You Worked Hard, Now Let’s Play Hard

March 25th, 2015 by admin

The fifth and final workout of the CrossFit Open will be announced this Thursday evening at 8 pm. We’ll host one final Thursday night viewing party, so please sign up on the white board! It has been a great 5 weeks of competition this year, and we want to host one last big Throwdown on Saturday at 10 am! We’ll throwdown and then celebrate with a big post WOD social/BBQ. We encourage everyone to be there to either do the workout, or simply help with judging and cheering and party with us afterwards. Everyone has been working hard for the last five weeks, it’s time to celebrate the conclusion of the Open.

We’ll provide burgers and dogs, as well as some libations. We will set everything up in the side room and chow down when the action ends.

As always, we invite you to bring friends or family to cheer you on. If you have a friend who is curious about what we do, there’s no better event for them to see than the fun, supportive atmosphere we create every Saturday with these Open workouts. See you there!!!!

DSC_2414 (2)

Nicole H. throwing around the atlas stone

DSC_2415 (2)

James getting a taste of the 225# stone

DSC_2425 (2)

Terri giving her stone a big hug

DSC_2455 (2)

Amy locking out

DSC_2461 (2)

Migs working on his HSPU’s

DSC_2479 (2)

Some of the crew cheering Mikey through his cleans

DSC_2516 (2)

Jeanine and Amber take on 15.4

DSC_2529 (2)

Coach Brian getting his heels over the line

DSC_2557 (2)

Stacey working on a push press

DSC_2585 (2) DSC_2588



March 17th, 2015 by admin

For those of you who love March Madness, we will be doing another bracket challenge this year for the NCAA Tournament. Please contact Kirk if you are interested and he’ll send you the info to join. It’ll be $10 per bracket and you can submit as many brackets as you choose. Remember you have until Thursday before the games start to fill out your bracket. Winner take all!!!!!!

As for Open Workout 15.3 goes, it’s safe to say CrossFit stepped it up a notch. Up until 15.3, muscle-ups have always been included at the END of a tough workout every single year since 2011. At that point, you just did a tough workout, and if you have muscle-ups that’s great. If you didn’t have MU’s, at least you got in a good workout. This year, they started a workout with muscle-ups for the first time. And not just 1….but SEVEN!!!

This forced many of you to contemplate and attempt muscle-ups for the first time. We saw MANY of you almost knock out your very first muscle-up. A bunch of you are very, very close and we can safely predict you will get your first muscle-up in the coming weeks, if not days.

The muscle-up is one of the most difficult movements we have in CrossFit. After this week, you know where you stand. Please ask questions and our coaches can give you one of about a million different drills that can help you get your muscle-up. The journey to getting a muscle-up before next year’s Open has officially begun!

Congratulations to all of our athletes who performed the WOD, including everyone who took on the scaled version. This week the scaled version was probably tougher than RX, with many of you taking on a TON of wall ball! Some performances we’d like to highlight include Nathaniel who normally takes on our L2 workouts, did this week’s Open WOD as prescribed, and scored an awesome 94 reps, doing more MU’s and DU’s than any workout he’s ever done. Just wait until he gets those DU’s down!!!!

Our top males scores were Dave (366), Kirk (318), and Carlos (315, who did so in a very special pair of shorts…we are just glad he spent most of the time facing the wall!). Our top female scores came from Monica (317), Melissa (317), and Alexis (297). Among our top scaled scores were Stacey (753), Paul (765), Justin (763), Walsh (762), and numerous others who got well into the 500-rep range. That’s a lot of reps folks!!!!

DSC_2189 (2)

Miguel, Alexis, Alberto and Kirk getting a start on 15.3

DSC_2263 (2)

Love seeing Chris attack the muscle-ups

DSC_2301 (2)

and his father, Paul!!!!!

DSC_2361 (2)

Carlos gave everyone a show Sunday morning

DSC_2379 (2)

The Sunday morning crew starting the WOD

DSC_2385 (2)

Monica and Babs taking their shot at 15.3 Sunday morning

DSC_2389 (2)

Sarah just wanted a score of 1, and she got it!!!!











March 10th, 2015 by admin

15.2 is in the books and we look forward to 15.3 this Thursday. We always like to look back and recognize some of the gritty, inspiring performances we see, and we saw many last week. Open WOD 15.1 was kind of fun to do, 15.2 was quite the opposite. One word comes to mind: pain. You had to fight through the burning in your hands, forearms and shoulders as you tried to get through those 3 minute segments.

First of all, to the athletes who decided to do that workout twice….you are CRAZY! But, many of you were able to pile up many more reps that second time. Huge congrats to Tanya for getting into the round of 16 (with about 2 seconds to spare) even though she knew that next round would be brutal. She ended with 176 reps. We also have to mention Alexis, who was SO CLOSE to getting to that round of 16. She finished with 143 reps on Saturday, about 1 second short of getting that one last rep to finish the round. She took another shot Monday and, believe it or not, got even closer. Her chest touched the bar with that 144th rep at about 9:00.05. I could tell it pained Tanya (who served as judge) to tell Alexis she missed the next round by a whisker. Either way, it was over 100 reps better than she was able to do last year! Monica and Melis were also just a couple reps shy of getting into that fourth round. Dave was our top male athlete with a score of 178!

Elsa was another athlete to hit the workout twice. Determined to get into the second round in the RX workout after narrowly missing on Thursday night, she did it on Monday and earned 66 reps after getting a score of 32 Thursday. Elsa has been hard at work on her chest to bar pull-ups in the past weeks, and it paid off big time for her this week! Tony wasn’t able to do this workout at all last year….this time around he squeezed out 47 reps in the scaled division. Carlos nearly doubled his score from last year, finishing with 130 for second place among our men. And it was awesome watching Mindy get deep into the scaled workout and repping out more pull-ups than she ever had in any workout in her life.

And then there’s Miss March, Amber (if you haven’t read her Member Spotlight, what the heck are you waiting for???) who basically did the workout twice in one day. Amber did the scaled workout Saturday morning, officially scoring 6 reps, then used a band to keep going and make it as far as she could. Then she realized she could handle the RX overhead squat weight, and a score of 10 is better than a score of 6. So, after everyone left, she grabbed Michelle, set up, and performed 10 OHS’s unbroken to move her score to 10 in the RX division. THAT’S the spirit of the CrossFit Open. Last year, Tall Paul got 4 OHS at the men’s Rx weight. This year? He surprised even himself we think, getting 39 reps, just ONE rep short of that second round! He thought about re-doing the workout Monday, but couldn’t resist the wall ball workout we had scheduled for regular class.

Congrats to all of our athletes who gave their all this week in Open WOD 15.2!! A special thank you to our Coaches, Michelle, Rich, Mikey, Brian, and Mike who ran the show for us while we were dealing with a nasty stomach bug back at home. The weekend wouldn’t have been possible without them!

Here comes 15.3 folks! Can’t wait to see what we will face this week.

***SCHEDULE UPDATE: THERE WILL BE NO NOON CLASS TOMORROW (Wednesday).  We apologize for the late notice and inconvenience.***

DSC_2085 (2)

The Thursday evening crew cheering Mindy as she works deep into 15.2


Dave on his way to 178 reps


Brenden showing off his wing span during Sunday's burpee box jumps

Brenden showing off his wing span during Sunday’s burpee box jumps


Natalie loving some heavy back squats

Natalie loving some heavy back squats


Some of the 5 pm crew Tuesday evening

Some of the 5 pm crew Tuesday evening










March Member Spotlight!!!

March 5th, 2015 by admin
Amber performing her favorite lift

Amber performing her favorite lift

Our March Member Spotlight is AMBER!!! We love Amber for so many reasons. Among other things, we love her attitude, drive, dedication, persistence, and the fact that she walks in to the gym eager to learn and always with a fantastic attitude. A perfect example was last week with CrossFit Open workout 15.1. I had been communicating with Amber because she caught a bug and had been sick all weekend. We had planned to schedule something Monday if she felt better, but she texted in the morning and said she was still feeling sick. She sent another message at around 5 pm and told me, “I still want to do 15.1 at some point, just to know what my score would have been, for my own sanity.” Three seconds later came another text, and I quote, “f*ck it, I’m getting dressed and coming in!”

Amber showed up having consumed only a banana and water during the previous 24 hours. She battled through 15.1, and then set a PR on her clean and jerk for 15.1a. We could not have been prouder, and that story is a perfect example of what Amber is all about.

Amber started with us soon after having a baby and her transformation has been epic. She is one strong mama!!!!! Amber found us as a result of two seemingly random encounters with CrossFitters during her time as a photographer (naturally, Mindy was one of them). We are SO thankful for those encounters and that Amber decided to give CrossFit a shot. Amber is quick to spread the CrossFit love and is always bringing friends to try it out. Some join, some don’t, but we love the fact that she trusts us to show them a positive first experience with CrossFit. Two of Amber’s children are involved in CrossFit Kids, and we can’t wait to see all of them (Amber included) get stronger and stronger. And in another few years, the one and only Brody (now 1 year old, with the greatest head of blonde hair on the planet, even crazier than Kellen’s mop) will be in the fold!!!! Amber, we are honored to have you as a part of this gym. It’s people like you who make us love our job! Keep rockin’ it!!!!!

Name:  Amber Langlois

Where are you originally from?  New Fairfield, CT

What high school and/or college did you attend? Graduated from New Fairfield High School, attended Clemson University in South Carolina

Favorite sports teams:  Any team my kids are playing for, Clemson Football, the Giants and the Yankees

What do you do for work?  I am a very busy mom of three uniquely awesome children, Avery (11), Ryder (8), and Brody (1).

When and why did you start CrossFit:  Let me start with my first exposure to CrossFit. My husband and I ran our own wedding photography business, Raw Photo Design. It was 2009, our busiest season ever shooting close to 50 weddings. And once in a while we would photograph a wedding that was so special we knew we would never forget it. This was definitely the case with Jocelyn and Jay’s wedding, box owners of CrossFit Milford. Now, I had no idea what a box was, never mind what CrossFit was, but this is what I did know. This wedding was one of the craziest receptions I had ever shot with some of the nicest, happiest people I had ever seen. They partied harder than any wedding we had ever photographed, they were so excited to take pictures, AND THEY HAD THE MOST INCREDIBLE BODIES I had ever seen. And yes, I did get to see those bodies at the reception when dresses and suits literally came off. Although I didn’t have a clue why or what Jay was doing at the time, he actually put Jocelyn in an overhead squat.

Now back to the question, when and why did I start CrossFit. Well you think I would have come home from that wedding in 2009 and found the closest box. But I did not. I never forgot about them though and always thought “someday” when I had more time, more motivation, or when our business slowed down I would check out that crazy CrossFit.

In 2013, my life was turned upside down when my husband Eric died in a drowning accident. I was two months pregnant and had to learn to navigate life as a single mom, soon to be of 3. Brody was born in December 2013, and “someday” came in February 2014 when I was seated at a table with Mindy and Lou at a photography conference in Massachusetts. I had known Mindy and Lou as local photographers, Eric and I had photographed them together a few years prior. I mentioned to them that I was going to try a class at a CrossFit near my house and if you know Mindy, you know she was not having that…she had me set up in my first class at 203 the following week.

Life never ceases to amaze me how people and experiences come into your life, even if you don’t understand why at the time, you can usually look back and see that there is a plan in place. I came to CrossFit two months after having my 3rd baby; out of shape and weak is an understatement. I expected to sweat, to be pushed to my limits, but I didn’t expect to gain all of these wonderful, positive, motivating people in my life. I needed something just for me, an hour a day that I could check my stress and pressures at the door (unless it was ball slam day, then I’d bring that crap right in) and I have gotten so much more. Taking care of myself is one of the best gifts I can give my kids. Every time I sign up for a competition or PR a lift I know Eric is watching, my biggest fan and I know he is very proud.

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?:  Favorite is OHS, least favorite is THRUSTERS, duh.

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing?  My first workout on 3/4/14 was “baseline”, which I had to scale, I did the pushups on my knees and ring rows for pull ups. My time was 9:04. I remember thinking we were done “working out” after the warm up and couldn’t believe the “WOD” didn’t even happen yet. We just repeated “baseline” in December and my time was 6:34!

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far:  For me, it’s not a PR, a gymnastic movement or a record time…yet. I think each WOD you give 100% your first year is your greatest achievement and then the next WOD surpasses the one before. You are learning, you are showing up and you are getting stronger. I tell people, the only way this doesn’t work is if you don’t show up and try.

CrossFit Goal for 2015:  Stringing T2B, Double Unders and ONE pull-up

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit:  I grew up on Candlewood Lake and couldn’t be happier raising my kids in a lake community. We have “laker” mentality and live every day of summer laid back, like we are on vacation. We wake up and put our suits on, whether we are boating, swimming, tubing, fishing, whatever it is that day…we are in the lake from the time we get up till the time we go to bed and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It does, however make Winter feel extremely LONG.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”  CrossFit should be FUN and bring out the absolute best in you!

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:  Either at a practice, a game, a doctor appointment, a school function or the grocery store.

DSC_2028 (2)

Morgan working on his bar MU’s

DSC_2038 (2)

Loved seeing Chris rep out those MU’s!!!

DSC_2050 (2)

Dave and Tanya racking up some reps

DSC_2060 (2)

Stacey getting plenty of height on her C2B pull-ups






Challenge Wrap Up

March 3rd, 2015 by admin

With the excitement of the Open, submitting and validating scores, and trying to make sure Coach Mikey joins our team instead of CrossFit 201…..we forgot to post about the winners of the Nutrition Challenge! We handed out the cash Saturday before we tackled Open workout 15.1, but we also wanted to give official congratulations here.

The competition was so tight that we decided to split the pot equally between four people. We simply couldn’t decide on a winner or even the order of finish for these four athletes. So we officially had a 4-way tie for first place between Paul C., Dave, Mindy and Britt!!!!!

By looking at the winners and their diverse backgrounds and CrossFit experience, it’s a solid reminder that you can benefit from these challenges no matter who you are.

Let’s start with Dave. One of our best athletes, he was already in great shape at the start of the challenge. But during these five weeks, he hit another gear with his performance and we’ve never seen him this strong and fast. Not only that, his before and after photos showed a clear and impressive improvement. It was clear he was able to add muscle mass while shedding the tiny bit of extra weight he had around the waistline.

Britt, on the other hand, is new to CrossFit and has only been with us for a couple of months. You can see an obvious difference between her before and after photos, and we know in another five weeks we would be able to say the same thing. Her performance in the 5-rep deadlift and especially the challenge workout were also impressive to say the least. Britt is on the road to becoming a CrossFit beast!

Mindy has been with us for years and has always been in good shape. However, as she would admit to anyone, she let her diet slide quite a bit during the Holidays this year. She was NOT happy with her “before” photos and that lit a fire under her ass. She was absolutely perfect with her nutrition during the five weeks and the turnaround for her “after” photos was crazy! She also crushed the re-do of the challenge workout.

Paul C. had previous CrossFit experience when he joined us a few months ago. He was a big strong dude right from the start, and this was his first time every truly dialing in his nutrition. Clearly, his body liked the Paleo diet, as his mid-section is now shredded! Plus, he posted the biggest improvement in the gym with his 5-rep deadlift. Obviously, with those results, Paul has decided to keep a similar diet moving forward and we can’t wait to see how his performance continues to improve.

On another note, we had plenty of other impressive before and after photos….too many to even mention here. Everyone was able to see some changes in their bodies and remember, this was only a 5-week challenge! Keep a similar diet and lifestyle and imagine the results you’ll see?! Keep it up and congratulations to our winners!!


DSC_2022 (2)

TP and Brian working with the 30-inch boxes

DSC_2025 (2)

Brenden throwing A LOT of weight overhead

DSC_2011 (2)

Miguel driving up with this squat clean thruster

DSC_2016 (2)

Nathaniel finishing a lift

DSC_2019 (2)

Elsa subbing some dumbells for her push press







15.1, 15.1a and Tanking

March 1st, 2015 by admin

THIS is why we do the Open. We had a fun first weekend of the 2015 CrossFit Open, and we still have a few people who will be doing the first workout Monday. Melis and I both woke up Saturday and Sunday amped up, not just to do the workout, but to be there and judge you all and see how everyone does. It’s always fun to see our athletes leave everything on the floor in the Open. The competition triggers something inside you, and we see more effort than any other time of the year. Not only that, we see PR’s. Up until this year, we saw PR’s in the middle of a nasty workout that had heavy lifts included. This year, for the first time in Open history, we had to lift as a separately scored event…..after a spicy 9 minute AMRAP. Despite having to lift when you are dead tired, we saw PR’s out of you. Amazing job!!!

If you haven’t heard the buzz surrounding the first workout, CrossFit Headquarters cracked down on some “gaming” that was going on. “Gaming”, meaning some people intentionally didn’t try on the first part of the workout in order to score big on the clean and jerk. Well, CrossFit saw this happening on the scoreboard and has gone through and invalidated those scores.

The good news is, this doesn’t affect us at all, which comes as no surprise. We didn’t have to tell you to “try” in both parts of the workout. You all did your best in both parts of the workout and no tanking was done. Some other gyms aren’t so lucky, and some big scores have been erased.

Good luck to everyone competing Monday. If snow changes our schedule Monday morning, we will post to facebook and organize something for the evening. Kirk will be at the box all day, so contact him if you need a time. As of right now, we have people scheduled for 7 am and 8 am start times.

REMEMBER that your scores have to be submitted to the Games website by 8 pm Monday. If you don’t submit a score, you can continue to do the workouts moving forward, but you won’t be able to score for our gym. For each of these workouts, CrossFit 203’s “score” consists of the top 3 males and top 3 females for each workout. So, our scorers can be different from week to week. We had a case last year where a very good athlete forgot to submit a score in the second workout….meaning we couldn’t use scores form this person for the final 3 workouts (and this person would have been in our top 3 for all of them). Be sure to submit by Monday at 8 pm!!!!!

DSC_1962 (2)

Alberto, Adam and Mikey starting Thursdays lightning-fast 30 Snatch/30 C&J workout

DSC_1966 (2)

Thursday was a fun day with the announcement of the Open, but also a sad day because we had to say good-bye to Kate, who is moving away :(

DSC_1970 (2)

Welcome to Josh H.!!!!!

DSC_1974 (2)

Melissa F. snatching

DSC_1979 (2)

Jon locking out a clean and jerk

DSC_1983 (2)

The Thursday late night crew getting a first taste of Open workout 15.1

DSC_1997 (2)

Love this pic of Shayna getting a heavy C&J

DSC_2003 (2)

Sarah making the C&J look easy



Results: 30 Snatches (75/53) – 5 minute rest – then 30 C&J (95/65)


Sunday partner WOD

The Open is Finally HERE!!!

February 25th, 2015 by admin

The 2015 CrossFit Open starts THURSDAY!!!! We have received a few questions about when people can do the workouts. We will have a few dedicated times to get the workouts done. If any of these times don’t work for you, we can set you up with another time slot, as long as we can get someone to serve as a judge for you. Just let us know in advance and we’ll get you scheduled. We have a place to sign-up for a time slot on the whiteboard at the box. Please sign your name so we can organize everything accordingly.

The basics: The workouts will be announced on Thursday nights at 8 pm for the next five weeks. We will have a viewing party at the box each of those Thursday nights. Stop by whether you are working out or not, and we can discuss the workouts and start talking strategy. Each week, CrossFit will have two or more Games athletes perform the workout minutes after it’s announced. That allows us to watch and get an idea of how the workout looks. This week, we get to see Rich Froning vs. Mat Fraser, who finished first and second at the CrossFit Games last year.

The workouts must be completed by each athlete, and scores submitted to the Games website by Monday evening at 8 pm each week. If you still need to sign up, HERE is the link. Why should you sign up? Because every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. It’s that simple, folks.

You can perform the workouts at 203 at the following days and times
Thursday evening, 8 pm, right after the workout is announced
Saturday morning, 10 am
Sunday morning, 8 am
Monday evening by appointment.

Again, if none of those times work, contact us and we’ll schedule another time for you. Let’s get after it 203!!!!!

DSC_1876 (2)

Lizette locking out a press Monday

DSC_1895 (2)

Nicole H. looking solid with her front squats

DSC_1903 (2)

Jami looking fierce!

DSC_1943 (2)

Lou and Alberto with some HSPU’s at 6 am

DSC_1954 (2)

Tanya and Stacey getting after a set of HSPU’s





Not Bad For a Tuesday Night!

February 24th, 2015 by admin

DSC_1916 (2)What a fun night at our Fitness for Kindness event tonight! Thank to everyone who took time out of your day to bring your kids to the gym. We were so impressed with the thoughtful responses the kids came up with for their Act of Kindness. We know they will follow through. Great work gang!

As for the workout….that was TOUGH! But, it was definitely the most fun Tuesday night we’ve had in a long time. Love it! We can’t help but laugh and smile at the thought of the adults cheering the kids through that workout. The future of CrossFit is bright, as the kiddos beat most of the adults! They breezed through those burpees like they were nothing. On a personal note, this was the first time Jackson has gotten the best of mom and dad in a workout. Legitimately. First of many, I’m sure.

Thanks to everyone for your donations. You can continue to donate online or give us cash at the gym. We will collect until the end of the week. And a huge thank you to our friend Joe Sullivan for organizing the event and including us in such a great cause. The kids loved the free stuff you handed out! Hope to see you back at 203 soon Joe!!!!

DSC_1925 (2)

The adults attacked the workout first….

photo (15)

Then the kids finished it off!!


photo (12)

Chris and Jax dominating the rope climbs


Mikey and Jon racing up those ropes

Mikey and Jon racing up those ropes


Melis looking strong with her legless rope climbs

Melis looking strong with her legless rope climbs







Fitness for Kindness Tuesday, “Open” Thursday

February 22nd, 2015 by admin

Our Fitness for Kindness event is set for Tuesday at 5 pm!!!! We want as many kids as possible at the event, so make sure your schedule is set for the day and get your kiddos here for the 5 pm class. Bring your son, daughter, nephew, niece, whoever you think would enjoy it. If you missed the post last week, the kids will warm up and review the workout in the side room while the adults complete the workout in the main gym. When the adults are finished, we’ll bring the kids into the gym and the adults will cheer them through the workout. No prior CrossFit Kids experience is needed. Just bring your kids and let them have fun in honor of Charlotte Bacon. Charlotte’s favorite color was pink, so make sure you and your kids all wear as much pink as possible.

If you want to learn more about Charlotte and Newtown Kindness, or to donate, click the following link HERE

CROSSFIT OPEN. Once again, HERE is the link to sign up for the CrossFit Open, which begins later this week! The first workout will be announced Thursday at 8 pm. We need a show of hands if you want to do the workout immediately after it is announced. We have done this in the past and had a fun time on Thursday nights. We’ll have a viewing party every Thursday at 8 pm at the box, and give you the option to do the workout right then and there. We need to know how many people like this idea, to make sure we have enough judges available. Let us know in comments on the blog or facebook.

DSC_1841 (2)

It was awesome seeing Dave get into the round of 16 in Friday’s re-do of Open WOD 14.2

DSC_1832 (2)

Amber making her OHS’s look really, really easy

DSC_1855 (2)

Alberto starting “D.T” Saturday morning


DSC_1860 (2)

Some of our competitors taking on “DT”















Have You Signed Up Yet???

February 19th, 2015 by admin

Weekend Update! The first event of the 2015 CrossFit Open will be released in exactly 1 week (on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 8 pm Eastern)!  We’ve got big plans again for this year’s Open, stay tuned for details on a weekly Competition we’ll host to complete the WODs!  We hope to get as many people involved this year, as it’s always is a great time for all.

On a side note, members of this gym are not allowed to call it “The Opens.” You don’t opens a door. It’s not the British Opens or U.S. Opens. It’s not the CrossFit Opens. It’s the 2015 CrossFit Open. There, I said it. I’m glad to get that off my chest. I’m really looking forward to everyone calling it the Opens just to mess with me. Bring it on!!!

Anyway, we’ve talked about the Open before. Instead of regurgitating the entire thing, click HERE for more information.

The bottom line is this…..there is a scaled option this year. Everyone here will be able to do the workouts, whether RX or scaled. Do you want to push yourself and see what ya got? Then sign up. We’ve seen awesome things happen in recent years. It’s a great way to really get involved with the gym and experience the incredible camaraderie that will develop over the next five weeks.

Click this LINK to visit the Games website and sign up. It only costs $20.

Rowing Clinic Update: We have a few spots left at both 9 am and 10 am for Sunday’s rowing clinic. Please be advised that the weather forecast is calling for snow and rain, so we may be looking at another icy Sunday morning. If we need to cancel because of weather, we will post to facebook. We will once again be crossing our fingers that the weather is nice to us. Is it spring yet?

DSC_1817 (2)

The men of the 6 am crew starting Wednesday’s workout


Paul C. going heavy with his set of 5 bench press

DSC_1824 (2)

Mike D. finishing his set of 5

DSC_1830 (2)

Nathaniel re-doing his deadlifts for the challenge WOD