See What Happens

September 18th, 2014 by admin

Sometimes, the only thing holding you back is yourself. We have a lot of athletes in this gym who are better than they think. People who can do far more than you think possible. I’ve seen some perfect cases in point lately. I saw more than a few people scaling to knees-to-elbow or knees-to-parallel during our “Death by T2B” workout. You were making it look easy so I casually approached and urged you to kick your feet a little harder and see if you can get your toes up to the bar. And BAM, it happened. Some of you continued knocking out T2B for the remainder of the workout, piling up 20 or 30 reps. You were shocked that you were able to do it.

You are all getting stronger and stronger, whether you know it or not. Have you tried a strict pull-up lately? Or have you simply automatically grabbed a band? Have you tried a ring dip lately? Or do you go straight to the bench or parallel bars? Do you throw the same amount of weight on the bar for EVERY thruster workout you do? How about a pistol? Do you grab the box because you think you can’t do one? I can’t tell you how many people were able to do pistols their first try, mere seconds after looking at me with wide eyes, thinking, how can anyone do a squat with just one leg????!!!!

We always tell you to put yourself out there. Try new things. Enter our in-house competition. Get a team together for the Battle for the Bell, and see what happens!

Yes, many of you are intimidated by certain movements, lifts or competitions in general. But you took a huge leap by trying CrossFit in the first place. Now that you are a hard-core CrossFitter, keep that same spirit as you see new movements, lifts and chances to enter local competitions.

Give it a shot and see what happens, folks!!!!

Reminder: Our second 5 am class of the week is tomorrow (Friday!) We had a great showing Tuesday so let’s keep it going early risers!!!

DSC_7138 (2)

Ralph wanted this pic posted, with him AHEAD of Alexis in a workout. Nice work!

DSC_7140 (2)

The Monday noon crew out for a stroll with their kettle bells

DSC_7154 (2)

Mikey working through his 10 sets of OHS’s

DSC_7174 (2)

Sarah getting plenty of height on her C2B pull-ups

DSC_7184 (2)

The 6 am crew starts “Death by T2B”

DSC_7189 (2)

Babs back at it and lifting heavy!

DSC_7195 (2)

Libby front squatting during Wednesday’s barbell complex

DSC_7202 (2)

Super proud of Amber for getting her T2B going!!!!












Notes for the Week

September 14th, 2014 by admin

A couple of announcements/reminders for this week.

Yes, the 5 am class is officially here. We are going to do a trial run at a 5 am class STARTING THIS WEEK!!! We will have the class on Tuesday and Friday for the next two weeks and continue only if we get decent attendance. If attendance is low, we will cancel it after two weeks. So, if you wanted a 5 am class, you better be there on Tuesday and Friday the next two weeks!!!!

A reminder that you have until Wednesday to sign up for our first-ever in-house competition. It will be held on Saturday, Oct. 4 starting at 9 am. We HIGHLY recommend that you sign up, particularly if you’ve never done a competition before and are wondering what it’s all about. This is for EVERYONE, no matter your level. There is a spot to sign up on the white board at the box. Just do it!!!

We understand many of you happen to be busy the weekend of Oct. 4 (why the heck are so many of you busy on that random weekend???!!). Don’t worry. We plan on doing one of these in-house throwdowns every season. So, look for another one at some point this winter!!!!!

DSC_6969 (2)

Ralph during Friday’s push jerk WOD

DSC_6973 (2)

Aaron and Paul C. during the noon class

DSC_6981 (2)

Welcome to Alenka!!!


DSC_6987 (2)

Anna push jerks while Chops handles the 30-inch box







September Member Spotlight!!!!!

September 11th, 2014 by admin


Our September Member Spotlight is Carlos….aka CLOS, aka one of the twin towers. Carlos was our pick because of his dedication to getting to the gym, his no quit attitude, and commitment to living healthy. He is one of our youngest members, but has put a priority on eating clean and staying strong and healthy. It was obvious Carlos was a solid athlete when he first started with us, but we were surprised how quickly he was able to pick up on Olympic weightlifting and our toughest gymnastics movements. Carlos has one of the best attitudes in the gym. He literally walks through the doors each day with a smile on his face, especially if he sees running in the workout. Carlos also works hard outside the box. A little known fact is that Carlos works around the corner from both Melissa’s office and Jackson’s school. When we drop Jax off at the ripe hour of 7:45 am each morning, Carlos’s car is already at his office and it’s usually the only one there. Since he has a lengthy commute from Brookfield, Carlos is up and at it before the sun rises, pounding down the six eggs he always eats for breakfast (this kid eats like an NFL offensive lineman). But that’s CLOS. We’re happy he found us and can’t wait to see him continue to kick ass at 203!!!!!

Name: Carlos Aurelio Januth Junior

Where are you originally from? I was born in Rondon do Para in Brasil and moved to Brookfield when I was only 11 years old.

What high school did you attend? I attended Brookfield High School and graduated in 2011

Favorite sports teams: I love soccer even though I suck at it, so Brasil’s national soccer team is my favorite team.

What do you do for work? I work in construction as an estimator and many may think I work out in the field, but most of the time you can find me inside a warm cozy office eating my mixed nuts.

When and why did you start CrossFit: This may sound silly but the reason why I started CrossFit is because I was making a lot of stupid choices in my life, the choices that a lot of people my age make. I wanted to fill all my free time with things that would keep me busy. Kaitlyn talked me into trying Crossfit and I also started taking dance lessons. I have been at Crossfit203 since last October and I can’t get enough of it.

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?: I love power cleans and my least favorite lift is the freaking Thruster, man I really do not like that movement.

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing? I remember one with power snatches, burpees and shoulder to overhead…..pretty much all the things I am not very fond of in CrossFit. I loved the fact that it showed my weaknesses and it made me want to come back for more.

Greateast CrossFit Achievement so far: I will never forget the day I did 50 double-unders in a row, that day was magical.

CrossFit Goal for 2014 and beyond: To be able to squat snatch my body weight and keep my shirt on. Sometimes it gets too hot and I can’t take it, and other times I just don’t know what gets into me.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: I love to cook and bake. I think the whole process is a beautiful thing. If you look me up you will see a picture of me cooking with a bunch of kids, good times. If I was rich I would, CrossFit, dance and cook all day.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….” be part of everyone’s life. People often say “oh why did I bring up CrossFit, now he won’t stop talking about it.” I cannot stop talking about it because it is so damn great. This very open and cheerful community that we have cannot be duplicated. I always get the chills when there is one person left and everyone is surrounding him/her and cheering their hearts out it. It makes me want to run over there and help them lift that weight up. It is priceless.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….: Eating, reading a book or sleeping. Yeah I know, I’m pretty boring.

Other comments?: I might be going out Saturday night, but I will make sure I get enough sleep to go the box on Sunday morning. I love those Sunday partner workouts!!!!

DSC_6935 (2)

Lizette, Teresa and Mindy start the WOD with the 6 am crew


Alberto, Bill and Leon working through "The Seven"

Alberto, Bill and Leon working through “The Seven”


Mike A. and Lou

Mike A. and Lou


Loved Tony's shirt today!

Loved Tony’s shirt today!



Sept. 11

September 10th, 2014 by admin

We’d like to dedicate today’s blog to our many first responders and service men and women in our 203 family and community.  Today we remember the tragedy that was September 11th, 2001, and honor the lives that were lost on that day, as well in the years since fighting the war on terrorism.  Take the time to thank those who protect and serve us today. We are so grateful for the sacrifices they have made, as well as the sacrifices of their families.

We will be doing a “Hero” workout on Thursday. It’s a tough one, but if you thought we’d give you an easy workout on Sept. 11, you’re at the wrong box. It’s days like this when we crave a tough, nasty workout, where you have no choice but to dig in your heels and fight until the end.

There is no better way to show your respect.

Can’t wait.

DSC_6828 (2)

Justin working through Monday’s KB lunges.

DSC_6839 (2)

Cris finishing a DB snatch

DSC_6848 (2)

Judy looking strong!!!!

DSC_6869 (2)

Dave squatting while Jess D. and Monica snatch

DSC_6913 (2)

Kim looking comfortable in the bottom of a front squat










In-House Competition

September 7th, 2014 by admin

We have an exciting announcement to make! We are proud to announce that we are in the process of planning our first in-house competition! We hope to get everyone involved, and we have a format that should do just the trick.

Each person who participates will sign up as a Level 3, Level 2 or Level 1 athlete. L3 will be our competitors who can RX the vast majority of our daily workouts. L2 will be those of you who usually have to scale the weight a bit, or scale certain gymnastics movements. L1 will be our newer athletes, or anyone who usually wouldn’t be interested in any sort of competition, but wants to throw down with his/her fellow 203 athletes. YOU HAVE UNTIL WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 TO SIGN UP!!!!

You will compete as a 3-person team, which will consist of one L3 athlete, one L2, and one L1. You will team up and tackle the workouts together. We have formulated the workouts to make sure the L3 athletes are tested, while the L1 athletes can still do all of the movements and weights.

All of the teams will be chosen by Kirk and Melissa. We will make fair teams. If you can’t trust us, who can you trust???

We are planning on doing the competition on Saturday, Oct. 4. Save the date! Prizes and bragging rights are on the line! BBQ and adult beverages will follow!

There will be a place to sign up on the whiteboard. If you have any questions as to whether you should be L3, L2 or L1, ask Kirk or Melissa and we will make a suggestion.

DSC_6753 (2)

Adam doing a box-over while Morgan pounds out some HSPU’s

DSC_6760 (2)

Kim, Lisa and Jess A. rowing in the 4 pm sunlight

DSC_6774 (2)

Steve C. lifting heavy!!

DSC_6781 (2)

Christine looking strong!

DSC_6793 (2)

Eliana throwing around some weight

DSC_6798 (2)

Mikki toying with the barbell

DSC_6816 (2)

Dave in the middle of a MU while James finishes his OHS’s









Um, Like, it Might Be Heavy and Stuff

September 2nd, 2014 by admin

It happened again. I went on facebook and ended up getting all fired up. I should really stay off that thing….it would be much better for my blood pressure and stress. I should just wrap myself in a cocoon and never come out. The subject this time are those people out there who tell friends that they shouldn’t try CrossFit, even though they know absolutely nothing about CrossFit. It drives me insane.

A friend of a friend, let’s call her Katie, took to facebook to ask about CrossFit. She actually asked some decent questions had had valid concerns that any potential CrossFitter might have. She wondered if it’s for “mom-type people” and if beginners could handle it. She asked this after visiting some websites and seeing only big, muscle-bound male coaches. I can see how that might intimidate someone, especially if you are a mom who is looking to get back into shape. I’m not sure which site she was looking at or where she’s from, but she obviously wasn’t looking at the 203 page and our diverse crew of athletes and coaching staff!!!!….but I digress.

I understood the questions she asked….no problem there. She’s smart for doing her research. But then her friends chime in and my blood pressure spikes. I’ll paraphrase the first response and I might embellish a bit to drive home my point. It went something like this, “um, Katie, I don’t think you should do CrossFit. It’s like, lifting and stuff and um, it might be, like, heavy and stuff.”

Since when is lifting weights and getting strong a bad thing?! Since when is it something you should warn people against? I swear, only in America. I just don’t understand. The drive-thru lane at McDonalds and Taco Bell are packed all day, and we are warning people against lifting weights?! Am I on another planet? Where did we go wrong as a society?

If you like some other fitness routine, that’s fine. Go for it. At least you are doing something. But why would you try to STOP other people from trying something new? From trying to get strong? For wondering if they should broaden their horizons and finally emerge from their comfort zone?

The bottom line is this; I love our little community because we are all open-minded. We were all scared or nervous when we found CrossFit, and we had some concerns just like Katie. But we tried it. WE TRIED IT. We all walked through that door for the first time and just happened to find something we love. And it all happened because we decided to try something new. CrossFit changed our views on fitness, nutrition and life in general and we can’t imagine life without it.

I hope people out there are smart enough not to listen to “advice” if it comes out like this…….. “um, like, I don’t think you should do CrossFit. It’s like, um, lifting and stuff and um, it might be, like, heavy and stuff.” I

It’s time to start empowering others to grab a barbell and see what can happen when you push outside your comfort zone. Head over to this link, #thebarbellproject and check out a great movement encouraging others to do just this. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman once said “fit people and strong communities can change the world.” Let’s do our part in getting this world healthy!

Try a class, grab a barbell and you might just find something you love.

Sarah taking a look at the clock during her L-sit hold

Sarah taking a look at the clock during her L-sit hold



Labor Day Weekend

September 1st, 2014 by admin

What a weekend it was. We’ll just leave you with some video from Sunday’s Hot Shots 19 WOD, and pictures from Monday. See you all this week!!!

DSC_6697 (2)

The Labor Day crew warming up

Starting the WOD

Starting the WOD

Coach Rich in the middle of a set of thrusters

Coach Rich in the middle of a set of thrusters

Love this pic because it is Michell's Birthday!!! and Mindy is in the background showing her hops as she reaches for the bar.

Love this pic because it is Michell’s Birthday!!! and Mindy is in the background showing her hops as she reaches for the bar.

Seth working on his thrusters

Seth working on his thrusters

Carlos finishing his last set of pull-ups

Carlos finishing his last set of pull-ups

Kevin locking out while Chops subs some goblet squats

Kevin locking out while Chops subs some goblet squats



Labor Day Weekend Schedule

August 28th, 2014 by admin

We have a busy weekend coming up! We have a few teams signed up to compete in the CrossFit Team Series, and those teams need to get the workouts done this weekend. We plan on tweaking the weekend schedule because of this. We also have two teams signed up to compete at a Male/Female partner competition at New London CrossFit. Good luck Amy, James, Babs, and Jimmy! We will try to post updates during the weekend.

As for our weekend schedule, we will have a regular class Saturday at 9 am. Instead of doing our usual competitors class at 10 am, we will reserve this time to do two of the Team Series workouts (front squat and the DU/snatch WOD). We need judges and would appreciate volunteers. Let us know if you can help!

We will be doing a partner Hero WOD on Sunday to help celebrate Labor Day weekend and the schedule will be normal….regular class at 9 am, and Masters Class at 10:30.

We will also be doing a Hero workout on Monday and will hold one class at 9 am. We will reserve the 10 am time slot for Team Series competitors, and we will again need judges. We will do the brutal C2B/thruster workout that day, along with the rowing/burpee/hang clean workout.



It should be a good weekend. See you at the Box!!!

More Goats

August 27th, 2014 by admin

We have some homework for anyone coming to Thursday’s workout. Thursday is all about Goats. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably done a “Goat workout” at least once. For our newer members who are wondering what the heck a Goat is, it’s a movement that you consider a weakness, one you are not good at, or hope doesn’t show up on the white board….and we all have plenty.

Your goal is to think about your Goats and pick two of them for Thursday. You basically get to create your own workout. It will be an Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workout, rotating back and forth between your two movements. Pick your own rep scheme. It should be a rep scheme that will allow you to perform with rock solid form. The goal here is to work on two weaknesses ,and get better at them by the end of the workout.

Be smart with pairing your movements. For instance, picking push-ups and handstand pushups might not be the best, because you will be using similar muscle groups. Pairing pistols and HSPU might be better, or push-ups and double-unders.

As always, ask a coach if you have any questions, or if you are unsure of how many reps to choose.

Alberto starting his day with some solid C2B pull-ups at 6 am

Alberto starting his day with some solid C2B pull-ups at 6 am


Kate going 235# for 5 reps!

Kate going 235# for 5 reps!


Vanessa setting up for a lift

Vanessa setting up for a lift


Nick H. looking strong!

Nick H. looking strong!


Welcome Leon to CrossFit 203!!!!!

Welcome Leon to CrossFit 203!!!!!


Sarah getting plenty of height on her C2B

Sarah getting plenty of height on her C2B



Steve D finishing up his last round

Steve D finishing up his last round



5 am

August 26th, 2014 by admin

You might have heard some chatter at the box about a potential 5 am class. Yes, that’s not a typo. 5 AM! Because that hour is go incredibly early, we need to have at least 4 dedicated members willing to attend class at that time. We don’t want to have a coach come that early, and have no one show up…..that’s just not nice. We have a couple of definite “yes” votes on the board, and a few people with “maybe” status.

We have a coach who has volunteered to coach the 5 am class on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please shout out in comments if you are interested. If we get enough response, the class will be added.

5 am. Sheesh!

Aaron throwing around the big stone!

Aaron throwing around the big stone!


Mike D. looking relaxed with the stone on his shoulder

Mike D. looking relaxed with the stone on his shoulder


Kellen taking a shot at the big stone

Kellen taking a shot at the big stone


Kasey looking fierce!!

Kasey looking fierce!!


A photo reminder of Monday's nice, easy WOD

A photo reminder of Monday’s nice, easy WOD