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It’s a big week, folks! And not just because we are back from our trip and we know that you all missed us very, very much. No, the big news is our annual Holiday Party is FRIDAY!!!!! The event, which is always epic, will start at 7 pm at the Holiday Inn Danbury (Eagle Road, across from the Wal Mart plaza….right down the street from the box). There will not be a full dinner, but appetizers will be available along with a cash bar, which we are certain will get plenty of use. There will be music, dancing, and a chance to win prizes and/or free drinks depending on how well you know all of our coaches. Dress code is…..just look nice please. We tend to see each other only as sweaty messes on a daily basis, so it’ll be nice to see you all cleaned up.

Because of the party, we will only have ONE class Friday evening, at 4 pm. The 5 and 6 pm classes have been cancelled. We are also going to push back the Saturday schedule and have ONE class at 10 am. We think most of you will need that extra hour.

DSC_8754 (2)

Lisa, Malu and some of the 4 pm crew

DSC_8804 (2)

Jimmy ripping through his ring dips

DSC_8801 (2)

Welcome to John!!!

DSC_8797 (2)

Christine working on her OH lunges

DSC_8794 (2)

Stacey and Elsa

DSC_8784 (2)

Sarah lunging while Steve D., TP and CLOS grind out some strict pull-ups

DSC_8763 (2)

Mike T.


Great showing for Becca’s final “official” workout with 203 Sunday morning :(















November Member Spotlight!!

November 12th, 2014 by admin

wALSH1506542_649620828484082_6844233725342752450_n (2)Our November Member Spotlight is James, aka Walsh Walshy! James is not only one of the strongest guys at this gym, he also has some of the best dance moves and can recite 90’s boy band lyrics like no one’s business. James came to us as a strong former offensive lineman and we are proud to see his improvement in gymnastics/body weight movements like chest-to-bar pull-ups and double-unders, among others. Always solid with the barbell from day 1, James has become a very solid runner and will surprise you with his agility. But his heart belongs to the barbell movements and he has really taken to Olympic lifting, where he landed a 195-pound hang snatch at a recent competition. We know he has even more in him as he gets more experience. James is fun to be around both in and outside of the gym, and that charm certainly landed him a bride way out of his league, in Amy. Amy eventually tried CrossFit and has become a staple at the box, as well. We love having James around and look forward to seeing him crush many, many more workouts.

Name: James Walsh

Where are you originally from? Grahamsville, New York. One of New York’s last dry towns! A dollar to anyone other than Amy who can find it on a map or knows where it is.

What high school and/or college did you attend?  High school was Tri-Valley Central School in Grahamsville. I went to undergrad at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York and got my MBA from Stony Brook.

Favorite sports teams: Liverpool FC!!! I’m not a big fan of any particular team outside of the Premier League. I don’t watch football (that’s why I’m so bad at fantasy football). I played the game for so long I’m used to critiquing each team, that doesn’t work when I’m watching it with fans. I also went to Islander games regularly when I lived next to the Coliseum. I’ll root against Notre Dame, or against any team Amy wants to win.

What do you do for work?  I’m an account manager for Hilti. It’s a global company based out of Schaan, Liechtenstein, with a North American headquarters in Plano, Texas. We manufacture and sell power tools and consumables for the commercial construction industry. I work with customers in their offices or on their jobsites and get them the materials they need. We’re a direct sales force, so we make everything we sell—it’s my job to get the commitment and get them the materials. I fix the tools when they break and work with engineers, specifiers, and end users to get our materials specified into the projects. I have a narrow territory—steel and glass contractors in Westchester County and lower Fairfield County (Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, and New Canaan). It’s the reason my truck is red/salmon pink.

When and why did you start CrossFit: September 2012. I was on my own for really the first time in my life. My friend and I played football together in college, we were roommates on Long Island and used to lift together all the time. He had recently left for a job in Texas, and I moved up here for work and didn’t really know anyone. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the motivation to do a routine all on my own. So I googled “crossfit gyms in Danbury,” e-mailed both of them, and Kirk was the first and only one who got back to me.

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?: Favorite lift is the overhead squat. That or the clean-and-jerk. I don’t have a least favorite barbell movement, unless TGU’s count. I DESPISE dumbbell snatches/cleans/presses, though.

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing?  It was Karen, I believe. Or something with a ton of wall balls. I didn’t call Kirk back for two weeks. I wasn’t sure that was something I wanted a part of. (editor’s note: I remember when James came to that first WOD. I remember thinking…”damn, why did he have to stop by for THIS workout….he may never come back!!!” Lucky for us, he did.

Greateast CrossFit Achievement so far:  Coming in fourth at the Battle for the Bell this year. I worked on my chest-to-bar and double-unders for a few months in order to get as many as I could unbroken, and pr’d my hang snatch. For anyone who doesn’t know, I backed out of a wedding in Wisconsin (Amy went on her own) to compete, so I had to make the competition worth it.

CrossFit Goal for 2014 and beyond: 2014 is almost over. My goal for the next year is to win the Bell in 2015. This is an end goal—it will involve losing weight, improving my goats (HSPU, c2b, muscle-ups), and a lot more. But with Matt having moved away, there’s an opening on the dream team and I hope to be in a position where I can have my name in the running next year.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: I speak Spanish. It was one of my majors in college, and I did some traveling in both South America in Spain while at Hartwick. I wouldn’t say I’m fluent, you’re really only fluent if it’s a native language. But I can understand it and write it very well. I’m also ok with French, I was a few classes short of a minor.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”…focus on shaking the negative stereotype it gets. People don’t do CrossFit for the same reason people don’t let their kids play football—they think it’s too dangerous without really knowing what it’s all about. If you don’t listen to your body and you build bad form, you’ll get hurt playing any sport. CrossFit is NOT all about going so hard you hurt yourself. It’s about going slightly beyond your breaking point in an attempt improve your overall fitness. Of course it isn’t easy, it isn’t meant to be. There is no quick fix for fitness. There’s always the risk of getting hurt in any physical activity. But if you’re smart about it, listen to your body, adopt good form, and work under the supervision of excellent coaching, you really only expose yourself to the freak injuries, and those stupid rips you get on your hands after 50 T2B.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….: …spending time with my lovely wife, of course. And our two dogs Ruby and Reeses. I’m also an avid video gamer. Since I no longer have night classes, I’ve had more free time and, when Amy is at work, I usually can be found playing Xbox until she gets home. When we are out and about in Danbury, you can find me winning money from Mikey on the regular.

Other comments?: There needs to be more country music at the box. None of this Zac Brown Band, soothing island music nonsense. I’m talking Brooks and Dunn, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, etc. And Taylor Swift! Also, someone has to get a 203 pick-up soccer game going (Alexis). We have enough talent here to have some good games.

DSC_8637 (2)

Mike L. with a thruster

DSC_8629 (2)

Brenden and Mike S.

DSC_8603 (2)

Lifting session for Rita, Marie and Vanessa


Morgan lifting heavy

Morgan lifting heavy


Kate with her favorite lift

Kate with her favorite lift


Lizette setting up for a lift

Lizette setting up for a lift










November 10th, 2014 by admin

Our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who showed up and to everyone who donated for this great cause. We were able to raise over $1,000 dollars, all of which will go to help women in need get mammograms. Thank you to Brenden for some amazing picture from the day, they can be found on Facebook here.

Cancer unfortunately affects far too many of us. Just this week it has taken the life of Melissa’s Tante Emmy, and threatens the life of Kirk’s Grandmother who is fighting a courageous battle. We can’t think of a better cause to get together and raise money and awareness. Thank you for your support.

Tuesday also marks an important day, Veterans Day. We thank all our Veterans here at CrossFit 203 and will honor the day with a Hero WOD. Get an early start with Coach Sarah for a 5 am and a 6 am class. Be sure to bring her a coffee to thank her for her years of service to our country!

We will be keeping the 5 am Tuesday class…..Sarah just can’t resist waking up that early. The Friday 5 am class has been cancelled, but we will continue the Tuesday class for you early, early, early risers.

DSC_8573 (2)

James rolling through 20 reps at 255 today

DSC_8579 (2)

Some of the 4 pm crew getting after their HSPU’s

DSC_8592 (2)

Babs and Jimmy enjoying some pistols together

DSC_8594 (2)

Our walls took a beating today. New rule: HSPU’s must be done on the back wall if you have lifting shoes on!!! Especially Stacey!!

DSC_8599 (2)

Melissa F. looked strong with her 20-rep back squat today


4 Years

November 9th, 2014 by admin

We seem to do this every year…..yes, we missed our Anniversary again. The first-ever workout at CrossFit 203 took place on Nov. 8, 2010, meaning Saturday was our 4-Year Anniversary!!!!! Although, Saturday was a bit of a celebration, as we had a great time at our Barbells for Boobs event. So that makes us feel a little better. Our very first workout here at 203 was, naturally, Fran. (Don’t worry, we aren’t doing Fran to celebrate). We’ll plan our annual ‘203’ workout the weekend of our holiday party!

Four years ago we nervously opened a gym not knowing what would happen. Would CrossFit continue to grow? Would we be out of business within a few months? Would anyone join? What we’ve seen since opening exceeds our wildest dreams

We’ve seen a lot of people walk through these doors, and most have stuck around to get into the best shape of their lives. This isn’t just a gym. Far from it. This is OUR little community. It’s a place where we hope you can get some quality YOU time. A place to forget about work and anything else going on in your life. It’s a place where you’ll receive unconditional support. A place where you will get cheered whether you finish first or last. This is a place where you can be yourself……where you can sweat like Patrick Ewing and no one cares. Where you can lay in a puddle of your own sweat, drool dripping down the side of your face, hands bloody, but f*cking loving every second of it!

If you come here and bust your butt, you are one of us. You’re in the club. Nothing else matters. We don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, black or white, or rich or poor. The only prerequisite to enter this community is a kick ass attitude. We’ve been very lucky in that regard. You are all the best!!!!!

We are so grateful each day to be able to call this ‘work’ and honored you have entrusted us with your health and fitness. We often joke that if it weren’t for 203 we probably wouldn’t have any friends…we talked about it just the other night. But seriously, we consider each and every one of you family.

A special thanks to those of you who have been with us year after year…..a select few of you have literally been with us since the very beginning. YOU are what makes CrossFit 203 special. THANK YOU!

DSC_8492 (2)

Nicole Q., Michelle B. and Morgan working some heavy OHS Thursday at 6 am

DSC_8510 (2)

Tanya, Jess D., and the Thursday 5 pm class

DSC_8513 (2)

Coach Brian working through a set of 10 MU’s

DSC_8515 (2)

Mike D. at the bottom of a squat

DSC_8526 (2)

Mikey and Kirk made sure to wear matching outfits on Thursday.

DSC_8534 (2)

Elsa on her way to a fast “Grace” time

DSC_8535 (2)

Alexis blazing her way to a 2:10 “Grace”

DSC_8542 (2)

Mel D., Mike S. and Tanya working through 30 C&J’s










Sunday Partner WOD

Sunday Partner WOD

B4B and Holiday Inn

November 5th, 2014 by admin

Melissa’s next “Mobility and Stability” class will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 4 pm. If you want to attend and forgot to sing your name to the white board, shout out in comments. We have a few spots left as of Wednesday evening. This week, Melissa’s focus will be on specific mobility and stability to help you improve your front squat!

Also one more reminder that we will be hosting our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser workout Saturday starting at 9 am. Here is the LINK to donate to this worthy cause.

Please sign up at the box ASAP if you want a spot in a heat on Saturday. You will have two options for a workout. We will, of course, offer the usual workout of “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks for time at the prescribed weights of 135/95. We will also be offering another CrossFit classic workout called “Helen” which is….

3 Rounds
400 m run
21 KBS (24 KG, 16 KG)
12 pull-ups.

Please write which workout you choose on the whiteboard. If anyone wants to do BOTH workouts, we will assign you to both the first and last heats, and you can do the workouts in whatever order you desire. If you want this option, please also mark it on the whiteboard.

Finally, book a hotel room for our Holiday Party by Friday! Call 203-792-4000 to get in touch with the Holiday Inn and tell them you are with the 203 party on Nov. 21. Our rate is $89.

DSC_8415 (2)

Mike calmly practicing his DU’s while some of the 5 pm class go with strict pull-ups

DSC_8424 (2)

Some of the 6 pm ladies working ring rows and T2B

DSC_8431 (2)

Impressed that Teresa voluntarily did wall ball during our “Goat” workout (don’t worry, that’s a fake spider on the wall)

DSC_8453 (2)

Wednesday 6 am class beginning the chipper

DSC_8460 (2)

Alberto locking out a ring push-up


DSC_8468 (2)

Will looking strong with his TGU’s


DSC_8473 (2)

Miguel fresh off his NYC Marathon and into some heavy TGU’s












Goat Time

November 3rd, 2014 by admin

It’s about time that we do another workout that requires you all to do some homework. We need all of your help for Tuesday’s workout. Tuesday will be all about Goats. We last did one of these in August. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably done a “Goat Workout” at least once. For our newer members who are wondering what the heck a “Goat” is, it’s a movement that you consider a weakness, one you are not good at, or hope doesn’t show up on the white board….and we all have plenty.

Your goal is to think about your Goats and pick two of them for Tuesday. You basically get to create your own workout. It will be an Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workout, rotating back and forth between your two movements. Pick your own rep scheme. It should be a rep scheme that will allow you to perform with rock solid form. The goal here is to work on two weaknesses, and make improvement by the end of the workout.

Be smart with pairing your movements. For instance, picking push-ups and handstand pushups might not be the best, because you will be using similar muscle groups. Pairing pistols and HSPU might be better, or push-ups and double-unders.

As always, ask a coach if you have any questions, or if you are unsure of how many reps to choose.

DSC_8406 (2)

Some of the 5 pm crew starting the WOD, and yes, that IS Nash in the right corner!!! Welcome back!!!!

DSC_8398 (2)

Elsa reaching for the top of the rope

DSC_8377 (2)

Mindy and Adam flying up the ropes

DSC_8373 (2)

Welcome Elvys to CrossFit 203!!!!!

DSC_8366 (2)

Justin snatchin’

DSC_8365 (2)

Morgan moving some weight at 6 am




Barbells for Boobs

November 2nd, 2014 by admin

Barbells for Boobs weekend is almost here!!!!! Here is the deal. Grab your wallet right now, click THIS LINK and donate, NOW! $10, $20, $50 bucks, whatever you can afford. No amount is too small. Just donate to this worthy cause that has done so much for breast cancer awareness and early detection. Remember that the funds raised to support Barbells for Boobs mission are vital to those who may not have the means or access to critical detection services.

Do it now. Not later. Your wallet is probably right next to you.

As for our event, we will do one class on Saturday morning at 9 am. We will have a spot to sign-up on the whiteboard at the gym. Instead of doing the usual workout called “Grace,” (30 Clean and Jerks for time, 135/95), we will put our own little twist for our workout that day. Trust us, it’ll be a fun workout and a fun day! Be there!!!!

Now for some photos from our Halloween weekend. The winner of our costume contest was a relatively easy one…..LOU! Lou has won a CrossFit 203 gift card for $25, which he can use toward membership or gear. Great job on the costume, Lou!

WOD SPOILER: We have some rope climbs in Monday’s workout. Bring high socks!!!!!

Easily one of the best costumes we've ever seen at 203

Easily one of the best costumes we’ve ever seen at 203

DSC_8287 (2)

Could Dave have picked a more random movie? Anyone know who this character is? I didn’t.

DSC_8291 (2)

Kasey, aka Little Red

DSC_8328 (2)

Mindy, Risky Business

DSC_8329 (2)

Mikey Buzz Lightyear

DSC_8335 (2)

Everett, Jeanine, Kate T. and Anna!!!

DSC_8345 (2)

CrossFit Kids having fun on the balance beam





Meal Prep

October 30th, 2014 by admin

Tonight’s blog post comes from Coach Kim!!!!!

Meal prep. Oh what a topic. I often get a lot of questions about what I eat, how I prepare and just generally how I get through the week. If you talk to anyone who has been doing paleo for a length of time you will hear one constant variable; it is all in the prep. I learned this lesson a long before I ate paleo (thank you Bethenny Frankel and your reality empire) but it seriously makes all the difference. It is the difference between going out to lunch at work, or grabbing something quick at the market because you are starving, because the thought of getting dishes dirty at 8:30 pm makes you want to vomit……hmm am I alone in that?

So what does it look like? How do I do it? And what about the infamous ‘ but I have no time’ comment?

I’ll start with this, I generally leave my house by 6:45am and am not returning until 7, 8 or 9 at night. I also RARELY ever buy food on the go or grab dinner out that wasn’t pre-planned. So how do I do it? I plan and plan. I have gotten my meal plan, shopping, cooking and cleaning down to about a 3 -4 hour time period. Hmm sound like a lot? Not really considering I rarely step foot in the kitchen during the week because everything is pre-cooked, measured and in tupperware for the week. I also ALWAYS have at least 1-2 meals in the freezer for the weekends I am away, super busy or just don’t feel like cooking. So what does it look like? Here is a sample of my up coming week.

Meal plan –

eggsphoto 1

Egg Cups

Breakfast – Eggcups with bacon, apples or banana and nuts (sometimes add avocado and salsa for different flavor profile)

Snack- Deli meat, nuts and apple/banana/grapes

Lunch- Chicken with salsa, broccoli, sweet potatoes, plantains

Snack- If needed – Lara bar/chicken sausage

Dinner- Chicken sausage/homemade hamburger/salmon burger/eggs, leftover veggies, avocado

First I decide what I will make, then compile my list based on what I currently do not have. Yes, I am cooking for 1 and yes I HATE throwing food out that was uneaten

foodphotoShopping list
5 Sweet potatoes (good for 2 weeks)
5 Apples
2 plantains
4 heads of fresh broccoli
3/4lb boars head low sodium ham
1.5lb chicken
Canadian Bacon (not challenge friendly)
2 dozen eggs

Here is my haul for the week. Not too bad!

Next it is all about the method to the madness. I like turning on the oven and not shutting it off until everything is cooked. By now I know how long everything takes and the order that works best for me. So first thing……..

potatoesphoto 2

Sweet potatoes!!!

Pre-heat oven to 400. Then sweet potatoes -peel and chop 2-3 sweets depending on whatever other veggies I am having that week. I put those      bad boys in a Ziploc with EVOO, salt, pepper, cinnamon and a dash of chili powder, shake it and then on a pan covered with aluminum foil (hello less dishes to do!). The sweet potatoes need to go in first since they take a bit of time and I like mine really crunchy.

Next clean the board, then peel and thinly slice plantains. Then same thing, in a new Ziploc with EVOO, salt/pepper and then on a pre-greased pan with aluminum foil and into the oven.

Next up- broccoli. Sometimes I do broccoli and cauliflower or during the summer zucchini/squash but it always falls at this point in my prep. Wash and chop up, then into same Ziploc as plantains add more EVOO, salt/pepper and some Italian seasoning. Then you guessed it-onto a pan covered in aluminum foil.

So at this point my oven is pretty full and I really cant add more in there. I start to clean up the mess I made and start to work on my snack prep. I measure (hello, I am slightly anal) my deli meat, count out my almonds and baggy them up for the upcoming week.

chickenphoto 3Next up is chicken. This is my favorite chicken recipe as it takes ZERO time and is packed with flavor. Clean chicken and add to a Pyrex, then grab your favorite (I LOVE trader joes) salsa, poor the entire jar on top, mush it around and voila you are done. Into the oven it goes (at this point at least one of the veggies are done) and you can forget about it for about 20 minutes. Again, a quick clean up of whatever I used on the chicken and then it is onto my breakfast prep.

I was a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs, but somewhere along the line I lost my ability to peel them. The frustration is too much for me to handle, so I have switched it up to eggcups. I get a large mixing bowl, crack 12 eggs, a little almond milk, salt and pepper and whisk away! Sometimes I add spinach, sometimes bacon but this week Canadian bacon was the winner. I then grease a muffin tin with coconut oil (take a paper towel, dip it in your jar and rub that greasy goodness all over the tin) then pour equal amounts of egg into each cup. By this point more veggies came out of the oven so I have some space to add the eggcups. I will typically turn the oven down at this point 375.

Now I breathe a sigh of relief, pour a glass of wine and sit on the couch for a few minutes before tackling the rest. Yes, I add this into my 3-4 hour time frame! I sit then find the energy to refill that glass of wine and clean up. This includes pre-packaging my meals into tupperware for the week, washing dishes and finishing any last minute things I may have forgotten about.

Well there you go! That is a look at what a typical meal prep day for me looks like. My dinners are pre-planned as well. As you can see above, I always have a few extra things around for easy meals (salmon/turkey burgers in the freezer, frozen sweet potato tots, frozen veggies).

Hope this helps and gives you an idea that it really can get done! Let me know if you have any questions.

DSC_8231 (2)

The Wednesday 4 pm crew working through their strict pull-ups

DSC_8234 (2)

Nathaniel banging through 15 strict pull-ups in his first set

DSC_8236 (2)

Tanya getting her chin over the bar

DSC_8250 (2)

Kim P. taking a break from strict pull-ups and getting after the jump rope

DSC_8254 (2)

Rui making the pull-ups look easy

DSC_8257 (2)

Dan and Will both handling 225# for their 20-rep back squat

DSC_8274 (2)

Coach Kim, Coach Mikey and Dave deadlifting, wall-balling and running Thursday evening







Halloween Weekend

October 28th, 2014 by admin

Halloween weekend is almost upon us!!! For those of you doing the Nutrition Challenge, this will be a rough weekend. Even if you aren’t in the challenge, you are going to be absolutely surrounded by candy and lots of stuff you love. But now take a second and imagine how you would feel after inhaling a bag full of candy. Yeah. Not good. I feel sick just thinking about that bloated, nauseous feeling. You’ll immediately regret that choice. You’re better off without that belly full of candy. Craving something chocolate? Try this Challenge approved Chocolate Snack cake!

This weekend is also big for another reason….it’s time for our annual Halloween WOD Party! This year, we will not have any morning classes on Saturday (we will host an open gym from 9-10 am to make up any lifts if you need), but will instead do a workout at 5 pm for everyone. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE everyone to wear a costume for the workout. A prize will be awarded for best costume! We will also hang around after the workout for some food, paleo or otherwise. So, bring your favorite dish and hang out with us instead of going home and pounding your kid’s candy.

As for Friday, we will have our regular schedule and welcome anyone to wear a costume to show your Halloween spirit! Let’s see what you got 203!!!

DSC_8177 (2)

Welcome back to Joanna!!!

DSC_8182 (2)

Michelle B. ripping through some hang cleans

DSC_8194 (2)

Determination: Tony, Mike T. and Dallas

DSC_8198 (2)

Kate T. and Rich at the jammed 5 pm class

DSC_8208 (2)

Monica, Stacey and Damon looking good with their HSPU’s

DSC_8211 (2)

A whole lotta beef in this picture


More Classes

October 27th, 2014 by admin

We have a couple of announcements to make, as we continue to expand our schedule. We are adding two new class times starting this week!

First, we are adding a 4 pm class on Fridays. We are offering this class in order to have the Masters Class at 5 pm be just that…..a Masters Class (for athletes age 40 and up). Lately, youngsters have started to invade the Friday Masters Class, and of course we accepted you and would never turn you away. BUT, the Masters only meet twice a week (Friday at 5 and Sunday at 10:30) so we want to respect their class times. If you are under 40, try to make the 4 pm or 6 pm class on Friday. So, now our Friday looks like this….

5 am (October only), 6 am, 9 am, noon, 4 pm, 5 pm Masters Class, 6 pm

We are also excited to add a ‘Mobility and Stability’ class on Thursdays at 4 pm, which will be led by Melissa. Each week this will focus on a different set of stretches, stability exercises, and other accessory movements. Spending extra time on the basics will help get you in better positions for your lifts, as well as helping to prevent injury. In order to really spend time with each athlete, this class will be capped at 10, first come first serve. We’ll post a sign-up on the white board. If needed, we’ll look to add an additional day/time. This class is free for our unlimited members, $10 drop-in for 3x/week members.




Nicole  Q. and Anna rocking some OHS's at 6 am

Nicole Q. and Anna rocking some OHS’s at 6 am

DSC_8151 (2)

Adam going RX with those OHS’s today

DSC_8155 (2)

Cris always looks comfortable at the bottom of her squat

DSC_8157 (2)

Some brilliant sun for Kasey, Sarah and Teresa at the noon class

DSC_8166 (2)

Aaron powering through his lift

DSC_8174 (2)

Rita and Lisa on their first set of farmer carries