Masters Qualifier Events

April 17th, 2014 by admin

The four workouts for the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier this weekend have been announced. Boy, CrossFit HQ certainly didn’t take it easy on them. The workouts Rich, Steve B. and Mary need to complete can be found HERE. Long story short, here are the events.

1.) 1 rep max clean

2.) “Amanda”
Muscle-ups (standards and movements vary by division)
Squat Snatch

3 Rounds
50 calorie row
50 DU’s (again, there are different standards for the different age groups)

4.) For Time
100 pull-ups
100 Wall Ball (reps vary by division)

All three of our athletes will be throwing down at 10 am Friday morning if anyone wants to stop by and cheer them on. Good luck guys!!!

Sarah working strict dips while Mel D. sets up for a clean


Nate D. standing with a C&J

Easter Weekend

April 16th, 2014 by admin

Despite the horrendous, silly, stupid weather we had last night and this morning, summer is coming (I think??) Who’s up for a Spring Nutrition Challenge?!

We are busy planning and preparing for our next Challenge here at CrossFit 203.  Full details will be posted soon, but we are looking to get a general head count to see how many people are interested before finalizing rules and details.  Please sign up on the white board at the gym by Sunday if you are interested!

Due to the Easter holiday we will be closed this Sunday. All other classes Friday and Saturday are on as scheduled.

Rich, Mary, and Steve B. are gearing up to hit their Regional WODs in the next couple of days. CrossFit will release the workouts Thursday night at 8 pm and they will have until Monday evening to complete them. Stay tuned to facebook for updates and to find out when they are doing the WODs. Come cheer them on if you are available!

Babs looking good with a pistol during today's "Goat" workout


Photo evidence that Mindy selected wall ball as one of her goats today. Yes, she did wall ball voluntarily!!!


Shayna, Mindy and Babs with a chilly 800 m run at 9 am


Paul made huge strides with his handstand holds during today's goat session


L-sits for Becca


Masters Regionals

April 15th, 2014 by admin

This is a big week for three of our Masters athletes (Rich, Iron Mary and Steve B.). They all made the top 200 in their age group and are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the four workouts they must do this weekend as a part of their version of Regionals. As you all know, we have a big group of tough, kick-ass Masters athletes here at CrossFit 203. They continue to motivate us and prove that age, indeed, is just a number.

Thinking about our Masters athletes always brings me back to this random weeknight a few years ago when I was watching a college basketball game on ESPN. They produced an interesting halftime feature on one of the head coaches. They aired video footage of the coach shooting around and doing sprints during in one of his usual workouts before a home game. The footage didn’t seem like a big deal to me, but the announcers were amazed by it. The coach in question was 55 years old. The announcers were acting as if a 55-year old coach should be in a wheelchair or getting a prize for not drooling all over himself. They were amazed that a 55-year old guy could run up and down the court without breaking his hip!

Those of us in the CrossFit community know better. There are some Masers athletes out there who can do things that’ll make your jaw drop. We can’t wait to see Rich, Mary and Steve compete in their four workouts (and, depending on what the WODs are, we may do some of the workouts in our regular classes).

Maybe we should invite those TV announcers to our box this weekend to watch our trio of Masters Competitors. I think their attitudes would be quickly adjusted.   

WOD Reminder: Remember, Wednesday is our “Goat” workout. Come to class prepared to work on two movements during that portion of the WOD. See our post from Sunday night for more info.

Adam throwing around some weight with his back squats


Jax working on his gymnastics with Coach Monica


Becca and some of the 5 pm crew


Jess D. at the bottom of a back squat






Golf and Goats

April 13th, 2014 by admin

We are organizing our annual CrossFit 203 Golf outing, and we are going to shoot for a Sunday morning in May or June (or maybe more than one date)? We will start with this; if you want to play, shout out in comments or message Kirk. Next step; if you absolutely cannot attend a certain Sunday morning in May or June, contact Kirk or shout out in comments. My hope is to find a date to accommodate everyone so we can send a big group onto the course.

WOD Spoiler: We need your help with making Wednesday’s WOD run smoothly, so we need to give you notice about what we have planned. We will be doing an EMOM (every minute on the minute) “Goat” workout. You will be asked to work one “goat,” or a movement you consider a weakness, during odd minutes, and another goat during the even minutes. Your two choices should be limited to gymnastics or body weight movements. However, if you want to work a barbell movement, it needs to be light weight, like practicing some OHS’s with an empty barbell, focusing on form and depth.

You will pick your own rep scheme. The number of reps should be something you can get done well within a minute, and with solid form. The goal here is to get better at two movements. Practicing with bad form will not help you reach your goals.

You should also pick two movements that compliment each other. For instance, combining a “push” and a “pull” movement, or an upper and lower body movement. Picking pull-ups and ring rows probably isn’t a good idea because they are too similar and work the same muscles. Pairing ring rows and push-ups would be a better idea, or maybe pistols and HSPU’s, which would work an upper and lower body movement together.

Have a plan ready for Wednesday. If you need help picking movements or reps, feel free to ask a coach at any time leading up to Wednesday’s WOD.


Cris getting after her front squats


Three bad-ass ladies showing off their C2B pull-up skills! (Babs, Melis and Sarah)


Everett pushing the prowler


I think Roy liked the sled pulls


Lizette lifting heavy


The running portion of Partner "Kelly"


The Sunday crew




Saturday 9 am class

Saturday 10 am competitor class



Sunday Partner WOD


April 9th, 2014 by admin

Now that the Open is over, the field will be trimmed from 209,000 competitors worldwide, to the fittest 48 men, 48 women and 30 teams in each region.

Starting in May, fans will be able to watch their region’s fittest athletes fight for the chance to compete at the CrossFit Games. Select heats will be streamed to the Games site from most regionals, and there will be plenty of articles, videos and analysis.

But nothing compares to watching the action live from the stands.

May 30-June 1
North East (Canton, Mass.)
NorCal (San Jose, Calif.)
South West (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Tickets to the regionals are on sale now. Buy your three-day or one-day pass through the “Get Tickets” link on the Games site HERE.

Three-day passes go for $50, and single-day passes are just $20.

If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door only, and may be subject to the venue’s processing fees.

Venue and parking information, directions, schedules and more will be provided on the North East Region page HERE.

The information is limited now, but will be updated as the regionals approach.

Courtesy of


We hope to get a bunch of people, once again, to head up to Regionals. Let us know if you want to work out details and share hotel rooms….they will go fast!

Nicole G. looking fierce with her thrusters on Monday


Welcome to Morgan!


Damon got his first taste of burpee muscle-ups today


Matt D. and Mikey flying through their burpee MU's










Spring and Summer Events

April 7th, 2014 by admin

Spring is here and that means you are all itching to get out there and do adventure races, local CrossFit Throwdowns, or pretty much any excuse to get sweaty and dirty outside.

A large group of CrossFit 203 members have signed up for a Spartan Race this summer at Mohegan Sun. We set up a facebook page where we are making plans for the trip. If anyone is interested, let us know and we’ll invite you to the page. The race is June 28th.

As for local CrossFit events, we will once again do our best to keep our “Events” page updated throughout the spring and summer. If anyone hears of a fun event in the area, let us know and we’ll post the information for everyone to see. We have a few posted already (here is the LINK, which can be found under “about us” and scroll down to events). Some cool events are going down in early May. Let’s get out there and show everyone what we do here at 203!!!

Kim P. locking out a push press


Babs looking good with a MU, despite having the strap wrapped around her leg


Lou made huge strides with his MU's during Saturday's competitors class


Everett deadlifting during Sunday's Partner WOD


Rose dominating her rope climbs


Photo evidence that Coach Michelle was here for a Sunday morning class!


Jess, Elsa and Alberto attacking the ropes


Judy throwing some weight around at Sunday's Masters Class!










April 4th, 2014 by admin

We don’t usually do Friday night posts, and we don’t usually reveal a workout until you see it on the whiteboard, but we are doing both tonight. We will be doing a new Hero workout on Sunday that we wanted to promote now in order to get a big group involved. The WOD will honor Firefighter Michael “Dork” Kennedy and Fire Lieutenant Edward Walsh, who, as you probably heard, both passed away last week fighting a fire in Boston. Though we don’t know these two heroes, we do have a connection here at CrossFit 203. Kennedy happened to be a member at my brother’s gym up in Boston, so we wanted to show our support and do the same workout on Sunday. Because we only have 3 ropes, we are turning it into a Partner WOD…..

20:14 AMRAP
33 calorie row
15 Deadlifts (225/155)
4 rope climbs

If anyone is interested in purchasing a t-shirt that will benefit both families, the link is HERE. 100-percent of the proceeds are going to the families.


April Member Spotlight!!!

April 2nd, 2014 by admin
Tom during Sunday’s WOD

In the midst of all the positivity going around after finishing the 2014 CrossFit Open last weekend, we do have some bad news to deliver (if you weren’t here for their farewell WOD Sunday). Tom and Lizzie will be leaving us as they move back to Norwalk. But, we were lucky to meet these two great people in the first place. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read their story below, as we chose them to be our Member Spotlight for April. Tom and Lizzie, we will miss you and the positive attitude you brought to the box every single day. We know that we met because of a disaster of a situation, but we are glad we were able to help you through your tough time. We wish you nothing but luck with your move and hope you find another box to call home soon. Be sure to keep us posted with everything and we hope to see you soon!!!!!

Names: Tom and Lizzie Wemyss

Where are you originally from?

Tom: I’m a Floridian through and through.

Lizzie: always called Brookfield, CT home base but lived in California, Australia, Maine, and Martha’s Vineyard during various parts of my life.

What high school and/or college did you attend?

Tom: University of Florida. Go Gators!

Lizzie: U-C-O-N-N, UConn, UConn, UCONN!


Lizzie with one of her favorites.....a back squat

How did you end up at CrossFit 203?:

Well, this is quite the story. What many of you might not know is that Tom and I lost our home in Norwalk to Hurricane Sandy ten days after we got married. What a wedding present!

As we were evacuated from our little cottage the day before the hurricane was expected to arrive, we knew that when we returned, our life as we knew it would be different. We were right. We returned four days later to complete destruction; furniture on front lawns, fronts of houses ripped off, porches in the middle of our playground, mud, dirt, and debris everywhere. We were somewhat lucky that we got only four feet of water in our home, but it was uninhabitable. After doing some damage control in Norwalk and realizing that there was nothing else we could do, we moved in with my parents in Brookfield.

We went from the happiest time in our life to the biggest reality check ever. Tom was his ever-optimistic and positive self, but I took this whole situation really hard. Change isn’t really my “thing.” We got served up a whole bunch of change at once. It was like I lost who I was when we lost our house and had to move back in with my parents. In Norwalk, I was this independent, confident, fit athlete who did triathlons, century cycling races, I surfed, I ran, I did boot camp. When we moved to Brookfield, I got into this huge, sad slump. I stopped working out, I ate bad, I gained 25 pounds, and I lost most, if not all, of my confidence and became this big ball of anxiety.

Tom joined CrossFit 203 in February of 2013 and raved for months about the WODs, the community, and the box. Tom asked me to go many, many times. I said “No way. Those guys are animals. I can’t do that.” He would read me excerpts from the 203 blog, especially ones about starting CrossFit. I still refused. It was totally stuck in my head that CrossFit was something that I just could not do. One day, he came home and described what he saw on a blog, “A couple that CrossFits together, stays together.” He begged me again to go. I begrudgingly went the next Saturday morning.

I was beyond nervous when I got there, like a turn around and run kind of nervous. Coach Michelle walked me through the whole thing with a big, friendly smile. After that, even though I couldn’t really walk because I was so sore, I knew I had to keep coming back. It just felt too good.

Over the last 8 months, CrossFit has helped me find myself again. It has quietly, slowly, and in a really healthy way helped me build my confidence, get stronger, walk taller, and get back to the athlete I once was. I still have a ways to go, but I know I am on the right track. CrossFit 203 was the community that I needed to pull myself out of my rut and piece myself back together. Each smile, each high-five or fist pound, each hug or cheer of encouragement was like a little building block getting put back into place. Words cannot describe my gratitude and love for this box and the people who fill it. I am so happy I didn’t turn and run on my first day.

Tom would like to add that he ended up at CrossFit 203 because he found it on the internet. :)

What do you do for work?

Tom: owner of Purepoint Energy. I help people and businesses reduce their energy costs while saving the planet with solar panels.

Lizzie: 2nd grade teacher in Easton, CT.

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing?

Tom: It had overhead squats. I remember Melissa telling me to scale down both reps and weights and at the end of the workout, I was happy I listened to her.

Lizzie: Some kind of AMRAP with cleans, front squats, and sumo deadlifts. I thought to myself, “Good God, what did I get myself into?” and “When can I come again?”

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far:

Tom: handstand push-ups

Lizzie: Paleo challenge winner! Getting my first toes-to-bar. Now, I just need to get more than 1!

CrossFit Goal for 2014:

Tom: muscle ups and be able to walk on my hands

Lizzie: Get double unders down and string toes-to-bar together.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit:

Tom: I was once bitten by a shark while surfing and have a scar to prove it.

Lizzie: Before becoming a teacher, I spent my summers as deckhand and a 2nd-mate on two 90-foot traditional wooden sailboats based in Maine and Martha’s Vineyard. I would do all sorts of things like cook bread from scratch in a wood-burning stove, climb the rigging, hang out 90-feet in the air under sail, host lobster bakes, and teach kids how to sail.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….

Tom: Continue to push fitness innovation.

Lizzie: Be included as a part of every child’s life. Imagine how great it would be to foster such confidence, strength, sense of community, and positivity in at such a young age!

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:

Tom: Adventuring with Lizzie, surfing, hanging with our dog, Finnegan.

Lizzie: Adventuring with Tom, surfing, hanging with our dog, Finnegan.

Other comments?:

CrossFit 203 has meant more to us than you will ever know. We appreciate the great community that Melissa and Kirk have fostered. Thank you! We love you, will miss you, and can’t wait to WOD with you again!

Big Sunday crowd for the good-bye WOD


Papa John working on some OHS's








April 1st, 2014 by admin

Exciting news!!  After five CrossFit Open workouts, three of our Masters competitors have placed in the top 200 in their age category!!  All three have advanced to the next set of workouts leading up to the CrossFit Games! Congrats to Coach Rich (9th in Northeast, 111th worldwide), Steve B. (18th in Northeast, 152nd worldwide), and Iron Mary (27th Northeast, 169th worldwide)!!  They have earned the right to compete in four additional (soon to be released) WODs over Easter weekend.

The top 20 finishers in each Masters age group will then advance to the CrossFit Games in California this summer. Congrats and good luck, you three!  We’ll have more information, including what the workouts will be, as the date gets closer. They’ll need all of our support, as these next four WODs promise to get even tougher than the Open!

We are so proud of you guys!

Stacey and Kym the Cat enjoying some plank holds in the sun


Coach Kim couldn't wait to workout in the sun!


The Monday noon crew starting the rowing WOD


Cris and Amber working on a set of 30 KBS


Tuesday 5 pm crew starting the WOD with 20 T2B








March 30th, 2014 by admin

What an amazing five weeks the 2014 CrossFit Open has been!  This past weekend was the perfect ending to what turned out to be our biggest and most inspiring Open at CrossFit 203 yet!  We may not have qualified a team for Regionals…but we are SO PROUD of everything that was accomplished during the competition.

One of the best moments in our four years of doing the Open occurred on Saturday, as we watched our athletes rally around Michelle B. as she finished her final set of three thrusters and burpees. Hearing the support and camaraderie from a room full of 40-plus people was probably one of the most awesome things we have witnessed since opening our doors.  This is what CrossFit is all about. You all inspire us every day…we truly have the best job in the world! We decided to publish the 14.5 video without any music, so you can hear the group count down Michelle’s last few reps.

Our top finisher this week was Alexis with a blazing time of 11:02!!!! It was one of the most impressive Open performances of the season for us. Congrats Alexis!!! Matt D, Lou, Dave, Mikki, Tanya, and Melissa were our official scores for team 203….nice job gang!!  This workout was the most mentally and physically challenging we’ve seen in the Open.  Many of you were nervous about this one, and most of you were able to surprise yourselves with how fast you were able to finish. We promise…no burpees or thrusters for a while!

A special thank you goes out to all our coaches who put in a little extra time these past five weeks to help us out with judging and to ensure that things ran smoothly. We are back to our regularly scheduled programming with a lighter week to recover, both mentally and physically. Stay tuned in the coming months for the return of Sunday morning EWODs and the addition of a gymnastics class!

Schedule Note: The Wednesday 6 pm class will remain a regular class. We will be resuming competitor classes Saturday mornings at 10 am, and we have some other news regarding the competitors coming soon. Stay tuned.



Shayna finishing up 14.5


Sarah flying through her burpees


Mindy getting after 14.5


Michelle B. finishing up her last set of thrusters


Mikey may or may not have snuck in a nap during 14.5.


Paul showing some intensity!


Matt D. registered the fastest men's time for 14.5


What a WOD.....what a day!


Sunday partner WOD