Murph is Coming

May 27th, 2015 by admin

LEGENDlegendb-bbWith Memorial Day now over, we turn our eyes toward our fifth-annual “Murph” event on July 4th. We have a few things to discuss. We have been throwing around the idea of getting a bulk order of headbands to show solidarity for that tough workout. One of them is a tribute to another American hero, Chris Kyle or “American Sniper” which is pictured to the left, and the other is an American Flag headband (no photo needed).

For the Chris Kyle headbands, 50 percent of all proceeds go to the Guardian For Heroes Foundation, so we will also be helping a worthy cause. Those headbands are all $22. The American Flag band is $20. We will put a sign-up sheet on the whiteboard and have everyone sign their name under which band they want, or both. We will submit the order on Monday, June 8.

Like last year, we will also do a showing of “Lone Surivor” the night before doing Murph, which will be Friday, July 3 at 7 pm. We will hook up the projector and watch it movie theater-style. On a personal note, a bunch of us saw the movie for the first time last year and it was in my head for the entire workout. When I felt tired or was close to slowing down, I thought about the movie and it kept my ass moving. For those of you who don’t know, the movie is about the actual Lt. Michael Murphy. The workout is named in honor of him. The story is incredible and will serve as inspiration for us all.

We will also be asking everyone to bring some food and make it into a dinner and a movie Friday evening. For anyone wondering what this “Murph” workout is all about…..take a look below. No worries…..we will have different versions available, and you can split the reps however you want.

For Time
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

SCHEDULE NOTE: Thursday’s Mobility and Stability class at 4 pm is canceled, however the regular 4 pm class is still on as scheduled.

DSC_4407 (2)

The CrossFit Kids playing with water balloons in this great weather

DSC_4418 (2)

….meanwhile the adults battled with the tire/sled pulls

DSC_4428 (2)

Lucy pushing the prowler

DSC_4494 (2)

Ralph focused on his set-up for this clean

DSC_4513 (2)

Nathaniel throwing around some cleans

DSC_4523 (2)

Migs going 225 for 3

DSC_4528 (2)

Josh toying with 165

DSC_4541 (2)

Brenden and Terri taking things outside








May 25th, 2015 by admin

We hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day. Our little way of paying tribute and remembering those who lost their lives is by doing “Hero” workouts on special days like this. This year, YOU voted for the workout and picked one that none of us had done before, “Bulger.”

We couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. You could have relaxed at home this morning, but you decided to come to the box for a 25-35 minute grinder of a workout. For many of you, days like Memorial Day are a rare day off and you could probably use a morning lounging at home and unwinding. But you didn’t. We are proud of you for challenging yourself with Bulger. And a challenge it was! But, we loved every second of it. We have some pictures of the action below.

For this week’s nutrition challenge bonus point, we are going to take a break from the physical challenges and focus on food. To earn a bonus point this week, you must create a new meal you’ve never tried before, post a picture and a review on your group facebook page. This works even if you didn’t necessarily like your choice. Post your review and tell us what you’d change if you cooked it again. If it was amazing?? Even better. Be creative and have fun with it!!!

DSC_4258 (2)

Shayna and Natalie working hard during “Bulger”

DSC_4266 (2)

Madness at the 9:30 class

DSC_4268 (2)

Carlos once again leaves us absolutely speechless

DSC_4275 (2)

Amber and the crew

DSC_4298 (2)

Morgan and Robin getting after a set of 7 front squats

DSC_4301 (2)

Chops and his beard both working hard

DSC_4309 (2)

Marie looking strong!!!!

DSC_4318 (2)

John with that good-looking squat of his

DSC_4328 (2)

Brilliant sunshine for those 150 m runs









Ladies Night, Regionals and Memorial Day WOD!

May 21st, 2015 by admin

We have our next Ladies night planned, and this just might be the best one yet! Clear your date books for Friday, June 12 at 6 pm. We will be having a self-defense session courtesy of our own Tanya! We will also have a potluck dinner afterwards along with some wine and other beverages.  Stay tuned for more details.

In other news, the East Regionals are this weekend in Hartford! A lot of us from 203 will be there, so be sure to get together in the stands and watch some of the fittest people on earth get after it in the XL Center. Many of you saw the events from last weekend’s Atlantic and Southern Regionals….there are some tough events this year, but they are all entertaining to watch. You can watch the action on youtube or on The California Regional and Pacific Regional will also be going on this weekend.

We will have a regular class schedule this weekend.

Memorial Day WOD Update: The voting is very close so far for Monday’s workout. The six options are on the whiteboard at the box. The deadline to vote is SATURDAY!!!! The Lumberjack 20 and Bulger are tight at the top of the list, but Nutts is making a move as of Friday evening.

DSC_4106 (2)

Some of the 4 pm class starting their deadlifts

DSC_4118 (2)

Melis and Walsh battling through a set of HSPU

DSC_4128 (2)

Elsa doing what Elsa does best….throwing around massive amounts of weight

DSC_4130 (2)

Kevin on his way up with a heavy deadlift

DSC_4132 (2)

Iron Mary

DSC_4140 (2)

Terri, Lucy and Monica J. working through the set of 21 deadlifts Tuesday

DSC_4145 (2)

Marlene locking out a press

DSC_4146 (2)

Will with an impressive set of 5 at 155#

DSC_4152 (2)

Tony had his game face on for his set of presses


Tuesday (sorry, forgot to take a pic of the Wednesday board)

Tuesday (sorry, forgot to take a pic of the Wednesday board)






Vote For Your Memorial Day WOD

May 18th, 2015 by admin

Memorial Day is fast approaching and we are putting together plans for the day! There will be two classes scheduled for that morning at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. We are changing things up a bit this year…while we will still do a Hero WOD, we are going to let you, the members of CrossFit 203, decide what horribly awesome workout we will be doing on Monday. Yes, most boxes around the country do “Murph” on Memorial Day, but for some reason, going back five years, we always did Murph on the fourth of July, and we are keeping with tradition. We have listed some choices for you below. We have a ballot on the whiteboard at the box so cast your vote there. One vote per athlete.

*If you have a hero workout you have always wanted to do, we will allow write-in votes.*

1.) Badger
3 Rounds
30 squat cleans (95/65)
30 Pull-ups 800 m run

2.) The Seven
7 Rounds
7 Thrusters (135/95)
7 Knees to Elbow
7 Deadlifts (245/165)
7 Burpees
7 KBS (70/53)
7 Pull-ups

3.) Daniel
For Time
50 pull-ups
400 m run
21 thrusters (95/65)
800 m run
21 thrusters
400 m run
50 pull-ups

4.) Bulger
10 Rounds
150 m run
7 C2B pull-ups
7 Front Squats (135/95)

5.) Lumberjack 20
For Time
20 Deadlifts (275/185)
400 m run
20 KBS (70/53)
400 m run
20 OHS (115/75)
400 m run
20 burpees
400 m run
20 C2B pull-ups
400 m run
20 box jumps (24/20)
400 m run
20 DB Squat Cleans (45/30)
400 m run

6. ) Nutts
For Time
15 deadlifts (250/165)
25 box jumps (30/24)
50 pull-ups
100 wall ball
200 DU’s
400 m run with a bumper plate (45/25)

Welcome to Stephanie!!!

Welcome to Stephanie!!!


Sorry for lack of photos…forgot my camera at home and my phone wasn’t cutting it!

Congrats and Bonus Point News

May 17th, 2015 by admin

We would like to start tonight’s blog by congratulating Chris, one of our amazing CrossFit Kids, on placing fourth at a competition this weekend. If you know Chris, he was disappointed there were no rope climbs or muscle-ups involved, but he did provide a great moment in one of the workouts…..the event called for jumping pull-ups, but Chris asked the judge and verified that his butterfly pull-ups would be just fine. Amazing job, Chris!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

Now for the bonus point for this week’s Nutrition Challenge folks. Before we get to that, congratulations to everyone who did last week’s TOUGH challenge. For many of us, a 5,000m row or 3 mile run is a daunting task, but we saw some great times, and a few of you ended up doing BOTH. You may be a little crazy, but we love it!

For this week’s challenge, we are looking to help you reach the goals you posted to the Goals board a couple weeks ago. You must spend at least 3 minutes doing something (accessory work, skill work, practice) to help make sure you achieve your goal at the end of the challenge. This can be done before or after a class, and it must be done at THREE separate classes. So for those of you who come to the gym three times a week, you have to get in 3 minute of work before or after every class.

We notice that many of you who are not in the challenge also posted goals on the board. Follow the lead of our Challenge folks and do the same thing!!!

ChrisSubstandardFullSizeRender (2)

Chris working hard at his competition!!!

AmyDSC_4033 (2)

Amy looking good with those tough DB lunges on Friday

DanielleDSC_4009 (2)

Danielle tossing up a 1-arm DB snatch

DaveDSC_4053 (2)

Dave finishing his 5K row bonus point while the Sunday crew warms up

JonDSC_4069 (2)

Carlos and Jon working through “Cindy”

MorganDSC_4095 (2)

Morgan had no trouble with those push-ups

StaceyDSC_4061 (2)

Stacey and Anna finishing a round of Farmer Carries




Big Week of CrossFit

May 14th, 2015 by admin

This is a great week if you are a CrossFit addict, with Regionals starting on Friday, and 60 Minutes running an interview with the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, on Sunday.

Two Regionals are going down this weekend, the “South” and “Atlantic” Regionals. If you are a CrossFit junkie, you might be spending some time watching the live stream on your computer this weekend. Names such as Ben Smith, Noah Ohlsen, Garrett Fisher, Matt Chan, Zach Forrest, and for the ladies, Camille Lablanc-Bazinet, Andrea Ager, Jenn Jones, Amanda Goodman, Emily Bridgers, Lauren Brooks and Samantha Briggs will be in action.

How to watch? Check out THIS PAGE on the CrossFit Games website.

Our Region, the East Region, will get underway next Friday on May 22, along with the California and Pacific regions. As a reminder, the event will be held in Hartford at the XL Center. Tickets can still be purchased on the Games website.  A number of you have mentioned car pooling, we’ll get a list going on the white board, and let you all figure it out from there.

As for the 60 Minutes piece on Greg Glassman and CrossFit, click THIS LINK. It’s worth the 15 minutes. Yes, our leader is quite the guy! Unique is putting it mildly.

DSC_3836 (2)

Angie locking out a jerk

DSC_3856 (2)

Love these outdoor workouts!!!!

DSC_3896 (2)

Some of the 9 am crew in the middle of the TGU EMOM

DSC_3946 (2)

Mike fighting through a set of 5 heavy thrusters

DSC_3948 (2)

Kim, Amy and Elsa working hard on their C2B pull-ups

DSC_3959 (2)

Migs cycling through his pull-ups while Dave finishes a set of heavy thrusters

DSC_3969 (2)

I truly believe you can row faster when you’re outside



This one was rough




Spicy one

Spicy one


Only about 100 times tougher than it looks

Only about 100 times tougher than it looks



Calling all Students, and Challenge Week 2

May 10th, 2015 by admin

It’s that time of year again… students flood to their hometowns for summer break. As we’ve done in the past, we will be offering a summer membership special for those students in the Danbury area. For you students who have done CrossFit before, your summer rate will be $250, good from the time you get home to the day you head back to campus. If any students are new to CrossFit and need foundations classes, the summer membership will be $300. Contact us ASAP if you want to schedule your foundations classes.

**This offer is ONLY for full time undergraduate students home for summer break**

We are entering the second week of the Spring Nutrition Challenge. A scoreboard has been set up at the box with everyone’s name on it. Please update the board with your scores for week 1. A perfect week is 10 points; 1 point for each day you ate clean and did not break the specific rules in your division, 1 point for abstaining from alcohol, 1 point for getting to the gym at least 3 times, and 1 point for completing the “goals” bonus point.

This week’s bonus point isn’t nearly as easy. You must complete either a 5,000 meter run OR a 5,000 meter row for time. For those of you who are uncomfortable completing either of these distances at one time, you may split them into two different sessions (for instance, do a 2,500 m row Tuesday and another on Friday) but you must post your time for both sessions on your group facebook page. If you do either option in one shot, you also have to post your time to your facebook group.

The bonus challenge must be done outside of your usual class time. You may go to a track or measure a 5,000-meter or 3-mile course for running.

Remember to keep your food logs up to date. This week, we are requesting food logs from all our first- time participants: Robin, Craig, Josh H., Mackenzie, and Kristen. Submit your logs to us whether it’s a notebook or electronically. Deadline is 5 pm Monday!

Oly Class and Jump Ropes

May 4th, 2015 by admin

Just a reminder that our first Olympic Lifting Class is Tuesday at 7 pm with Coach Brian. If you want to take your lifts to another level, schedule this class into your day. You will get plenty of work with the clean and jerk and snatch, as well as accessory lifts and movements to help improve your proficiency with the barbell. If this class is popular, we will add another evening lifting class at some point this summer. As a reminder, this class is free for our unlimited members, $10 for anyone else.

After a recommendation from a friend of ours, we bought a bunch of jump ropes from a company called “Jump N Rope” that are similar to the Revolution ropes many of you have. If you need a new rope, let us know. They are just $20 apiece. Kirk has been using one for a couple of weeks and he loves it! We have red, orange, yellow, pink and green.

DSC_3697 (2)

Seth rolling through his bodyweight deadlifts

DSC_3715 (2)

Cris was looking strong today!

DSC_3762 (2)

Nathaniel had no problem with his deadlifts

DSC_3732 (2)

Great to see Kasey back in action!

DSC_3772 (2)

Jess going RX with her C2B today


The Challenge is ON!

May 3rd, 2015 by admin

Our Spring 2015 Nutrition Challenge begins Sunday at midnight! The Challenge workout is scheduled for Monday (May 4) so be sure to get to class! We will repeat the workout after the last week of the challenge and see how much you all improve after five weeks of great nutrition. If you can’t make it to class Monday, contact Kirk or Melis and we’ll get you scheduled ASAP. Deadline to complete the WOD is Saturday.  Do your best, we want to see real life improvements!  We will award extra bonus points for our top 3-4 scores!

Body measurements have to get done by either Kirk or Melis, and you HAVE to get them done by Saturday. Keep in mind that it can get hectic between classes, so showing up before class or staying late will be a huge help.

Everyone has to keep a food log in any format, be it in a notebook or on-line. Like our last challenge, we won’t require everyone to hand in logs each week. Instead, we will request logs from a few random people each week, and you’ll have a deadline to submit your log.

Each group has specific instructions so be sure to check into facebook for any and all additional details!


DSC_3591 (2)

Some big boys on those ropes

DSC_3581 (2)

What a beautiful day for a little sprint/legless rope climb couplet

DSC_3615 (2)

PROOF that Eliana came to a 6 am class (with Marlene as key witness)

DSC_3656 (2)

Sad to say good-bye to Kate and Mike on Saturday :( Good luck with your new venture in Boston! Visit soon!

DSC_3659 (2)

Dave lands a muscle-up while Brian lands a power clean

DSC_3678 (2)

Mindy and Aurelio (Carlos) during Sunday’s HSPU’s

DSC_3695 (2)

Natalie grinding through front squats in Sunday’s partner WOD















Late Night Lifting

April 28th, 2015 by admin

CrossFit 203 is excited to announce a dedicated weekly Olympic Weight Lifting class Tuesday nights at 7pm. Coach Brian and Coach Rich will lead the class with a focus on the snatch and the clean jerk, with some accessory movements sprinkled in.  The class will be a structured program, and will help both the beginner and the more experienced lifter get to the next level.

This class will start in May and run every Tuesday evening at 7pm, with a start date of May 5. This class will be free to our unlimited members, and a $10 drop-in fee for anyone else. Athletes are asked to get there 15 minutes prior to class to get themselves warmed up.  A group warm up will start at 7pm consisting of PVC and barbell skill work.

We hope to see a bunch of you there during those warm summer evenings! Let’s smash some PR’s!

WOD NOTE: We have some rope climbs in Wednesday’s workout, ranging from legless for level 3, regular climbs for level 2 and ground-to-standing for level 1. Bring some high socks as a back-up. It looks like it will be an absolutely gorgeous day, so come enjoy the weather because some of the workout will also be outside (yet another WOD hint!)


DSC_3545 (2)

Rita working hard during Monday’s WOD

DSC_3546 (2)

Coach Michelle going RX with that heavy snatch weight Monday

DSC_3549 (2)

Amber standing tall with her lift

DSC_3557 (2)

The Tuesday 5 pm class starting that nice DU/WB EMOM