Incredible Saturday

March 26th, 2017 by admin

GROUP17505134_1527176843967885_7492537171131646980_oSaturday was truly amazing to us. We took a moment after all the heats had finished to just take everything in and look around. It gave us goosebumps to see so many incredible people, from all walks of life, celebrating the culmination of five weeks of hard work. 

For some, this was your very first time doing the Open (and hopefully not the last). For others, it might have been your fourth, fifth or even sixth time. At the end of these five weeks, it’s really not the scores and times we care about. It’s the pure grit, determination, and character you have all shown that makes us so proud. 

In a world filled increasingly with chaos, we escaped all that for a few hours every Saturday for the past five weeks. We saw really busy people, folks with jobs, families, and commitments, take the time to put fitness and community first.  These workouts were hard, and every single one of you pushed to give everything you have, and then some.  And when everyone finished, you managed to pick yourself off the floor to find someone else still working and support and cheer them to finish. 

The camaraderie witnessed within these gym walls is what really makes this place so damn special.  Every single person really and truly CARES…they care about their own health and fitness, but also about everyone else’s as well.  I’m sure most of you had plenty of other pressing things to get done on a Saturday, but instead you chose to hang out at 203…work out and cheer other people while they exercised for time!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here.  Thank you for caring.  What a special five weeks this has been. 


Team Reediculous

Team Reediculous



Team TNT in Tahiti


Team Mean Green Machine


Team Yo Mama


Team Dirty Dozen


Team Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls


Justin working HARD during his shot at 17.5


LOVED getting Damien through that workout together!


Thanks Jess for coming for a visit! Great to see you!


Also great to see Hayes on Sunday!!! Hope to see you again sometime soon!


THURDSC_0389 sundayDSC_0428

17.5 Throwdown Details!

March 24th, 2017 by admin

We have a rare early Friday afternoon blog post…..but we have a lot to talk about.

17.5 is a doozy!!!! As you saw, they instituted a 40 minute cap for this one. The only reason to have a cap this high is for the people who string 1-2 DU’s together at a time and struggle through basically 40 minutes of DU practice. This seems a bit extreme. If you don’t at least have decent double-unders, it might be a good idea to just smoke the scaled version of this workout. Jumping up and down for 40 minutes isn’t the best idea…..thank us tomorrow when your achilles and calves aren’t totally fired up!

For our purposes of trying to get all our athletes though the workout tomorrow in a reasonable time frame…and to get to the celebration afterwards, we are going to do a “soft” cap of 20 minutes and a hard cap of 25. If we get to the 20 minute mark and you are close to finishing, then we will allow you to finish. If we get to 20 minutes and you are on round 4…..we will stop you and call it a day.  We need to keep all of you healthy and also keep things moving, as we have close to 50 people signed up for the Saturday Throwdown. If we allow every heat to go 40 minutes, well, you do the math… won’t be pretty.

If any of you are DEAD SET on finishing this workout no matter what, but you think that 40 minute cap may come into play, schedule a time with Sunday or Monday and we will get you through it. Let Kirk or Melissa know!!!!!

We will aim for 12-15 people in each heat on Saturday.

Melissa and Sarah did a video with some warm-up tips and also stretching afterwards. Check that out later today. We will open the doors at 8:15, so if you need an early heat, get here early and start your warm-up. We will cover the standards at 9:00 sharp (there aren’t nearly as many standards to cover as other workouts). Heat 1 will go off promptly at 9:15 am.

TEAM PHOTOS! We hope you have all planned something for team photos. Try to get that taken care of before 9 am. Get here early, set up whatever you need and when you are ready, we will snap your photo. Try to take the pic in front of the big “203” logo. Each team has 5 minutes of time to set up and get the picture taken. Please plan accordingly. Here is the schedule to ensure chaos doesn’t ensue:

8:35-TNT in Tahiti
8:40-Green Machine
8:45-Yo Mama
8:50-Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls
8:55-Dirty Dozen

9am-Standards Briefed

9:15- Heat 1
9:55-Heat 2
10:35- Heat 3
11:15-Heat 4

11:45- Shots, booze, and food!!


Yup, this is how 17.5 is going to feel. Get ready. Great job to everyone who did the WOD Thursday evening!

Updated Scores After 17.4!!!

March 21st, 2017 by admin

The lead for the CrossFit 203 Open has changed hands again! What a close race we have! Reediculous, behind 28 points this week (four first place finishes for its athletes in their respective categories) has taken the lead with 95 points, edging out Green Machine, who has 94 points after notching 21 points in week 4. Full team standings are below.

1. Reediculous – 95
2. Green Machine – 94
3. Tacos and Tequila in Tahiti – 73
4. Pecs and the Pussycats – 70
5. Yo Mama – 69
6. Dirty Dozen – 51

The Spirit of the Open this week goes to a couple athletes!  First off Sandra!! This is Sandra’s first CrossFit Open and she is still pretty new to CrossFit. It’s safe to say she (along with most of us!) gets nervous for these workouts. Well, to add to that, Sandra was on her way to the gym early Sunday morning to hit 17.4 when she got a flat tire. She wasn’t sure if she would even make it, but she got the situation taken care of, showed up late, got a quick warm up, and did the workout probably still a bit frazzled! Awesome job Sandra!  We would also like to award points to Stephanie S, Christian, and Rita. All three of these athletes had their bars ready and loaded to do the scaled version….however, just moments (literally) before 3, 2,1… they each decided to step things up and go RX!!  We are so proud of them for pushing themselves!

The photo of the week, which are below, is once again a tie. We love the pic of Melis congratulating Eliana after she reached her goal of getting a HSPU at the end of the workout.  Just pure joy there (and probably relief for Eliana for putting that WOD behind her!). The other pic we love is Lisa, Kaila and Elsa all sprawled on the ground after pushing HARD through that workout. They literally left it all on the floor! All of those athletes get a bonus point for their teams.

For the Team Spirit Award, we are actually going to give a bonus point to only one team this week. Although everyone did something, which we love seeing…..ONE team went above and beyond and executed a plan that took a lot of work, so the bonus point this week goes to Yo Mama!!!! They had a “Hollywood” sign cut out into huge letters and a Titanic prop as well. They went the extra mile so they deserve a true bonus point this week.

For Week MVP, we chose Cathy!  Cathy is present every weekend, not only with a huge smile, but filled with optimism and practically helping to judge every heat.  We SO appreciate your positive attitude and all your help throughout the open!

Individual scorers are below.
RX Men: 1.Mike Leo (185), 2. Pat (180, tiebreak time)  3. Mikey Moves (180)
RX Women: 1.Alexis (240)  2. Elsa (179)   3. Kaila (171)
Scaled Men: 1.  Andie (192)   Mike D.  (180)  3. Shaun (148)
Scaled Women: 1. Vicky (183)   2. Nicole O. (155)  3.  Mel M.  (154)
35-44 RX Men: 1.Alberto (180)   2. Kirk (175)   3. Lou (174)
35-44 RX Women: 1.Melissa (195)   2. Stacey (169)  3. Michelle C (165)
35-44 Scaled Men: 1. Mike Lig. (212)  2. Seth  (148)
35-44 Scaled Women: 1. Jill (188)  2. Teresa (187)   3. Kim (181)
45 and up RX Men: 1. Matthew (165)  2. Kaz (151)   3. Rich (149)
45 and up RX Women:  Robin (131)  2. Rita (100)   3. Kendra (55)
45 and up Scaled Men: 1. Paul (217)  2. Tony (210)  3. Mark (185)
45 and up Scaled Women: 1. Sara (189)  2. Angie (181)  3. Rose Marie  (164)

Pic of the Week #1

Pic of the Week #1



Pic of the Week #2



Some of the 6 am crew working on their cleans today


Steve and Damon






March 19th, 2017 by admin

I’ll be honest with you, I’m usually bummed when they decide to repeat a CrossFit Open workout. I’d prefer to attack a brand new workout every single time. I’d like to face a new challenge every time. That’s just my preference. However, when they do repeat a workout, it’s the greatest feeling to see nearly everyone in the gym crush their previous results, and that’s exactly what happened with 16.4/17.4. We heard so many people comment how much further they got, or how much more time they had on the wall to work on HSPU, etc. The scores across the board were SO MUCH better than last year.

For those of you who did the workout for the very first time this weekend, we were so pleased to see that you had sound strategies. You paced yourselves well and so many of you made it to the HSPU or push-ups.

If you haven’t seen them, Amber took some awesome photos that she posted to facebook. We will post some of our favorites below.

This week, our theme is “best team photo.” Each team will have 5 minutes with Brendan/Amber to get a team pic.  Be sure to plan ahead, best and most creative team earns points! Our plan is to have EVERYONE there Saturday for a celebration of the 2017 CrossFit Open.

On top of that, as mentioned, we will have a huge celebration after the final heat ends Saturday. We want every team to plan to bring some sort of beverage, along with a main dish and dessert to share with everyone. We will award a bonus point to every team that comes through for the celebration. We will hang as long as you all want as we eat, drink and celebrate five TOUGH workouts. You all left it on the floor for five weeks….now we play! Let’s have a great final week of the Open!!!!!


Elsa (and her pain face) and Teresa chipping away at those 55 calories


Cheering Sam as she hit 17.4 RX!!!!


Jack locking out a HSPU


Great pic of Kaila!


Celebrating Eliana on getting her HSPU!!!!


Another good pain face by Pat


Eliana on her way up with that aforementioned HSPU!!!!




The Jaros connection

The Jaros connection


Alberto pushing hard through his HSPU


Congratulating Alexis on getting 20 reps into round 2!!!!


Melis locking out one of her 30 HSPU


Starting ‘em young!!!!



Friday Evening Schedule

March 17th, 2017 by admin

Just a quick announcement due to a slight change in schedule for Friday evening classes. Due to a schedule conflict, Friday’s evening classes will be as follows:

4 pm – Regular CrossFit class
5 pm – Masters Class
6 pm – Gymnastics class

If you want some gymnastics work leading up to 17.4, tonight’s class will be about handstand push-ups! The class will focus on core conditioning needed for handstands. Coach Monica will bring you through drills to focus on HSPU technique and efficiency, and kipping techniques for the advanced athlete. We will be back to the regular schedule next week.

Also another reminder that we will open our doors at 8:15 am Saturday for the 17.4 throwdown. If you want or need an early heat, be sure to get here early and put your name on the whiteboard. See you all then!


Finally….the Nutrition Winners!!!

March 15th, 2017 by admin

We are super late with this, but with the Open going on, we got wrapped up in all that and we never got around to announce the winners of our recent Nutrition Challenge! Sorry!

We saw some of the most amazing results to date in any challenge we have run!  We are so grateful to all those who participated and their hard work, dedication, and never give up attitudes throughout the 6 weeks!  We had such a hard time singling out 1 winner, so we decided to pick the top three who we felt did well (not necessarily perfect) across all categories of points, dedication, involvement, and before and after photos.  We saw a huge difference in ALL of them.

Our three winners are Kaila, Jami and Damien!

All three of these athletes toned up, lost inches and got a whole lot more sexy during this challenge. All of them did great with their nutrition.  They were all amongst the top 10% on the points leaderboard. All of them were also very active on the challenge facebook page and helpful and supportive to everyone in the challenge. They have all shown continued dedication to their health and nutrition. We have a nice sized cash prize for all of you at the box. Congrats you three!

We also wanted to give a huge shout out to Joe. Joe didn’t finish in the top 3, but he had some of the most amazing before and after photos we have seen in some time. He was on the road a bit for work, so it was tough for him to stay perfect with his diet and getting to the gym, but his hard work paid off and he looks like a different person. Congrats Joe!

We hope everyone had a great experience, learned a little and benefited from the support of kick ass athletes looking to improve their nutrition and lifestyle!  You guys are amazing!


Monday Muscle-Up Madness


Just hanging around on another snow day


Lisa landing a heavy clean








Updated Scores After 17.3!!!!!

March 14th, 2017 by admin

17.3 is in the books, as are some amazing performances from all our Open Athletes! The gym was full of great energy and featured some amazing superhero get ups!  Every team earned a bonus point for their participation in Team Spirit.


WE HAVE A NEW LEADER….the third leader we have had in three weeks. Behind a 28-point week, Green Machine is now in the lead, followed by Reediculous with 67 points. Full standings are below.


We had a lot of bonus points to hand out this week with many personal records going down. We will start with Green machine, who got PR snatches from Rachael and Lou! Rose Marie nailed her heaviest snatch ever for Team Yo Mama. TNT in Tahiti saw 4 PR’s from Peter, Rita, Kim and Mike Leonard. Damien made it to the final bar in the scaled workout and set a PR’d his power snatch and OHS (he gets 1 bonus point). Sandra and Amanda also set personal records for team Reediculous. For team Dirty Dozen, Sam worked super hard and got her first jumping pull ups. Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls had FIVE PR’s from Stacey, Kelly, Angie, Michelle and Tara.


Spirit of the open this week goes to SUE!!!! Sue has been CrossFitting for a long time and we knew her even before we opened 203. She did the scaled workout this week but decided to go for it and do legit squat snatches, despite having the option to power snatch it and then squat it. She told me after the workout that those were her first squat snatches since around 2010! Because of certain injuries and setbacks, she stayed away from them……until 17.3 came around. Awesome job Sue!!!!!


Week MVP is Robin! Robin was helpful the entire weekend, hanging out all evening Thursday even though she didn’t do the WOD at that time, and helping judge Saturday and Sunday. And she also made that cool banner with every team’s “crest” on it. Thanks for your help all weekend Robin!!!!

Photo of the week goes to Alexis (see below). We knew she would have a good time with this WOD and we were right! Can you tell she is a bit pumped that she got that 155-pound bar up a few times? We all were! Brenden, thanks again for the great photo.


1. Green Machine – 73
2. Reediculous – 67
3. TNT in Tahiti – 56
4. Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls – 51
T5. Yo Mama – 49
6. Dirty Dozen – 39

Individual scorers are below.
RX Men: 1.Mike Leo (102)  2. Carlos (93)  3. Pat (58)
RX Women: 1.Alexis (130)   2.Elsa (80)  3. Lisa (65)
Scaled Men: 1. Damien (203)  2. Andrew (157)  3. Mike D. (141)
Scaled Women: 1. Nicole O. (70)  2. Stephanie S. (69)  3. Kelly (58)
35-44 RX Men: 1.Jack (89)  2. Brian (81)  3. Alberto (69)
35-44 RX Women: 1.Melissa (80)   2. Michelle (53)  3. Sarah (43)
35-44 Scaled Men: 1. Mike Lig. (142)  2. Christian (131)  3. Seth (56)
35-44 Scaled Women: 1.Rachael (166) 2.Stacey(166)  3. Teresa (130)
45 and up RX Men: 1. Rich (46)  2. Paul (43)  3. Kaz (39)
45 and up RX Women:  None
45 and up Scaled Men: 1. Steve C (143)  2. Tony (130)  3. Ihab (92)
45 and up Scaled Women: 1. Sara (135)  2. Robin (107)  3. Angie (106)


Photo of the Week! Alexis putting up 155!


No caption needed


Brian on his way up with a snatch


THIS is the best part of the Open!


Kaz getting set


Sarah making easy work of those pull-ups


CLOS checking the clock after putting up 185


Kristen nice and calm under that weight


March 13th, 2017 by admin

You wanted barbell……well, you GOT IT with 17.3. Snatches, snatches and more snatches. For some of us, the workout was a short one with those heavy weights. But for some of you, including many of the scaled folks, it was a long sweat-fest! It was amazing seeing you guys keep churning out those reps. We are assuming we will have plenty of time to get the scoring done Tuesday during the snow storm so as long as we have power, we will release an update on team standings Tuesday night.

For this week’s theme….it’s “HOLLYWOOD”.  Interpret as you wish…movies, TV show, actors, ect…  Best dressed and team spirit points up for grabs!

We once again can’t wait to see Brenden’s photos….we are assuming the pain face quotient was through the rough with those snatches. This week’s photo of the week should be epic.

Schedule Update:  Due to the impending snow apocalypse we will be closed for classes Tuesday.  Please tune into our facebook page for schedule updates for the next couple of days. On to 17.4 and hopefully we aren’t still buried in snow for the announcement Thursday!!

MARCH MADNESS IS HERE! Kirk will be setting up a bracket challenge again this year. Message him if you are interested. We will do $10 per bracket and you can submit as many as you want. Let’s see if anyone can unseat Jackson as this year’s winner! It should be fun and you literally don’t need to know much about basketball. Join up!


In typical 203 fashion, of course we did a ton of snatches the day before 17.3 was announced. Here is Ashley tossing some weight overhead.


Mikey setting up


Paula hitting Beast Mode!!!!


The 6 am crew


Walsh and Mrs. Walsh racing through their DU’s


Lou working on his MU’s


YAY….more dumbbells for Damon!!!!


Loved this one!







203 Open Scoring Update!!!!

March 7th, 2017 by admin

We have a new leader in the 203 Open. After a huge week behind some amazing 17.2 performances, Reediculous has taken the lead after more than doubling their score total from last week (15 last week, 33 this week!). It just shows you how quick the standings can swing in this competition! Full team standings are below.

1. Reediculous – 48
2. Green Machine – 45
3. TNT in Tahiti – 37
4. Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls – 29
T5. Yo Mama and Dirty Dozen – 28

Individual scorers are below.
RX Men: 1.Carlos
 2. Pat  3. Mikey Moves
RX Women: 1.Alexis
  2.Elsa  3. Eliana
Scaled Men: 1T. Connor and Arun
 3. Mike D.
Scaled Women: 1. Natalie
  2. Vicky   3. Nicole O.
35-44 RX Men: 1.Kirk
  2. Alberto  3. Jack
35-44 RX Women: 1.Melissa
   2.Stacey   3. Sarah
35-44 Scaled Men: 1. Mike Lig.
  2. Christian
35-44 Scaled Women: 1.Paula
  2. Rachael  3. Michelle B.
45 and up RX Men: 1.Rich
  2. Paul
45 and up RX Women:
45 and up Scaled Men: 1. Matthew  T2. Mark, Craig and Papa John
45 and up Scaled Women: 1.Mary
  2. Sara H.  3. Robin


For our special awards, a bonus point was given to Jill, Tara, Robin, and Stephanie S. for getting their first kipping pull-ups! Congrats to all of you!

Once again, the toughest thing is to pick the photo of the week because there are so many great ones. We went with two below. Coach Sarah nailed her first bar muscle-yup post pregnancy and the photo is amazing. Can you tell everyone is pumped for her!!!!????? We also chose the photo of Robin, all done up with her 80’s gear and smiling in the middle of a set of tough DB lunges. Love that attitude!!!

For Spirit of the Open, we once again had many candidates. We went with two people……Peter and Mindy! Peter just recently got his first bar muscle-up…..but you would never know that if you saw him in 17.2. He made them look easy! It was amazing how quickly he picked up that movement and we can’t wait to see him continue on that same path. Mindy is still in the early stages of getting back into CrossFit post baby, and we were so proud of her for getting a bunch of pull-ups in 17.2. She was working SO hard, she deserves a shout out for Spirit of the Open this week as well.

Team Spirit Award was given to Reediculous, Green Machine and TNT in Tahiti.  Each of these teams had more than half of their team dress up in their version of ‘80’s” and went above and beyond to show spirit through the week and on game day Saturday. 

For Week MVP, for helping out with everything from set up, to judging, to cleaning up, Craig is the choice this week! He was around all weekend, judging, and even helping to organize the dumbbells after the busy Saturday throwdown. Thanks Craig!

We do have bad news, as two athletes lost points for their team for not submitting their score to the Games website. Be sure to post your scores everyone!!!!!

On to 17.3!!!!!


LOVE this photo of Sarah getting her bar MU!


Yup…..that’s Robin!!!



Can’t wait for the 17.3 announcement already!


Sara fighting for her pull-ups


Paul looking strong with his lunges


Mindy, one of our “Spirit of the Open” winners this week


Seth had some solid 80′s gear for 17.2


The Saturday crew


Papa John getting through a set of lunges


Jack cycling through his T2B reps






March 5th, 2017 by admin

17.2 is in the books (except for a group who is hitting it Monday afternoon). We can probably all agree it stung a little less than 17.1. I, for one, liked it a WHOLE lot better! It goes to show you, you can’t get down on yourself. You might struggle with a certain WOD (everyone deals with this…..everyone) but the next one might be better for you. The next one might be movements you are good at, and you ACTUALLY LIKE!

We saw a lot of amazing moments in 17.2. We saw a first bar muscle-up for Stephanie P.! It was awesome to see! Coach Sarah got her first bar MU post baby Luca!!!! Pete did multiple bar MU in a workout for the first time (and he got 11 of them!).  A huge number of people did more muscle-ups during 17.2 than any other workout before. Included in that list are Elsa (12), Eliana (5), and Stacey (2). Others were oh so close to their first bar MU and we know it’ll come soon enough. We also saw some HUGE scaled scores with hundreds of reps piled up, including Cathy with over 200 reps! Also, Jill, Robin and Stephanie S. got their first pull-ups! If we missed anyone please shout out below.

This week, we will be doing SUPER HERO WEEK for the team bonus point. If anyone has any issues getting super hero gear, I’m pretty sure Mikey Moves has a closet full of the stuff. Use this theme however you want and show your spirit!

We will once again eagerly await the photos from Brenden and Amber this weekend and we will select the photo of the week.

Updated 203 Open Scores will be ready Tuesday or Wednesday. We are hoping for Tuesday since the Games site appears to be actually working. REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR SCORES!!!! We will see if another team can catch or overtake TNT in Tahiti!!!! Let’s have another great week at the box!!!!!


Morgan and Alexis enjoying those deficit HSPU last week


Seth leaning into the prowler Friday


Justin and Ihab getting their shot at 17.2 Sunday morning


Mark looking strong with those lunges!


Teresa doing her pull-ups while Coach Michelle finishes up a set of lunges


Pete looked GREAT with his bar MU’s


Steve making the lunges look easy