Spring Nutrition Challenge!!!!

April 26th, 2015 by admin

Who’s up for our next in house Nutrition Challenge? With summer right around the corner we can’t think of a better way to kick off bathing suit season! This time around we are putting a twist to the team competition.  We will offer three levels of participation. You get to choose the level of commitment, and we’ll pick 3 winners at the end of the challenge, one from each team. The 3 teams will be as follows;

-”Cut the Crap”: This is for those new to our nutrition challenges. We’ll focus on taking away sugar and gluten/processed foods only. Specific rules will be less strict for this division. We’ll cut foods gradually and allow more flexibility. Emphasis will be on eating clean foods and gym attendance.

-”Eat clean, train mean”: This team will focus on taking sugar, gluten and dairy out. We’ll hold you accountable for a more stringent Paleo diet. This is great for our veteran Challenge participants who have fallen off the wagon and are looking to be held accountable for getting back on track.

-”Get in the Zone”: This group will be for those veteran challenge folks looking to step it up a notch. We will teach you how to weigh and measure food to allow you to Zone diet clean foods. We will run the challenge 5 weeks, from May 4th until June 7th. Be prepared to go TWO weeks strict, with no cheats or alcohol. After our initial 2 week detox we’ll loosen the rules and allow each participant 1 drink per day (red wine or tequila only) and 1 cheat per week for folks after successful completion of the 2 week detox. Full rules will be disclosed based on the division you choose.

We will have a challenge WOD that will be done during the first week and again at the completion of the challenge. Measurements will be taken. Stay tuned for specific days/times to take measurements. There will be a $20 buy-in with the winner taking the pot for each division! Each division will have 1 point per week for getting to the gym at leaste 3 times, and another point for handing in food logs by Sunday each week. And, of course, we may be throwing out some challenges for additional bonus points.

There will be a sign up on the white board starting Monday. You have until Sunday, May 3rd to get signed up and paid!

DSC_3439 (2)

Justin tossing some weight around on Thursday

DSC_3447 (2)

Kevin on his way up with a deadlift

DSC_3476 (2)

The Friday 9 am crew starting the WOD

DSC_3479 (2)

When your 18-month old screams bloody murder if you are more than 5 feet away, sometimes you have to WOD in the club room

DSC_3489 (2)

Saturday competitors tackle “Angie”

DSC_3526 (2)

Tire pulls for Sunday morning


DSC_3519 (2)

Tony literally carried Kendra through Sunday’s workout

DSC_3528 (2)

Welcome to Matthew!!!!!













April 22nd, 2015 by admin

Just a quick note about Thursday’s schedule. We are making up a CrossFit Kids class for our young group at 4 pm, which will take place in the side room. That leaves room for only Melissa’s Mobility and Stability class in the main gym. So, we are cancelling the regular 4 pm class for this week. We still have some room for the Mobility class, so please shout out or sign up on the whiteboard because it will be capped at 10 people.


DSC_3371 (2)

Christian with a heavy farmer carry at 6 am

DSC_3372 (2)

Will doing some work for today’s squat clean EMOM

DSC_3386 (2)

Cris always happy to hit the barbell

DSC_3391 (2)

Nathaniel hitting a squat clean

DSC_3403 (2)

The poor 4 pm class….the only class of the day forced inside due to rain :(

DSC_3419 (2)

Welcome to Bri!!!!

DSC_3430 (2)

Paul taking care of those farmer carries


Have YOU Found it???

April 21st, 2015 by admin

My parents spend 3-4 months out of the year down in Florida….mostly because my father’s back can’t handle all of the shoveling anymore. Can’t blame him there. Recently, my mother has fallen in love with Dragon Boat racing. She has a group of women her age who train together and race together in the canals in the area. She can’t get enough. It’s not just the exercise she loves. It’s the community of people involved. Husbands come by to watch and support their wives. They hang out with each other before or after practice. They have little parties and fundraising events together. My mom can’t get enough and she’s ecstatic that she found it. She has tremendous pride for the accomplishments of her team out on the water.

Sound familiar?

What my mother feels about her Dragon Boating is how we feel about CrossFit. Yes, the workouts are great and we are here to be healthy and fit (and look better naked). But a huge reason we have stuck around is the community. The people. The fun things we do together, whether it’s something like the CrossFit Open, our Fitness for Kindness workout, Holiday parties, little get-togethers for breakfast, lunch or dinner, putting secret birthday parties together, or road trips to watch Regionals or local throwdowns.

We’ve all become a part of something special. We’ve found something that makes us healthy in our body and minds. It makes us happy because we have fun.

Whether it’s CrossFit or Dragon Boat racing, go find what makes you happy.

Funny side note…we actually just got a flyer yesterday (after we had put this post together) for a dragon boat race that is going down in New Milford on August 15th. Coincidence?! Is anyone interested in doing it? We’ll need 20 people to commit. If there is interest we can get a sign-up sheet started at the box. Let us know!

DSC_3294 (2)

Jon locking out a thruster on Sunday morning

DSC_3318 (2)

Are any other box owners out there actually sweeping the driveway clear for his members?

DSC_3321 (2)

Dallas going heavy with his 2-rep thruster

DSC_3351 (2)

Some of the 5 pm Tuesday crew during the DU/WB/HSPU workout

DSC_3355 (2)

Carlos working on a set of 10 HSPU









Podiums and Marathons

April 19th, 2015 by admin

Congrats to everyone who competed over at the RedZone Rumble on Saturday! It was a stunning day outside, a well-run competition and we all had a blast with those tough workouts. More local competitions are about to pop up in the region this spring and summer, so we will do our best to keep you all posted.

An extra pat on the back goes to the TWO teams that ended up on the podium at the end of the day. Tanya and Alexis placed second in the RX Division after winning the fourth and final workout against the other two top teams. We look forward to these two continuing to hit the local competition scene all summer!

Amy and Jess also placed second in the ladies scaled division. One of the best moments of the day happened in the final WOD for the top 3 scaled teams. Jess had to finish the workout with a 50-foot double kettle bell lunge (an awkward movement she had never done before). Another team looked to have a comfortable lead to win the event, until Jess hit another gear to pass her right at the finish line and win the event for her and Amy. It was such an exciting finish, and you can see a pic below of Jess pushing to the finish line while her husband Mike offers “gentle encouragement” along the way.

Once again, congrats to everyone who competed!

We would also like to say GOOD LUCK to Britt, as she is putting finishing touches on her preparation for the Boston Marathon tomorrow!!!! We haven’t seen Britt in April as she focused on the race, but she WILL be back at the box in May (after taking some well-deserved time to recover!). Go get ‘em Britt!!!!! We can’t wait to hear how she does.

The RX podium....Tanya and Alexis

The RX podium….Tanya and Alexis


Scaled podium.....Jess and Amy

Scaled podium…..Jess and Amy



Brian and Migs working through the tough row/clean/squat/squat clean WOD.


Jess hitting the jets as she wins the final event!

kirk17008748239_13f6faa0b6_h (2)

Kirk getting after the 30 front squats


Mikey finishing an event with 30-inch burpee box overs


Stacey in the final event

tanya16986954077_7557ef9b40_h (2)

Tanya starts the day with the 3-position snatch event


James getting a good score for his team in the snatch event

April Member Spotlight!!!!

April 9th, 2015 by admin

TPOur April Member Spotlight is TP, aka Tall Paul! (Hey Mista…why you so tall!?!?). Paul joined CrossFit last year and immediately embraced the challenges it presented. As he mentions below, his first workout was a chipper with numerous tough movements. Instead of being scared or intimidated, Paul took the challenge with a goal to eventually master those movements. We love his ‘can do’ attitude. This guy will literally try anything we ask of him…usually with a huge grin on his face. He has worked his a$$ off to master his squat and we have seen huge improvements in all his lifts! TP is game for anything, ranging from nutrition challenges, to fantasy football, to in-house competitions, and the Open. You’ll find TP sporting his high socks and rocking his bromance with CLOS at the 5pm class (or perhaps a morning class if a snow flake falls and his school decides to close). Paul, we LOVE the positive attitude and sense of humor you bring to our crazy 203 family, We can’t wait to see you keep checking goals off your list.

Name: Paul Harrison

Where are you originally from?  I grew up in Brewster New York.

What high school and/or college did you attend? I went to North Salem High School, received my bachelors in audio engineering at the University of Hartford and my masters in teaching secondary education at Western Connecticut State University.

Favorite sports teams: New York Giants, New York Yankees, New York Knicks :(, New York Rangers, and West Virginia Mountaineers for college sports. You may ask why? I had about six friends go to the University of West Virginia and when I would go and visit we would always attend a sporting event and it was wild.

What do you do for work? I am a High School Math Teacher at Wilby High School in Waterbury CT. I also tend the bar at a fine dining establishment in Armonk NY called the Moderne Barn.

When and why did you start CrossFit: I started Crossfit December 10, 2013. At the time I was big into going to the gym and lifting weights and running a lot. I would go to the gym for two and half hours but never really see any progress. I felt like I knew what I was doing, but never seeing any real improvement, which led me to many questions. I needed to find someone to help direct me and show me the correct way. A lot of changes were going on in my life and I felt like I wanted to do some thing different and more exciting. One day I decided to Google different types of workouts and came across Crossfit 203. The address was right down the street from where I live so I said the hell with it…..I am going to call. I talked to Kirk and he was extremely friendly so I went in for my trial period and was sold ever since.

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?: My favorite lift would be power cleans even though I still have a ton of work to do with them. My least favorite lift would be the overhead squat. But the good news is, I have been PR’ing every time we have overhead squatted lately, which is awesome!

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing? My first workout was “26.” When I first saw this workout I was like, “I have to do all of these movements 26 times!?!?” I was very nervous because I had never done these movements before in my life, like double-unders and thrusters. I even wrote down I used the bar for OHS, the bar for thrusters, power cleans at 65#, and singles for the jump rope, unbelievable. I knew from that work out I wanted to be able to do these movements and do them well. I’ve been trying hard ever since.

Greateast CrossFit Achievement so far:  This is tough to respond to just because everything I have done so far is such an improvement since I started. I would say getting my double-unders, stringing T2B, getting into a handstand (which, by the way, was hilarious to watch), and becoming more comfortable with my OHS.

CrossFit Goal for 2015: I have MANY goals but a few of them would be to string together my kipping HSPU, get better at my C2B, muscle ups, and working more on my flexibility.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit. I enjoy teaching my students mathematical concepts. I am very intrigued by old mathematicians and enjoy solving and proving mathematical problems. I also played the trombone for 8 years and was in a ska band. (Editors note; I had to ask TP what that was…it’s apparently sort of like a punk band, but with wind instruments). That was an interesting phase.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”…be the part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t have to be focused on the high intensity workouts but the beliefs that come with CrossFit. Crossfit has taught me so much about having a healthy lifestyle, eating clean, and exercising. Setting goals for yourself and achieving them. Being a part of a community. If more people were able to encompass these beliefs, I guarantee more people would feel great about themselves and feel that they would be able to accomplish anything.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:…with my beautiful girlfriend going on exciting and adventurous activities, food shopping, exploring different restaurants, hanging with friends when I am not working which really seems like never.

Other comments?: Just want to say thank you to everyone at CrossFit 203 for being such a great community. Having everyone’s friendship and support is one thing that words cannot explain. I am extremely lucky to have found all of you crazy people. I want to also say thank you to all the coaches as well, for always taking time out to help me and listen to my nonsense. I enjoy every day sweating and killing these WODs with all of you!

DSC_2781 (2)

Vanessa and Kristen teaming up for some weighted plank holds

DSC_2794 (2)

Will and Natalie handling some weight

DSC_2816 (2)

It’s not surprising that Kim took her barbell right outside on that beautiful Monday afternoon we had

DSC_2830 (2)

Migs landing a squat snatch at the end of Tuesday’s tough WOD

DSC_2836 (2)

Monica rising with a squat snatch


DSC_2846 (2)

Mike T. locking out a thruster

DSC_2850 (2)

Steve C. at the bottom of a front squat












Fundraiser and New Classes Begin!!

April 5th, 2015 by admin

We hand the blog to Coach Michelle for tonight’s post……

On Sunday, April 12, Melissa and Kirk have allowed me to take over programming! Come join us for an awesome partner workout to benefit the American Lung Association.  We PROMISE there won’t be any bear crawls!

Here at 203 we are accustomed to having a hard time breathing, but that’s attributed to our grueling workout, not a condition or disease. How scary to live each day struggling to breathe! When I started CrossFit in 2008 my doctor diagnosed me with exercise-induced asthma. I would have to stop mid-WOD and literally suck wind, struggling to take a wheezing, rattling breath. It is an awful feeling and no one should have to live without hope of getting better! So this year I am participating in the 8th annual American Lung Association Hartford Stair Climb which will be held on Saturday, April 25. All funds raised will support their lifesaving mission: to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

In order to help as many people as possible, I am hoping to raise $250 for ALA research. What better way for me to say thank you to YOU than to do something totally uncomfortable? And for time?!

In return for your generous donations I will run up 795 stairs as fast as I can. Everyone knows how much I “love” running, so this is a wonderful challenge for me! Click on this LINK to go to my fundraiser page. Remember, no donation is too small! Thank you so much and I’m excited to see everyone on Sunday, April 12th at 9am! We will also be doing the same workout at the 10:30 Masters Class.

SCHEDULE NOTE: Remember that our new schedule officially begins tomorrow (Monday, April 6). Our addition of 8 am classes on Monday and Wednesday begins, and we will also have 4 pm classes on Tuesday and Thursday. You KNOW you want to work off all of the chocolate, cookies and jelly beans you inhaled this weekend. Get your butt to the box!!!!

The 2015 CrossFit Open

April 2nd, 2015 by admin

Another CrossFit Open has passed and for some of us here at CrossFit 203, it was our fifth time getting tortured going through it. We hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the challenge of those tough workouts alongside your fellow 203 athletes. Afterall, most of us wouldn’t have been able to make it without the support of this community, especially 15.5….sheesh!!!!

We want to thank everyone who signed up. You signed up to represent 203 and to put yourself out there and see where you stack up among the athletes here at the box, and among everyone on the planet. You busted your ass for five weeks, rearranging your schedule to make sure you got the workouts done on time. You volunteered your time to help judge or simply to show up and cheer everyone until your voice went hoarse. We LOVE that aspect of the Open. We come together to do our very best and we couldn’t cheer louder even if Rich Froning himself was throwing down with us.

There were many firsts this year. This was the first time we saw a scaled division and we are happy many of you decided to give it a shot. A max lift served as an event for the first time. We had muscle-ups to START a workout for the first time. HSPU’s showed up for the first time (and, like MU, they were the first movement of a tough WOD). Many talented athletes around the globe were forced to scale workouts because of the nature of these events. That’s okay though…you do what you can and then move on to the next one. No matter if you did the workout scaled or RX, you had a tough workout and you had fun with everyone in the box, and that’s what the Open is all about. And the bottom line is this….you never know what to expect in the Open and it’s fun to see what they come up with for us every year.

My favorite aspect of the Open with everything that happened after 15.5 was announced. Calling it a brutal workout would be an understatement. Some of you claim it was the toughest workout you’ve ever done. But we did it and we all finished it. Personally, without everyone here cheering, that workout would have taken me 20 minutes at minimum. I’m sure I’m not alone thinking that. But I didn’t want to let you all down so I pushed until I couldn’t push any more. Some of you had an army of supporters around you as you finished and we have some awesome pictures of it……how amazing was that???!!!! You have no choice but to keep going in that atmosphere. Imagine how different that workout would have been if you were alone in the gym? Talk about entering the pain cave!!!

So, even though 15.5 is a workout I never want to see again, some of my favorite moments came because of its absolute brutality.

What were some of your favorite moments??? Shout out below!!!!

Odds and ends: Here is where some of our athletes ranked in the state of Connecticut Alexis: 44rd Monica: 45th Tanya: 53rd Melissa: 79th Dave: 57th. Dave had the TENTH-best score in the state and 72nd in the Northeast Region for the HSPU-Clean workout. Alexis had the 35th-best clean and jerk in the state at 175, Monica ranked 22nd in Connecticut with her HSPU/clean WOD, and Tanya checked in with the 26th-best score for 15.1, the T2B/Snatch/DL workout. As a team, we ranked 120th in the Region out of close to 400 teams throughout New York, NJ and New England, with our two best performances coming in 15.3 (78th) and 15.4 (85th).

Great job 203!!!!


Brenden, Elsa and Mikey celebrated the end of the Open Monday evening

Brenden, Elsa and Mikey celebrated the end of the Open Monday evening


Burpee Box Jumps have a way of sucking the life out of you

DSC_2757 (2)

Kellen decided to join Melissa’s mobility and stability class today

DSC_2762 (2)

It was great to see the 5 pm crew outside again on this beautiful evening!!!

DSC_2774 (2)

Nicole C. working on some muscle-up transitions


DSC_2749 (2)


DSC_2751 (2)




Class Schedule

March 30th, 2015 by admin

We have a bunch of schedule changes and updates that will come into effect in the coming week, so pay attention below because there might be a new class that will fit your schedule!

Melissa’s mobility and stability classes will resume this week on Thursday, April 2 at 4 pm. Please remember to sign up ahead of time on the white board, class size is limited.

Starting Monday, April 6, we will be adding 8 am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are also adding classes to our busy Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We will now offer 4 pm classes on both of those days.

With these additions, one class is on the edge of being taken off the schedule due to low attendance….the Friday 4 pm class. If anyone wants that class to stay on the schedule, you have until the end of April to get attendance back up. Get there, folks!!!!!!

Our new schedule with all updates can be found HERE.

(Just remember that the new classes above don’t start until next week!!!!! )

Brenden got some great pics of the action over the weekend. Some are below, with more to come on facebook tomorrow.

15.5-35 (2)

Tanya ripping through her thrusters on her way to a 9:50 finish

15.5-50 (2)

Cheering Amber to the finish

15.5-64 (2)

Rich at the bottom of a thruster

15.5-76 (2)

Nathaniel locking out

15.5-81 (2)

Adam’s look says it all about Open workout 15.5

15.5-84 (2)

Taking T.P. to the finish

15.5-91 (2)

One of our favorite all-time pics taken at 203

DSC_2749 (2)


You Worked Hard, Now Let’s Play Hard

March 25th, 2015 by admin

The fifth and final workout of the CrossFit Open will be announced this Thursday evening at 8 pm. We’ll host one final Thursday night viewing party, so please sign up on the white board! It has been a great 5 weeks of competition this year, and we want to host one last big Throwdown on Saturday at 10 am! We’ll throwdown and then celebrate with a big post WOD social/BBQ. We encourage everyone to be there to either do the workout, or simply help with judging and cheering and party with us afterwards. Everyone has been working hard for the last five weeks, it’s time to celebrate the conclusion of the Open.

We’ll provide burgers and dogs, as well as some libations. We will set everything up in the side room and chow down when the action ends.

As always, we invite you to bring friends or family to cheer you on. If you have a friend who is curious about what we do, there’s no better event for them to see than the fun, supportive atmosphere we create every Saturday with these Open workouts. See you there!!!!

DSC_2414 (2)

Nicole H. throwing around the atlas stone

DSC_2415 (2)

James getting a taste of the 225# stone

DSC_2425 (2)

Terri giving her stone a big hug

DSC_2455 (2)

Amy locking out

DSC_2461 (2)

Migs working on his HSPU’s

DSC_2479 (2)

Some of the crew cheering Mikey through his cleans

DSC_2516 (2)

Jeanine and Amber take on 15.4

DSC_2529 (2)

Coach Brian getting his heels over the line

DSC_2557 (2)

Stacey working on a push press

DSC_2585 (2) DSC_2588



March 17th, 2015 by admin

For those of you who love March Madness, we will be doing another bracket challenge this year for the NCAA Tournament. Please contact Kirk if you are interested and he’ll send you the info to join. It’ll be $10 per bracket and you can submit as many brackets as you choose. Remember you have until Thursday before the games start to fill out your bracket. Winner take all!!!!!!

As for Open Workout 15.3 goes, it’s safe to say CrossFit stepped it up a notch. Up until 15.3, muscle-ups have always been included at the END of a tough workout every single year since 2011. At that point, you just did a tough workout, and if you have muscle-ups that’s great. If you didn’t have MU’s, at least you got in a good workout. This year, they started a workout with muscle-ups for the first time. And not just 1….but SEVEN!!!

This forced many of you to contemplate and attempt muscle-ups for the first time. We saw MANY of you almost knock out your very first muscle-up. A bunch of you are very, very close and we can safely predict you will get your first muscle-up in the coming weeks, if not days.

The muscle-up is one of the most difficult movements we have in CrossFit. After this week, you know where you stand. Please ask questions and our coaches can give you one of about a million different drills that can help you get your muscle-up. The journey to getting a muscle-up before next year’s Open has officially begun!

Congratulations to all of our athletes who performed the WOD, including everyone who took on the scaled version. This week the scaled version was probably tougher than RX, with many of you taking on a TON of wall ball! Some performances we’d like to highlight include Nathaniel who normally takes on our L2 workouts, did this week’s Open WOD as prescribed, and scored an awesome 94 reps, doing more MU’s and DU’s than any workout he’s ever done. Just wait until he gets those DU’s down!!!!

Our top males scores were Dave (366), Kirk (318), and Carlos (315, who did so in a very special pair of shorts…we are just glad he spent most of the time facing the wall!). Our top female scores came from Monica (317), Melissa (317), and Alexis (297). Among our top scaled scores were Stacey (753), Paul (765), Justin (763), Walsh (762), and numerous others who got well into the 500-rep range. That’s a lot of reps folks!!!!

DSC_2189 (2)

Miguel, Alexis, Alberto and Kirk getting a start on 15.3

DSC_2263 (2)

Love seeing Chris attack the muscle-ups

DSC_2301 (2)

and his father, Paul!!!!!

DSC_2361 (2)

Carlos gave everyone a show Sunday morning

DSC_2379 (2)

The Sunday morning crew starting the WOD

DSC_2385 (2)

Monica and Babs taking their shot at 15.3 Sunday morning

DSC_2389 (2)

Sarah just wanted a score of 1, and she got it!!!!