Teen Girls Class Reminder

September 30th, 2015 by admin

Just a quick reminder that out Girls Teen Class starts next week!!! The schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15 pm. We have a couple of spots left, so if you know someone who might be interested, contact Melissa ASAP (melissa@crossfit203.com). Some more information about the class can be found HERE from our post last week. Help spread the word!


Joe getting plenty of height on this C2B pull-up


Bryan battling through the set of 50 T2B


Josh tossing around the 70-pounder


Brenden going heavy with his strict press


Shayna, Tanya and Nicole O!!!! working through their set of T2B today


Lou looking strong with his press


Kevin going 155 x 3 with his press


Nathaniel on his way up with a T2B rep




Tuesdayphoto (2)


WEDIMG_4841 (1)



Box Magazine

September 27th, 2015 by admin

BOX MAGDSC_7212 If you guys didn’t see it yet, we have a celebrity on our hands! Our boy Josh was recently featured in Box Magazine, which we get here at the gym. The last few issues are on the bar, including the latest issue with Josh. You can see a snapshot of the cover and Josh’s article to the left and below.

If you don’t know Josh’s history and his story, do yourself a favor and take a look at the article. Good stuff.




The Monday 9 am crew starting Death by T2B


Amy locking out a PR split jerk


Jami got TWO PR”s last week, including this power clean


LOVE seeing Eliana back in action!!!!


Lisa tossing around a deadlift


Elsa, Tanya and Alexis hitting the burpee/pull-up couplet


Cathy looking strong during deadlift day


Tony with a lot of plates on that bar




FridayIMG_2530 - Copy








Sunday 4-person team WOD



Teen Girls Class!

September 20th, 2015 by admin

We are excited to announce the start of a new program here at CrossFit 203! This October we will offer a Teen Girls class twice a week. This class is geared towards teen girls who are looking for an after school activity other than a team sport.  The class will be an hour long and involve a variety of strength and conditioning exercises, stretching and nutrition education. Our goal is to empower these girls, and build confidence and self-esteem through fitness.

The environment we will create will encourage these girls to step outside of their comfort zone and focus on their health, while showing them how much fun you can have while exercising.

The Teen Girls class will focus on the basics of strength and conditioning and is intended for those girls with little experience and not involved in a fall sport.  The class will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 until 4:15 for the month of October. Any girl ages 12-17 are welcome. The class will be limited to 10 girls, so please email Melissa at melissa@Crossfit203.com to sign up your child. The cost is $125 for the month. Any current member who brings their daughter will receive a 20% discount. Space is limited so sign up today!

SCHEDULE NOTE: Due to the craziness of our upcoming schedule, we unfortunately have to cancel the Monday NOON class. If you regularly attend that class, make a note and get to the box at another time. Sorry gang!!!!!


Carlos broke out some sick dance moves Sunday morning. That, or he’s doing a pistol. Not sure which.


Nathan and Monica pounding out some muscle-ups Saturday morning


Sarah and Mindy partnering up Sunday morning, aka Team Preggers




Sunday Partner WOD

Weddings and B4B Prep!

September 13th, 2015 by admin

It was an eventful weekend for some of our members here at CrossFit 203! Two weddings went down on Saturday. Congratulations to Will and Malu and to Nicole H for getting hitched!!! We are SO happy for you guys. From what we heard, both weddings were amazing and we hope to hear all about them soon.

Be prepared for some more workouts this week to get you ready for the Battle for the Bell! If you don’t have a team together yet, get moving or ask Kirk or Melissa for help with getting a team together.

This week will be a bit chaotic for us again as we prepare for the second half of our move!  We apologize in advance for a slow week of blogging/social media.  If anyone is available late Monday afternoon (around 5 pm), or mid-day Tuesday, we’d love some extra hands putting your fitness to the test with an AMRAP of loading and unloading the moving van!!!



Tanya throwing the atlas stone around last week


Jon and Pat working on some power snatches


Nice shot of Nathaniel with a power snatch


Steve C. at the bottom of a thruster during Friday’s “Wood”


Jane locking out a thruster


Craig setting up for a SDHP









Labor Day and a farewell to Walsh!

September 8th, 2015 by admin
Thanks to everyone who came to WOD on Labor Day!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to WOD on Labor Day!!!!

We hope everyone enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend! We had a blast at 203 with fun WODs and packed classes! Thank you to everyone who joined us for our End of Summer Bash at Anna’s house (thanks again for hosting!). You all truly prove that CrossFitters do in fact ‘work hard, and play harder!’ Today we sent off James with the workout of his choice. James, we wish you the best of luck in your new adventure down in Texas. It goes without saying that we will miss you and we are so sad to see you go. Walsh seemed a little shy when he first joined 203 (shocking, I know) so it’s amazing how much of a central part of this community he became. Whether he was organizing a night on the town, drafting the oldest fantasy football team every year, stripping off his power ranger costume within 30 seconds of the Halloween WOD, throwing around some of the biggest weights in the gym, or bitching about the warm up, Walsh was always in the middle of things at 203. We hope to see you back here often with those ridiculously cheap airline tickets from Texas. Lucky for us we still get to keep Amy around for another month before she heads off. Reminder that we still have some names on the board with folks looking to set up teams for Battle for the Bell. Get your name up there and put together some teams soon! This event sells out fast every year!

Walsh enjoying a WOD of his own design.

Walsh enjoying a WOD of his own design.

DSC_6840 (2)

Malu throwing some weight overhead

DSC_6876 (2)

Seth locking out a jerk

DSC_6892 (2)

Matt getting after it!!!!

DSC_6895 (2)

Shayna working on a power clean

DSC_6955 (2)

Kristen toying with the atlas stone

DSC_6964 (2)

Robin and a second bonus pic of Shayna!


Monday Labor Day WOD



The farewell WOD to Walsh!!!

Labor Day

September 6th, 2015 by admin

We hope everyone had a great weekend so far…..but you better be ready for more! We have a lot on tap for Monday. As a reminder, we will have ONE class Monday at 10 am. You will all have a team workout to enjoy.

Afterwards, we will gather at Anna’s house for our End of Summer Bash!!!! The address is on the whiteboard at the gym, and the action begins at 2 pm and will probably last into the evening (with this crew….who knows when it will end!). If you need the address, send a message to Melissa or Kirk or get it at the gym Monday. You are welcome to bring your significant other or kids to the party, and feel free to bring your favorite drink or a side dish to share.

Hope to see everyone there!!!!

DSC_6742 (2)

Melis and Jess locking out a HSPU

DSC_6750 (2)

CLOS and Nathan getting after the Saturday 10 am WOD

DSC_6756 (2)

Kellen got in on the action

DSC_6778 (2)

Mikey Moves getting some quality time with the 24# ball

DSC_6789 (2)

Monica finishing a burpee muscle-up

DSC_6802 (2)

Lou starting a muscle-up








September Member Spotlight!!!

September 3rd, 2015 by admin
Jon during "Murph" on the 4th of July

Jon during “Murph” on the 4th of July

Our September Member Spotlight is Jon!!!! It’s safe to say that if you have been in a class with Jon, you know him, because if he doesn’t recognize your face he will introduce himself immediately and welcome you to class. Always spreading the CrossFit love!!! Jon has such a passion for CrossFit and we love when he comes to class because we know he is going to eat up the workout and learn everything he possibly can. Jon has a particular love for the Olympic lifts and his work on his speed and technique is paying off big time. He is a staple at our Olympic Lifting classes and is practically bouncing off the wall with anticipation as class time approaches. He recently competed in what we are sure will be his first of many CrossFit Competitions. Count on Jon to be there in class with a smile on his face and cheering until the very last athlete has finished the WOD. Keep working hard, Jon!!!!

Name: Jonathan Tan

Where are you originally from?  Singapore, Singapore!

What high school and/or college did you attend?  Wilton High School, Wilton CT. And UCONN!

Favorite sports teams: OK, so…I don’t follow sports. Part of the reason is that I actually never played in any team sports in school. hahaha I did track and cross country in middle and high school, so I can run run run! Oh I love running, but when it comes to throwing, catching, passing, kicking…yeah…gotta work on that. hahaha.

What do you do for work?  I am a Landscape Architect, and I mainly work on residential projects. I work with other Architects and Engineers to find the perfect place for buildings on a property, and I’m also involved in designing and overseeing construction of everything outside the house. So if it’s fencing, masonry, swimming pools, parking lots and driveways, pergolas, lighting, gardens and plants, etc., that’ll be me! My average day isn’t much different from kindergarten…I draw circles and lines, play with color pencils and markers, and make models with paper and glue. Hahahahaha I love it :)

When and why did you start CrossFit:  Well, I think the first time I did CrossFit was before I had even heard of it. I’ll never forget one of my instructors in the military. He was a Ranger and suuuuuper fit, and physical training sessions with him were really something else altogether. They were always functional, involved thought and strategy, teamwork and motivation, and most importantly FUN!

We all learned so much from him with regards to how we could make fitness meaningful and enjoyable, and how to build not only ability but community. No workout was boring or ‘standard’, and no two were the same, it was always challenging both mentally and physically. Turns out he was basically programming CrossFit WODs for us (this was before CrossFit went viral). After that, physical training was never the same.

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?:  Favorite would have to be the Snatch!   First pull.. Second pull.. Something Magical?.. IT’S OVERHEAD!! OH MY GOD IT’S OVERHEAD!

Least favorite…that’s a hard one because I really do like all of the Olympic lifts. Each of them are a conversation between technique, strength and confidence. Learning to balance each of those elements is so much fun. But between rowing and wall balls…man I gotta work on those. Just like running. Run until you love it…right?

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing? The first WOD that I can remember was ‘Filthy Fifty’I think, although I probably did others before that. I remember being tired as hell, but felt a sense of tremendous accomplishment.

Greateast CrossFit Achievement so far:  Muscle Ups! Just like the snatch, so much of it is about technique and timing. After 4-6 months under the guidance of our lovely coaches I managed to pull off my first one! And because of all the stellar training and advice I was given, the movement came almost naturally. :))

CrossFit Goal for 2015 and beyond:   The next challenge I would put myself to is participating in a few local comps and test myself in that environment. I’ve been shy to sign up because I didn’t think that I could compete at that level. I found myself mainly restricted by my light frame when it comes to heavy Rx lifts, but I’m beginning to find ways around that limitation like making up time in bodyweight movements or focusing heavily on technique to overcome strength limits. I can see now that a lot of it was a self imposed ceiling, and I would really love to get out of the frying pan and right into the fire! I am most curious to see if I can maintain my form under the competition atmosphere and how far I can go.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit:  I love watching documentaries! Some find it boring or stressful, but I love watching them to learn about the world around me. I feel like they’re portals into areas of life that I would otherwise never encounter.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”  Be a continuing conversation with yourself and your body. That’s what I enjoy most about the sport. It’s a great way to learn about yourself and how to connect with your body. Every WOD feels like an opportunity to look in the mirror and acknowledge all the fears and limits and failures…understanding the challenges and getting comfortable in the face of adversity, then finding ways to overcome and excel. Some challenges come easy, and some take months if not years of work to achieve. But to be honest, I think those are also the most meaningful and memorable accomplishments. The best part is that it’s a journey! And what great friends we have at 203 to journey alongside with.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:    Hiking and camping and enjoying the outdoors!!

Other comments?:  A huge shout out to all of our amazing coaches. I honestly don’t think we can thank them enough for creating such a conducive space to learn and share and grow together. Their knowledge and experience always keep us grounded and safe, and their passion and commitment inspires us to strive ever higher. I think that it’s an honor to wear the responsibility and title of a coach because it’s so much more than an occupation. It’s a vocation – a calling – to be more than your job, but to also be a leader, mentor, teacher, friend, physician, trainer, and much more. And I believe we’re lucky to have the bunch that we have!

DSC_6729 (2)

Moves and Aurelio working through those heavy SDHP’s

DSC_6717 (2)

Kendra and Kasey setting up for a rep

DSC_6705 (2)

Some of the 5 pm ladies repping out pull-ups during “Chelsea”

DSC_6691 (2)

Kaz getting his chin over the bar


DSC_6686 (2)

Jess on her way up!








September 1st, 2015 by admin

Just a couple friendly reminders tonight. Any one who plans to come to our end of summer bash (which is hopefully everyone!) please get your names on the whiteboard at the gym. We’ll need a headcount by this Friday to make sure we get enough food and drink for everyone!  Party starts at 2pm…and finishes when the keg is empty!  Address and directions will be posted at the gym.

Also if you are looking for teammates for the upcoming Battle for the Bell Competition on Oct. 24, we’ve started a list so folks can put together some more teams. Do it SOON before they sell out.

We hope you have all enjoyed this past two weeks of CrossFit main site programming! We’ll take things back over next week but we think it was a great little shake up. Some of those workouts definitely left a mark.

DSC_6623 (2)

Bryan throwing some weight around

DSC_6629 (2)

A focused Kristen gets ready for a deadlift

DSC_6637 (2)

Paulo looking strong!

DSC_6649 (2)

The 5 pm crew at the start of the unbroken T2B WOD

DSC_6656 (2)

Jack setting up

DSC_6659 (2)

Amy toying with 245#

DSC_6667 (2)

Pat with a heavy DL


The Olympic Lifting class getting in some work at 7 pm

The Olympic Lifting class getting in some work at 7 pm


Schedule Change and Off to School

August 30th, 2015 by admin

A couple of announcements today. First, and sorry for the short notice, but with the start of the school year and declining attendence we are cancelling our 8 am class on Monday and Wednesday starting this week. Again, if anyone wants to add a class, we will gladly accommodate as long as we can count on 3-4 people attending. We may have another class time starting up soon so stay tuned!!!

We also wanted to say good-bye to our students who are heading back to college, or to school for the first time. We have students heading to Syracuse, UConn, University of Hartford, West Conn, St. Anselm, Assumption, UMass, Hudson Valley CC and others. It has been such a pleasure having you all here this summer! We hope you all find a good CrossFit in your area and keep the momentum going. We expect to see you back here on breaks!!!!


Marty working technique with a squat snatch


Walsh made those 155# OHS’s look like a feather


The crew cheering Amy through her last couple of reps of OHS’s


Vicky and Big Will


Danielle working on a set of KBS’s Friday


The men of the competitor class during that tough run/C2B combo Saturday

















Battle for the Bell 4!!!

August 27th, 2015 by admin

The date for one of our favorite events of the year has been announced. Battle for the Bell 4 will take place on Saturday, Oct. 24!!! Our friends at CrossFit Strongtown in Southbury are once again hosting the annual competition, and our goal is to enter as many teams as possible. If you are interested in doing a competition, this is a great one to start with because of the proximity to 203 (15-20 minutes away), and we would classify this as a beginner-friendly event. You don’t need to have a 600-pound deadlift or be able to do muscle-ups all day to compete. Any of you can throw down!!!


The workouts have been announced, so this will help you decide whether to do the RX (The Big Bell Division) or scaled division (The Little Bell Division). The registration page with the workout descriptions can be found HERE.


203 took home the Big Bell last year and had a number of teams near the top of both divisions. Let’s do it again 203!!!!!


In order to compete in the RX division this year, you should be able to do chest to bar pull-ups, and handle hang cleans and jerks at 155# for the men, 105# for the women. The max lift they are doing this year is an overhead squat, taken from a squat rack.


This is a 4-person (two males, two females) team competition, so start getting your teams together!!! If you want to participate but aren’t sure who to team with, talk with Kirk or Melissa and we will try to match you up. Remember, this is for FUN. We always have a huge number of teams at this event, so let’s do it again this year!