In-House Competition!

September 29th, 2016 by admin

Save the date!!  We are excited to announce that we have a big plans for Saturday, Oct. 29!  CrossFit 203 will hold our annual In House Team Throwdown!

We haven’t done an in-house throwdown in a while….too long, but for our new members, we will put together teams of 3 (a mixed team of a level 1 athlete, a level 2 athlete, and a L3 athlete) and hold a competition at 203 for our members only. We have done it twice before and it was so fun, we are excited for the next one. We will get a sign-up started on the front white board. We hope to have everyone signed up by Wednesday October 15th the latest. You just need to decide if you want to be a level 1, 2, or 3 athlete. We will carefully design workouts that all of you can do. We will challenge our level 3 athletes while also making sure level 1 athletes can handle the work load. No matter who you are, YOU can do this competition.

The timing also happens to fall perfectly on the eve of our 6 -year CrossFit Affiliate Anniversary!  We would love to have everyone stick around after the workouts to help us celebrate with food and drinks!

It’ll be a fun day at 203. Stay tuned for more details as the date gets closer!  In the meantime…get your name on the board to participate!!


Chris locking out a heavy thruster


Damon finishing up a farmer carry


The Wednesday 4 pm crew starting the worout


Iron Mary


Brenden starting his 100-yard farmer carry


Lou flying through Thursday’s workout



Jane and July during the TGU’s








Inspiration is All Around You

September 26th, 2016 by admin

The first official weekend of fall is now behind us.  There is something about the change of seasons that always inspires change and a fresh start.  One too many Summer Shandy’s, BBQs at the lake, and disrupted summertime vacation schedules have left their mark, and it’s time to reign things back in. The nice thing is, it’s easy to look around and find inspiration…even despite the chaos that is the month of September. We don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have a lot of folks at CrossFit 203 busting their butts and inspiring us to do the same. 

Coach Alexis has been dealt an injury that will take time and patience to recover from. Despite her restrictions, she is at the box nearly every day giving it 100% effort with what she CAN do.  We have a large group of athletes who have committed to do the Lurong Challenge, a 7-week clean eating and performance based challenge. 

During open gym time the past two weeks you will find a number of athletes putting in extra work to get stronger, faster, or prepare for the upcoming Battle for the Bell competition. 

We had 10 athletes this past weekend run the Ragnar Relay, a nearly 200 mile (what?!) team run that spanned around 36 hours through the Adirondacks! 

Furthermore, every week we see moms and dads with multiple children and full time jobs who make it a priority to get to the gym, 6am or 7pm…whenever they can make it happen. Just about everyone who walks through our doors is dealing with something life has thrown at them, whether it’s a hectic schedule, family troubles, etc….you just may not know it.  Despite the challenges, we see how hard everyone has been working.

We have definitely fallen a bit off our own nutrition with summertime coming to an end and the adjustment to back to school craziness.  If you are anything like us and ready to make a change and get back on that wagon of good eating and consistent gym time….just look around you.  There is inspiration to be found everywhere.  Thank you to all our kick ass members who continue to amaze us, hold us accountable and make us strive to be better.   We have great things waiting for us this fall!


Phillip making huge progress with his snatch


Owen’s front squat keeps on going up and up and up!


Mike Leo took to the outdoors for his press/sprint workout


Robin pulling under the bar


Melis and Moves starting a set of muscle-ups


Mike Lig. and Angie deadlifting


Interesting warm-up on Sunday


Kim and Elsa looking strong with their overhead lunges


Rachael going RX during “Fun with Fran”



The 9 am class getting after it

















Free Month of CrossFit?

September 19th, 2016 by admin


Who wants a free unlimited month at 203 right before Christmas?? Thanks to our resident Allstate agent Eliana…complete this “WOD” and it could be YOU!


For Time

-Dial 203-791-9595

-Ask for Eliana

-Quote your auto insurance! We recently began working with Eliana and switched insurance companies. Not only because she beat our previous rates, but also because we TRUST Eliana and we now know exactly where to go if we ever get into an accident….and we know we will be taken care of. Are you in the same boat?  Do you want to see if you can save some money? Then keep reading!!!

Time Cap: October 1st – November 1st

Cash Out: Refer your family and friends!

Yes, you read that right! NO thrusters, NO overhead squats, NO nutrition challenge!

All you have to do is call Eliana for a FREE auto quote.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Every CrossFit 203 member who calls for an auto insurance quote between October 1st and November 1st will be entered into a raffle for the following prizes:

Grand Prize: One month unlimited membership $175 Value

Runner Up: CrossFit 203 “Swag Bag” filled with some of our favorite CrossFit accessories

All members who complete an auto quote will also receive a pretty cool Allstate water bottle and a Progenex single serve pack….mmmmmmm!!!

If you already have your insurance with Eilana then you will automatically be entered into the raffle. If you are currently insured with Allstate but with another agent, you cannot get a quote……sorry!

Call Eliana, email, text or flag her down at the box!! Let’s try to save you some money on your insurance and get a free month at 203! 3…2…1…go!

Contact Information:
Eliana Rosa
Office: 203-791-9595
Cell: 203-994-3743


Sandra working through those lunges last week


Paula loving those lunges and burpees


The 6 am crew getting after it


Cathy with a sumo deadlift


Migs doing what he does best


Mikki and Stacey looking strong!


When Shayna makes this know heavy lifting is happening

When Shayna makes this face… know heavy lifting is happening


Carlos tossing around some weight




Sunday (forgot the Saturday board pic!)




September Member Spotlight!

September 15th, 2016 by admin
Gary's "before" photo in early May

Gary’s “before” photo in early May

Our September Member Spotlight is our boy GARY!!!! Gary was here for a project for work, and he actually just went back home to Louisiana,

Gary's "after" photos upon going home to Louisiana in early September

Gary’s “after” photos upon going home to Louisiana in early September

but he will be back to finish up the job in a few weeks. In all, he will spend around four months with us and I’m not sure we’ve seen a quicker transformation. Gary’s photos when he first joined us are on the left. He worked hard, came to the gym 4-5 times a week, did extra work on the side, and the results are just amazing (the after photos are to the right).  Gary is a true testament to what hard work and dedication can do. Let me repeat…….you get results like this because of HARD WORK! I’ll keep this a short rant, but too many people these days want results like this….but they aren’t willing to work. Folks, there is no easy route. There is no shake or 3 minute workout that can do this. There is only hard work and dedication. Gary dedicated a lot of time and effort to get to this point. Be like Gary.

On top of all that, Gary was just great to have in class. Always a great attitude, throwing around funny one-liners….and of course the Louisiana accent! We don’t hear that accent much around here!!! Gary will continue doing CrossFit in Louisiana and we will definitely miss his presence around the gym. Good luck with everything Gary! Keep in touch!

Name: Gary Weems

Hometown: Monroe, LA, Quachita Parish High School

Favorite Teams: New Orleans Saints, LSU Tigers

Occupation: Welder on natural gas pipelines

Why and when did you start CrossFit? I started on May 4, 2016. I was unhappy with the way I looked and the poor shape I was in. I knew I’d be away from my family for a few months for work, so I wanted to give them the surprise of a new me when I got back.

Favorite Lift: Back Squat

Least Favorite Lift: Overhead squats!

What was your first workout and what did you think of it? I did my first few workouts during foundations classes. One was a 5 minute AMRAP, 5 burpees, 5 box jumps, 5 wall ball. After finishing the only thing I could think about was the pitiful shape I was in!!!

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far?: Competing the workout called “Murph” is my best achievement so far. I wanted to finish in under an hour. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to, but I did it!

CrossFit Goal for 2016 and beyond: My ultimate goal is to get a muscle-up!

Additional comments? I think CrossFit 203 has a great group of coaches who take extra time to teach people the correct way to do all the lifts and workouts we do, and really look out for our well-being. It has been great for me to start the road to a healthier lifestyle with you guys.


Starting the partner sled drag WOD


Perry getting his first shot at tire flips


Elsa leaning into that big tire


I think we found Brook’s game face!


Arun switching his grip on the big tire


Peter flying through those tire flips


Christian getting after the altas stones


Monica going solo with the sled drag!
















End of Summer Bash

September 5th, 2016 by admin

It’s time to admit that summer is coming to an end….BUT, this week is looking HOT and we thought, what better way to close out summer than to invite all you maniacs at CrossFit 203 to our place for an end of summer bash?! Everyone from the gym is invited and family and kids are welcome! We will go from 3 pm to around 7 pm/dusk on THIS Saturday afternoon, Sept. 10.  Come ready for some swimming, paddle boarding, impromptu soccer, corn hole and hanging in the sun. Feel free to bring any kayaks or paddle boards because there’s a ton of calm water to play around in!  We’ll fire up the grill with burgers and dogs along with some beverages, but would love some help with apps, sides or desserts!  We hope to see everyone there to celebrate another kick a$$ summer with the best community around!    

All of the information will be coming via facebook invitation, and we will also post on the whiteboard at the gym for those of you who don’t do facebook.  


Aaron making those 36-inch box jumps looks easy Friday


Amber getting some air


Brian getting up


Jess looking strong with her C2B pull-ups


Elsa, Carlos and Moves grinding through their GHD sit-ups


The 8:30 am class starting the first set of wall ball on Labor Day


Kristen finishing a clean and jerk


Robin looking WAY too happy after finishing a lap with her barbell















September 1st, 2016 by admin

We want to thank Adam from Lurong Living and Christina from Kettlebell Kitchen for stopping in Monday night to talk to us about the upcoming Nutrition Challenge and what KB Kitchen offers for food service. If you weren’t there, and are interested in the nutrition challenge or getting healthy food delivered to the gym for you, please contact Kirk or Melis as soon as you can.

If you want to sign up for the Lurong Challenge, it starts Sept. 12, so sign up ASAP. I think we’ve had at least 10 people sign up in the first few days we have been talking about this. You can sign up HERE.

We will begin working with Kettlebell Kitchen as soon as orders start rolling in. There is a refrigerator at the gym that will be used only for your orders. To check out their website and see the menu, click HERE. They will deliver your orders to the gym twice per week. Let us know if you are interested.

Also a couple things about this weekend. We will run TWO classes on Labor Day Monday at 8:30 am and 9:30 am.

Also, reminder that this weekend is our first change of schedule for Sunday, which includes an extra Open Gym session. The morning will go as listed below….

8 am – Open Gym
9 am – Class
10 am – Masters Class
11 am-12 pm – Open Gym


Monday’s 6 am crew working their way through 50 T2B


Just hanging around at 203


Clean and Jerk EMOM


Wednesday’s trio of bench, back squats and DU’s


Kevin throwing around some DL’s


Mel setting up for a lift









New Sunday Open Gym Time

August 28th, 2016 by admin

We have a quick schedule announcement now that September is almost here! We are tweaking the schedule for Sunday mornings. The new schedule is below.

8 am – Open Gym
9 am – Regular Class
10 am – Masters Class
11 am –  Open Gym

We have had trouble finding new Open Gym times during the week, so hopefully the new 11 am Sunday time slot works for many of you who want to get in some extra work. Even if you prefer to sleep in Sunday mornings, you can still do that, then hit Open Gym. Heck, bring your computer and set your fantasy team between lifting sets. Make the most of your Sunday!!!

REMINDER: The folks from the Lurong Living Championship Challenge and a rep from Kettlebell Kitchen will be at the gym Monday evening at the 4, 5, and 6 pm classes. If you want more information about the challenge, or what Kettlebell Kitchen offers, be sure to drop by. For anyone who doesn’t usually come to those classes, feel free to drop in just to chat, if your schedule allows. They will be here to answer any questions you have.


Whoops, forgot the camera at the gym….here is the Friday board




Nutrition Challenge and Kettlebell Kitchen

August 25th, 2016 by admin

Anyone up for another….NEW Nutrition Challenge? We won’t be running this one ourselves…..there is a challenge starting up on September 12 and it’s called the Lurong Living Championship Challenge and it’s open to everyone around the country. Everything is run on-line, including challenge workouts where you can win prizes, meal plans, different levels of diet plans, and all kinds of other advice and assistance to help you meet your goals. Here is a link to the website.

There are three different levels of diets, Elite, Pro and Starter, depending on how strict you want to get with this. If you are familiar with nutrition challenges, we suggest going with Elite or Pro. Beginners should start with the Starter program. As for the workouts, there are RX and scaled levels and the workouts they have done in the past have been fun and challenging.

The CEO of Lurong Living, Adam Greenburg, will be here Monday evening, Aug. 29 to talk about the challenge, so try to be at the 4, 5, or 6 pm class to hear about the details. Lurong is a supplement company so he will also be bringing samples of what they sell.

In addition to Adam, a representative from Kettle Bell Kitchen will be here to talk about their food service. If we partner with them, you, our members, can order fresh food from them, they deliver directly to the gym, and you bring them home. Three minutes in the microwave and you can have a fast, fresh, healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. For those of you with little time to spare for prepping and cooking, this is perfect for you. We have had the opportunity to sample some meals and they are really good!

Below is a bit more about Kettlebell Kitchen…..

Kettlebell Kitchen delivers delicious, paleo and clean meal offerings to gyms in the tri-state area and beyond. Our chefs cook up healthful, goal-focused meals from the best produce and ingredients possible. In today’s world convenience is everything, and we want to simplify the struggle people have with food to meet their goals—whether weight loss, muscle gain, or sports performance. Order online and our meals are conveniently delivered right to your gym! Our mission is to functionally enhance the human body by giving it the right nutrients to thrive! 

If anyone is interested in a service like this, please let us know.



This is what happens when you dislike boxes during max height “box” jump day


Lisa posted a very solid time for “Nancy” on Monday


Kaila landing a high box jump in front of her cheering section




After Fran


Nicole toying with the deadlifts during “Diane” Wednesday


Great to see Brenden tossing heavy weight around again!!!!


Stephanie working on her L-sit


Najah settling under a clean











August 21st, 2016 by admin

This week is all about intensity. We will be doing a series of “benchmark” workouts….aka some of the infamous “Girl” workouts. For our newer athletes who may not know, the girl workouts are a series of CrossFit workouts that are all named. The purpose behind the workouts are to serve as a measuring stick of sorts. We aim to repeat these workouts every so often in order to track your progress as an athlete. If you do “Cindy” today, then again in six months, and you add 3 rounds during the 20 minute AMRAP….you know our program is working!

We have chosen seven of our favorites that we have not done recently. We plan to repeat them at some point this winter.

Many of these benchmark workouts don’t include super heavy weights, and are meant to really push your intensity level. Ask a coach this week, “why did Coach Greg Glassman name all these workouts after girls?…”

You should be moving fast, not spending much time staring at the barbell or pull-up bar or whatnot. That said, choose your modification wisely to ensure intensity.

In addition to that, we will be doing other random benchmark-type testing. For example (and we won’t be doing this one) a 1 mile run time trial. These extra benchmark tests won’t interfere with the main WOD but will be a fun accessory to help test and assess your fitness.  Be sure to log all times, weights and rounds diligently this week as we will test them again this winter.

It should be a fun week. See you at the box!!!!


Stephanie and Anna with some early morning T2B


Nathaniel looking strong with his deadlifts


Part of Monica’s Friday Gymnastics class was to just hang out on top of that bar for a bit. Nothing to it!


Jill finishing up a sled drag


Chad taking it home


When your legs are jelly at the end of a sled drag… just might need a little help from a friend


Some of the Sunday Masters Class working hard!








Sunday Fun Day

Battle for the Bell V

August 18th, 2016 by admin

Our favorite competition of the year is almost here!!!! The date and workouts for the fifth annual Battle for the Bell competition have been released. The big day is Saturday, Oct. 15 and it is being held at CrossFit Strongtown down the road in Southbury! This is a competition we have done in years past and always have a great time! The format is; teams of 4 (2 male/2 female) with both an RX (Big Bell) and scaled (Little Bell) divisions, meaning ANY of you can join the fun.

This is a “laid-back” competition that you don’t have to feel nervous about. It started as an idea to get some old friends together from a few local gyms. The atmosphere is really supportive and many of our athletes have had a great ‘first competition’ experience with Battle for the Bell.

At the end of the competition, the winning teams from the Big Bell and Little Bell divisions take home a trophy to their gym. The trophy is well-traveled and we hope to bring one, if not both, back to 203 this year!!!!!

The workouts are listed on THIS LINK. Check them out, figure out if you want to do the Big Bell or Little Bell, and we will start putting teams together!!!!


It was great to see Kim pop in for a visit!!!


Michelle B. in great position with this clean


The 5 pm crew somehow mustered the energy to take this pic in Zach’s farewell WOD. What a WOD that was!!!! (oooops….we forgot to take a pic of the board!)


Damien looked strong with his legless rope climbs!


Dr. Mike getting up that rope


Stephanie getting the hang of those rope climbs


Doreen working hard with those climbs


Alberto and Arun going legless


Pat getting some solid practice with those pesky bar MU’s


CLOS, Connor and Rich working on those MU’s


Coach Mikki got in 11 MU’s today!