukemia when she was young, was a camper here and wanted to give back.

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting some battle you know nothing about.”

I like to think I know a LITTLE about my friends that were with me for our Ragnar this weekend. This race was so unlike anything any of us had done before that no one knew what to expect and everyone worried if we had gotten in over our heads. We all had the same normal worries about not wanting to let our team down, running at night, getting lost and having to use porta-potties. Unfortunately there were also all those insecurities that have been collected up throughout the years. You know, those crappy negative-self-talk ones that are now so common to us that we barely even notice that they’re whispering to us in the background. Yeah, so this race course didn’t disappoint and came complete with rain, darkness, confusing road signs, discomfort, long daunting distances, alone time, blisters, people waiting for you and porta-potties everywhere. There were PLENTY of chances to let the pressure, tight quarters or lack of sleep get the worst of you.

I witnessed my friends conquer life this weekend. First it started small…..small little victories happened. I didn’t see those because they’re too personal to be visible. Then they got bigger. Using a porta-potty or successfully running up and transferring the baton to the next runner. Then they got even bigger. Going harder and having fun. PASSING someone on a run. Realizing that this is insane and you like it. And they snowballed, building on each other they grow into bigger smiles, giddier laughs and greater confidence. Little chunks of fear are now strewn all across Cape Cod from all those who ran its streets and decided fear was too irritating to carry. Seeing someone excited for their own self, watching that happiness burst out of them isn’t comparable to anything. Whether it’s very demonstrative or quiet and balancing, it’s beautiful and so fantastically touching.

People can surprise you all the time. Sometimes though people will surprise THEMSELVES…. and that is magic!

WOD HINT: Rope Climb warning for Wednesday. Wear your high socks!!!!!


The Saturday 9 am class starting that set of 104 wall ball


Kasey grinding through Monday’s thrusters while Brook hits the deck for a burpee


Vicky working hard with those squat cleans


MacKenzie flew though that workout today!






Challenge Rules!

May 15th, 2016 by admin

Just a reminder we are delaying the start of the Nutrition Challenge until next week, Monday, May 23nd.  We are happy with the number of people who have signed up thus far….but we are hoping even MORE folks will sign up! We also need the extra time to allow us to send all the information and rules you need.

The basic ground rules for all teams are as follows.  First, all participants will have to get to the gym AT LEAST 3 times per week. We will allow travel workouts only for those of you who are legitimately traveling for work or pleasure. If you are in town, you have to get to 203.

Second, you are responsible for keeping a food log. We will randomly choose people to submit each week and you must be prepared.  Third, each athlete is required to submit before and after photos.  Yours must be taken and submitted by Friday, May 20 next week. We can take them at the gym or you can do a selfie at home.  You can email them to info@crossfit203.com.  

For the point system….

Our “No Sugar/No Alcohol” group will earn one point everyday they are compliant, and a bonus point at the end of the week for getting to the gym…for a total of a possible 8 points for the week.  The macro group will earn one point every day they hit the numbers assigned to them for their macronutrients, and one point at the end of the week for getting to the gym….again 8 total points possible.

We will also offer weekly challenges where you can earn bonus points for your team. For these challenges, they can be physical, mental, or whatever the heck we come up with. Your team will only get a bonus point if EVERY TEAM MEMBER completes the challenge.

This challenge is a short 30 days and the punishment for cheats will be STEEP.  You will lose 3 points for your team any time you cheat, or miss out on hitting the gym three times.   

For the Macro crew, Melissa will be sending an email Monday or Tuesday with additional details. Know that you will have to come in and get your measurements done at some point this week to allow her to calculate your numbers.


Friday (sorry, forgot to take a pic of the Saturday board!)



Challenge Delay and REGIONALS!!!!

May 12th, 2016 by admin

TWO announcements for you all. We are delaying the start of the Nutrition Challenge 1 WEEK. We will officially start Monday May 23rd.  We are hoping to get a bit more participation, and allow for all of our participants to get all the specific information they need.  If you would like to be in the Macro Challenge Group, we ask that you sign up no later than Wednesday, May 18th. There is a bit more prep work and we need to solidify everyone ahead of time.  Stay tuned this weekend for more specific information on rules. 

Second…..For all of you CrossFit nerds out there like us (and we know there are many of you), the first set of REGIONALS start tomorrow (Friday)!!!! The action at the Pacific, California and South Regionals will be happening all weekend and can be watched live on-line at the Games website. Here is a link to the release on the Games website.

There are a lot of athletes competing this weekend that you may know, so be sure to tune in. Here is a quick breakdown of who you will see this weekend.

In the California Region, some of the strong females you will see include Chyna Cho and Brook Ence. However, someone we aren’t very familiar with, Kirsten Pedri, beat both of them in the Open, so we will see if she can follow that performance! You will also see Annie Sakamoto, Lauren Fisher, Becca Voigt and former Games Champion Kristan Clever in action!

For the men, Josh Bridges, who finished sixth worldwide in the Open, will be competing, along with Marcus Filly, Garret Fisher, Dan Baily, and Kenneth Leverich.

In the Pacific Region, Kyle Frankenfeld, fifth in the world in the Open, will be competing. From the looks of it, Frankenfeld has a brother, or some sort of a relative with the same last name and from the same gym, who also qualified for regionals. Talk about a fit family!!! Rob Forte, a mainstay at the Games, will also be competing. For the women, Kara Webb, who is an absolute beast, headlines the competitors.

In the South, you can look forward to seeing fan favorites Camille Leblanc Bazinet and Michelle Kinney.

As a reminder, our Region, the East Region, will be held in Albany on May 27-29. Visit the Games website to purchase tickets!!!


Yes, we ran a lot this week….but we just HAD to with this weather!!!!


Monica making those strict T2B look easy today


Nathaniel breezing through his HSPU’s


Lauren looked strong with the barbell today!


Will tossing around those 155-pound snatches


Kellen decided to wake up at 4 am….so he earned a trip to coach the 6 am class. He did a great job!!!


Pat’s getting STRONG!!!


Connor going 375×3 at 6 am!!!!!



Carlos getting in some heavy dead lifts













Nutrition Challenge Time!!!!

May 9th, 2016 by admin

More than a few of you have asked….so you shall receive. We are planning on starting a nutrition challenge NEXT WEEK!!!! We will start a 30-day challenge on Monday, May 16 and we will be going back to the team format. We will have two separate categories depending on how involved you want to go with this challenge. The challenge will end Sunday night, June 12.

Most of you will fall into our first group of challengers.  This group will simply cut ALL sugar and alcohol for 30 days. You will be split into teams, and participate in weekly challenges.  This is a short challenge and the penalties for cheats will be steep!  Time to commit to 30 days of clean eating!

The second group will be for those athletes who have participated in multiple challenges with us before and are looking to take things to the next level. This group will weigh and measure all (quality) foods and be held accountable for hitting specific macronutrients set for them. We will guide you through the process and set you up with the numbers you need to hit, and we will be here to answer questions along the way. This will also be a 30-day challenge and we hope to get enough people to sign up to make multiple teams.

One of the main criteria for determining winners of this challenge will be points earned as well as before and after pictures. We won’t be requiring measurements, but we firmly believe you will be able to SEE the changes after just 30 days if you really dial in your diets AND hit the gym. You must submit your photos by Friday, May 20th, or you will lose major points for your team. Be advised that only Kirk and Melissa will see the photos. No one else will see them. 

We will put a sign-up sheet on the whiteboard at the gym tomorrow (Tuesday). Sign up as soon as you can, or shout out in comments and we will post your name.  Entry fee for the 30 day no sugar/alcohol will be $20, and $30 for the Macro crew.  Winning team takes the cash pot!

MONIMG_3742 SUNIMG_2910 ThursdayIMG_20160505_202242597  


Master’s Qualifier

April 24th, 2016 by admin

It was a great weekend watching Nathan complete all four of his Masters Qualifier workouts! A HUGE congrats goes out to Nathan, who has been working hard all year, and it paid off with some tremendous scores! We couldn’t be more proud! He finished the weekend by setting a PR with a 462-pound deadlift…..AFTER doing three other grueling workouts. The video is below and if that doesn’t get you pumped up…..nothing will. WOD HINT: You just might see one of the masters qualifier workouts on Monday!!!

As you know, Nathan is one of those guys who is always screaming at us to move faster and push harder, so it was great to see so many of you return the favor this weekend. We will see where he ends up being ranked Monday evening. We will let you all know!


Cathy flying through those sled pulls!


Great to witness Jack getting a 500-pound deadlift Saturday!!!


Whenever Matt D. comes to town….he PR’s. It’s science.


Nathan celebrating the end to a great Masters Qualifier


Stacey with a big PR Saturday….273!!!!!!


The Friday noon crew starting their sled pulls

Looking Forward…..

April 12th, 2016 by admin

We are impressed that so many of you have shown a lot of fire and drive lately.  The Open has come to a close officially, but we’ve continued to see everyone put in a lot of hard extra work on their weaknesses. For many of you, it was your first Open, and you went in not knowing what to expect. Now that everything has been said and done, you know exactly what you need to work on during the next year and you have wasted no time getting to work on things!

We saw some difficult gymnastics movements this year, and tough rep schemes, but this is what you can expect in 2017. You WILL see double-unders, T2B, C2B pull-ups and some sort of muscle-up. You will see thrusters, burpees, and plenty of barbell (deadlifts, cleans, snatches) in various weights, ranging from ridiculously light to really heavy. Combine everything together, and that’s the Open.

Some of us are plenty good with the barbell and need to focus on gymnastics movements. Others are solid with gymnastics and need more barbell strength. Some are pretty good with both and just need more experience and/or increased work capacity.

Take a look at where you lacked this year. It’s pretty easy to see where we all struggled. It’s easy to see what you need to work on. You can view your rank among everyone in the world, region, state, or age group, so you can see what your best workout was, along with your worst.

Already since the Open ended, A LOT of you have made huge improvements with double-unders, and we are SO close to seeing a first muscle-up from a few of you.

Keep working and look forward to showing off your new skills next year!!!!!


Michelle B. and Amber in the middle of a set of 5 stone-to-shoulder


Nathan making that stone look light!


Alexis going RX+ with the 115-pound stone


The 9 am crew working hard


Mike T. tossing the stone around


Terri looking good during the WOD!


Will went with the 140-pound stone for the WOD







April Member Spotlight!!!!!

April 7th, 2016 by admin

16.2-198Our Member Spotlight for April is ROBIN!!!! It’s safe to say we all got to know Robin a little better……check that….A LOT better during the CrossFit Open. She was a one-woman wrecking crew with her many ideas to promote team spirit and camaraderie  for her team, Purple Nurple. Every week, we all wondered what she would come up with….the many creative posters that absolutely made everyone laugh out loud. Props. Cardboard cut outs. Megaphones. Plastic cups. Purple wigs. Purple fat-man suits. The list goes on. Not only that, Robin also did awesome with the Open workouts, pushing herself SO hard and scoring points for her team. It’s safe to say everyone will want Robin on their team next year!!! Robin is always up for whatever is going on at the gym….nutrition challenges, Olympic Lifting class, and she is a hard-core member of our Masters Crew and you can count on her to be at that class every Friday and Sunday. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our community Robin. Keep crushing it and we can’t wait for next year’s CrossFit Open shenanigans already!!!

Name: Robin Ashley

Where are you originally from? New Milford, CT

What high school and/or college did you attend?  Graduated from Brookfield High School and Alderson-Broaddus University in West Virginia.

Favorite sports teams:  I don’t really follow sports all that much.  Usually, the sound of the crowd puts me right to sleep.  But, if I had to answer, it would be the Dodgers.  My grandfather was a Dodger fan back in the days, when they were the Brooklyn home team.  I went to a few games before they high-tailed it to the west coast.

What do you do for work?  I am a Physician Assistant, at Danbury Hospital.  I work in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  In general, I practice Primary Care medicine for the employees working at Danbury Hospital.  My day is split between direct patient care and administrative work.

When and why did you start CrossFit:  I started CF June 2014.  Craig and I actually were up in in Hartford at an exchange student orientation, in 2013, when we heard a huge commotion and loud music coming from the field at Trinity College.  We had about 4 hours to waste, while waiting for our exchange student to finish orientation.  We sat on the bleachers and watched The Summer Meltdown.  We had no idea what we were watching and what CrossFit was, but we knew that wanted to do it.  It took another 10 months to gain the courage to do our first work-out.  Once I started-Boom!  Addicted!

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?:  Favorite Lift: I LOVE Overhead Squat.  I have the worst front/back squat position, but there is something about that lift that makes me super comfortable.  Least Favorite:  Thrusters.  I almost cried, actually, I think I did cry when they announced 16.5.  I HATE, HATE, HATE thrusters! This probably means that I need to do it more ;)

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing?  3 Rounds: 250 M row, 15 KBS @ 26#, 10 ring rows. Time 10:26.  I felt like I was going to die.  I want to repeat that workout!

Craig and I started at CF203 on 3/29/15.  It was a Partner Masters Class.  10 Deadlift, 10 burpees over the bar. It was an AMRAP, but I didn’t record the time. Whatever it was, we did 11 rounds+ 15  reps.  I remember feeling totally beat, but LOVED the Masters Class.  I read about Rich Boucher, prior to attending his class.  His story is inspiring.  He is the motivational force in our Master’s group.  It is no wonder that this class has grown by leaps and bounds!

What really hooked us in to CF203 was our first impression.  We came for the Master’s Class and it happened to be the Sunday that some were completing 15.5.  There were a lot of people gathered around Monica as she was finishing her last row.  The amount of support that she received was tremendous.  I turned to Craig and said, “I want this!”

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far:  There are so many because CrossFit has allowed me to do things that I never thought that I could do.  If I were to pick one, it would be my first competition with the master’s group: Rich, Melissa F, Tony and I.  I had so much fun; PR’d my overhead squat, and realized that we, as a master’s group, are pretty damn awesome!

CrossFit Goal for 2016:  There are so many, but to name a few…

  1. To love thrusters as much as Alexis Perri
  2. To laugh at myself more, like Elsa Cunha
  3. To have as much endurance as Monica Lopes
  4. To be as salty as Tony Jaros
  5. To improve my squat form, like Melissa Reed
  6. To have as much heart as Nathan Blew
  7. To be as speedy as Vicky Vitale
  8. To learn patience with the snatch, like Brian Smith keeps enforcing, in Barbell Club
  9. To listen, learn and gain as much strength as possible.

Oh… and those box jumps….  If I could jump as high as Nathaniel Powers… Yeah, that would be pretty nice, too.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit:

I am an art quilter, which is a bit different than traditional quilting.  Besides fabric, I use other types of media, including stones, beads, gems, ribbons etc.  I have won a few awards/ribbons for my work, in competition.

Over the last few years, I have not sewn as much as I would like, but anticipate that this will change once my daughter heads off to college and her room frees up and seconds as my sewing room.In another life, I used to design and construct children’s coats.  But, one cannot survive on 3-4 hours of sleep for too long, so that piece of my life has been shelved until my kids are out and on their own.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”  CrossFit should be offered in schools.  It will help to improve fitness and empower kids (especially girls), by demonstrating, at an early age, what their bodies are truly capable of doing.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….: … out in my yard or reorganizing my house.  I am a neat freak, to a fault and it drives my family bonkers.  So, I am either organizing the inside of my house for the millionth time, or the outside yard, with Craig.

Other comments?:  Thank you, Melissa, Kirk and all of the coaches… I mean, really… Thank You!Thank you for your patience, your time and your expertise.  Thank you for not laughing at me, when I first came to 203, as I awkwardly and incorrectly squatted and you patiently, repeatedly, helped me into a correct position.  Your constant observation and your concern for form over everything else; for everyone in the room has meant that everyone was sharing in the best coaching attention possible.  How you did not go cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs after repeatedly correcting my form over the last year, is beyond me!

Thank you for all of the food challenges and the nutrition education.  Although, I have a penchant for all of the naughty foods, when I fall of the rails, it is your voice that I hear, telling me that it is time to start eating clean again.  You remind me, and you are right: “Garbage in… garbage out…”

Thank you for always having a smile or a reassuring nod.  I know that most of us come to 203 to relieve stress.  The time that I spend there, is an island in my day and your positivity is the icing on the cake. You all cultivate a family atmosphere, which a lot of gyms say that they have, but that you actually do have.

Thank you for organizing all of the events, including the last throw-down where I was able to resurrect the turkey-talking side of me (right, Kirk and Elsa?).  I have not laughed and smiled that much in a long time.

Thank you for celebrating with each one of our PRs and achieved goals.  I truly feel that our successes are your successes-no matter how great or small.

SCHEDULE NOTE: The 4 pm class tomorrow (Friday, April 8) will be a regular class for this week only, not the Gymnastics class. Sorry folks! We’ll be back at it next week!


Phillip looking strong with his deadlifts!


Kasia on her way up with a lift


Arun continues to get stronger and stronger!!!!


Kellen was inspired by you all and decided to try climbing a rope himself!!!


Iron Mary catching a clean


MacKenzie heading up that rope


Vicky moving fast up the rope


Thursday’s 5 pm class starting a set of burpees


Migs looking strong under 135














Masters Qualifier

April 3rd, 2016 by admin

Now that the CrossFit Open is over, we had a chance to dive into the results and look at some of the great accomplishments of some of our members here at 203. We are so proud of ALL of you for putting yourselves out there and doing the Open. We are highlighting a few people below for their rankings among their age groups, particularly some of our STRONG Masters athletes.

We start with Nathan, who advanced to the Masters Qualifier for his division, by placing 180th IN THE WORLD in his age group. He was 19th for his age group in the Northeast Region. Nathan is now preparing for the Qualifier workouts, which will be released on Thursday evening, April 21st. Just like the Open, he will have until Monday to submit his scores to the Games website. The top 20 performers in each age group advance to the CrossFit Games. In previous years, the Masters athletes had to do three workouts and also one max lift. We’ll see what they have in store this year!!!!

Some of our other Masters athletes also held their own! Marie placed 240th in the WORLD in her age group, nearly advancing to the Masters Qualifier workouts. She recorded a 147th place finish in the world for 16.5 for her best showing among the five Open workouts. She ranked 29th in the Northeast in her age group. Cathy also did well in the Open, placing 55th in the Region in her division!

Coach Mikki placed 32nd in the Northeast Region in her age category and was among the top scorers in the gym in numerous workouts. She finished in the top 200 in the world in two of the workouts (16.1 and 16.3) and it was great seeing her rep out those bar muscle-ups in 16.3!!!!!

Rich also nearly advanced to the Masters Qualifier, finishing 227th in the world in his age group. He was also 26th in the Northeast Region. His best performance was 16.1, claiming the 162nd-highest score in the world in his age group.

Alexis isn’t a Master, but we have to brag about her amazing performances in the Open after finishing 104th in the Northeast Region! Her best performance came in 16.5 (thrusters and bar-facing burpees) where she placed 11th in the region and 81st in the WORLD! You read that right. 81st in the world. She beat numerous athletes you might have seen compete at the CrossFit Games in previous years. She was among impressive company in that workout, finishing in 8:56. We continue to be amazed at what Alexis can do. Just wait until next year!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we have one kick a$$ community of Masters athletes, who prove every day that age truly is just a number.  Stay tuned for Master Qualifier WODS, we can’t wait to see what Nathan can do!!!


Friday, and our little April Fool’s joke of a 30 minute AMRAP :)