Master’s Qualifier

April 24th, 2016 by admin

It was a great weekend watching Nathan complete all four of his Masters Qualifier workouts! A HUGE congrats goes out to Nathan, who has been working hard all year, and it paid off with some tremendous scores! We couldn’t be more proud! He finished the weekend by setting a PR with a 462-pound deadlift…..AFTER doing three other grueling workouts. The video is below and if that doesn’t get you pumped up…..nothing will. WOD HINT: You just might see one of the masters qualifier workouts on Monday!!!

As you know, Nathan is one of those guys who is always screaming at us to move faster and push harder, so it was great to see so many of you return the favor this weekend. We will see where he ends up being ranked Monday evening. We will let you all know!


Cathy flying through those sled pulls!


Great to witness Jack getting a 500-pound deadlift Saturday!!!


Whenever Matt D. comes to town….he PR’s. It’s science.


Nathan celebrating the end to a great Masters Qualifier


Stacey with a big PR Saturday….273!!!!!!


The Friday noon crew starting their sled pulls

Looking Forward…..

April 12th, 2016 by admin

We are impressed that so many of you have shown a lot of fire and drive lately.  The Open has come to a close officially, but we’ve continued to see everyone put in a lot of hard extra work on their weaknesses. For many of you, it was your first Open, and you went in not knowing what to expect. Now that everything has been said and done, you know exactly what you need to work on during the next year and you have wasted no time getting to work on things!

We saw some difficult gymnastics movements this year, and tough rep schemes, but this is what you can expect in 2017. You WILL see double-unders, T2B, C2B pull-ups and some sort of muscle-up. You will see thrusters, burpees, and plenty of barbell (deadlifts, cleans, snatches) in various weights, ranging from ridiculously light to really heavy. Combine everything together, and that’s the Open.

Some of us are plenty good with the barbell and need to focus on gymnastics movements. Others are solid with gymnastics and need more barbell strength. Some are pretty good with both and just need more experience and/or increased work capacity.

Take a look at where you lacked this year. It’s pretty easy to see where we all struggled. It’s easy to see what you need to work on. You can view your rank among everyone in the world, region, state, or age group, so you can see what your best workout was, along with your worst.

Already since the Open ended, A LOT of you have made huge improvements with double-unders, and we are SO close to seeing a first muscle-up from a few of you.

Keep working and look forward to showing off your new skills next year!!!!!


Michelle B. and Amber in the middle of a set of 5 stone-to-shoulder


Nathan making that stone look light!


Alexis going RX+ with the 115-pound stone


The 9 am crew working hard


Mike T. tossing the stone around


Terri looking good during the WOD!


Will went with the 140-pound stone for the WOD







April Member Spotlight!!!!!

April 7th, 2016 by admin

16.2-198Our Member Spotlight for April is ROBIN!!!! It’s safe to say we all got to know Robin a little better……check that….A LOT better during the CrossFit Open. She was a one-woman wrecking crew with her many ideas to promote team spirit and camaraderie  for her team, Purple Nurple. Every week, we all wondered what she would come up with….the many creative posters that absolutely made everyone laugh out loud. Props. Cardboard cut outs. Megaphones. Plastic cups. Purple wigs. Purple fat-man suits. The list goes on. Not only that, Robin also did awesome with the Open workouts, pushing herself SO hard and scoring points for her team. It’s safe to say everyone will want Robin on their team next year!!! Robin is always up for whatever is going on at the gym….nutrition challenges, Olympic Lifting class, and she is a hard-core member of our Masters Crew and you can count on her to be at that class every Friday and Sunday. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our community Robin. Keep crushing it and we can’t wait for next year’s CrossFit Open shenanigans already!!!

Name: Robin Ashley

Where are you originally from? New Milford, CT

What high school and/or college did you attend?  Graduated from Brookfield High School and Alderson-Broaddus University in West Virginia.

Favorite sports teams:  I don’t really follow sports all that much.  Usually, the sound of the crowd puts me right to sleep.  But, if I had to answer, it would be the Dodgers.  My grandfather was a Dodger fan back in the days, when they were the Brooklyn home team.  I went to a few games before they high-tailed it to the west coast.

What do you do for work?  I am a Physician Assistant, at Danbury Hospital.  I work in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  In general, I practice Primary Care medicine for the employees working at Danbury Hospital.  My day is split between direct patient care and administrative work.

When and why did you start CrossFit:  I started CF June 2014.  Craig and I actually were up in in Hartford at an exchange student orientation, in 2013, when we heard a huge commotion and loud music coming from the field at Trinity College.  We had about 4 hours to waste, while waiting for our exchange student to finish orientation.  We sat on the bleachers and watched The Summer Meltdown.  We had no idea what we were watching and what CrossFit was, but we knew that wanted to do it.  It took another 10 months to gain the courage to do our first work-out.  Once I started-Boom!  Addicted!

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?:  Favorite Lift: I LOVE Overhead Squat.  I have the worst front/back squat position, but there is something about that lift that makes me super comfortable.  Least Favorite:  Thrusters.  I almost cried, actually, I think I did cry when they announced 16.5.  I HATE, HATE, HATE thrusters! This probably means that I need to do it more ;)

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing?  3 Rounds: 250 M row, 15 KBS @ 26#, 10 ring rows. Time 10:26.  I felt like I was going to die.  I want to repeat that workout!

Craig and I started at CF203 on 3/29/15.  It was a Partner Masters Class.  10 Deadlift, 10 burpees over the bar. It was an AMRAP, but I didn’t record the time. Whatever it was, we did 11 rounds+ 15  reps.  I remember feeling totally beat, but LOVED the Masters Class.  I read about Rich Boucher, prior to attending his class.  His story is inspiring.  He is the motivational force in our Master’s group.  It is no wonder that this class has grown by leaps and bounds!

What really hooked us in to CF203 was our first impression.  We came for the Master’s Class and it happened to be the Sunday that some were completing 15.5.  There were a lot of people gathered around Monica as she was finishing her last row.  The amount of support that she received was tremendous.  I turned to Craig and said, “I want this!”

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far:  There are so many because CrossFit has allowed me to do things that I never thought that I could do.  If I were to pick one, it would be my first competition with the master’s group: Rich, Melissa F, Tony and I.  I had so much fun; PR’d my overhead squat, and realized that we, as a master’s group, are pretty damn awesome!

CrossFit Goal for 2016:  There are so many, but to name a few…

  1. To love thrusters as much as Alexis Perri
  2. To laugh at myself more, like Elsa Cunha
  3. To have as much endurance as Monica Lopes
  4. To be as salty as Tony Jaros
  5. To improve my squat form, like Melissa Reed
  6. To have as much heart as Nathan Blew
  7. To be as speedy as Vicky Vitale
  8. To learn patience with the snatch, like Brian Smith keeps enforcing, in Barbell Club
  9. To listen, learn and gain as much strength as possible.

Oh… and those box jumps….  If I could jump as high as Nathaniel Powers… Yeah, that would be pretty nice, too.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit:

I am an art quilter, which is a bit different than traditional quilting.  Besides fabric, I use other types of media, including stones, beads, gems, ribbons etc.  I have won a few awards/ribbons for my work, in competition.

Over the last few years, I have not sewn as much as I would like, but anticipate that this will change once my daughter heads off to college and her room frees up and seconds as my sewing room.In another life, I used to design and construct children’s coats.  But, one cannot survive on 3-4 hours of sleep for too long, so that piece of my life has been shelved until my kids are out and on their own.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should….”  CrossFit should be offered in schools.  It will help to improve fitness and empower kids (especially girls), by demonstrating, at an early age, what their bodies are truly capable of doing.

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….: … out in my yard or reorganizing my house.  I am a neat freak, to a fault and it drives my family bonkers.  So, I am either organizing the inside of my house for the millionth time, or the outside yard, with Craig.

Other comments?:  Thank you, Melissa, Kirk and all of the coaches… I mean, really… Thank You!Thank you for your patience, your time and your expertise.  Thank you for not laughing at me, when I first came to 203, as I awkwardly and incorrectly squatted and you patiently, repeatedly, helped me into a correct position.  Your constant observation and your concern for form over everything else; for everyone in the room has meant that everyone was sharing in the best coaching attention possible.  How you did not go cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs after repeatedly correcting my form over the last year, is beyond me!

Thank you for all of the food challenges and the nutrition education.  Although, I have a penchant for all of the naughty foods, when I fall of the rails, it is your voice that I hear, telling me that it is time to start eating clean again.  You remind me, and you are right: “Garbage in… garbage out…”

Thank you for always having a smile or a reassuring nod.  I know that most of us come to 203 to relieve stress.  The time that I spend there, is an island in my day and your positivity is the icing on the cake. You all cultivate a family atmosphere, which a lot of gyms say that they have, but that you actually do have.

Thank you for organizing all of the events, including the last throw-down where I was able to resurrect the turkey-talking side of me (right, Kirk and Elsa?).  I have not laughed and smiled that much in a long time.

Thank you for celebrating with each one of our PRs and achieved goals.  I truly feel that our successes are your successes-no matter how great or small.

SCHEDULE NOTE: The 4 pm class tomorrow (Friday, April 8) will be a regular class for this week only, not the Gymnastics class. Sorry folks! We’ll be back at it next week!


Phillip looking strong with his deadlifts!


Kasia on her way up with a lift


Arun continues to get stronger and stronger!!!!


Kellen was inspired by you all and decided to try climbing a rope himself!!!


Iron Mary catching a clean


MacKenzie heading up that rope


Vicky moving fast up the rope


Thursday’s 5 pm class starting a set of burpees


Migs looking strong under 135














Masters Qualifier

April 3rd, 2016 by admin

Now that the CrossFit Open is over, we had a chance to dive into the results and look at some of the great accomplishments of some of our members here at 203. We are so proud of ALL of you for putting yourselves out there and doing the Open. We are highlighting a few people below for their rankings among their age groups, particularly some of our STRONG Masters athletes.

We start with Nathan, who advanced to the Masters Qualifier for his division, by placing 180th IN THE WORLD in his age group. He was 19th for his age group in the Northeast Region. Nathan is now preparing for the Qualifier workouts, which will be released on Thursday evening, April 21st. Just like the Open, he will have until Monday to submit his scores to the Games website. The top 20 performers in each age group advance to the CrossFit Games. In previous years, the Masters athletes had to do three workouts and also one max lift. We’ll see what they have in store this year!!!!

Some of our other Masters athletes also held their own! Marie placed 240th in the WORLD in her age group, nearly advancing to the Masters Qualifier workouts. She recorded a 147th place finish in the world for 16.5 for her best showing among the five Open workouts. She ranked 29th in the Northeast in her age group. Cathy also did well in the Open, placing 55th in the Region in her division!

Coach Mikki placed 32nd in the Northeast Region in her age category and was among the top scorers in the gym in numerous workouts. She finished in the top 200 in the world in two of the workouts (16.1 and 16.3) and it was great seeing her rep out those bar muscle-ups in 16.3!!!!!

Rich also nearly advanced to the Masters Qualifier, finishing 227th in the world in his age group. He was also 26th in the Northeast Region. His best performance was 16.1, claiming the 162nd-highest score in the world in his age group.

Alexis isn’t a Master, but we have to brag about her amazing performances in the Open after finishing 104th in the Northeast Region! Her best performance came in 16.5 (thrusters and bar-facing burpees) where she placed 11th in the region and 81st in the WORLD! You read that right. 81st in the world. She beat numerous athletes you might have seen compete at the CrossFit Games in previous years. She was among impressive company in that workout, finishing in 8:56. We continue to be amazed at what Alexis can do. Just wait until next year!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone who competed, we have one kick a$$ community of Masters athletes, who prove every day that age truly is just a number.  Stay tuned for Master Qualifier WODS, we can’t wait to see what Nathan can do!!!


Friday, and our little April Fool’s joke of a 30 minute AMRAP :)





Regular Schedule

March 31st, 2016 by admin

It’s the first Thursday post Open…and we aren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves. No live announcement to anticipate, no weekend throwdown…what are we to do with all this time and fitness?! In all seriousness the past five weeks have been an absolute blast. We had so much fun competing alongside all of you and watching everyone achieve things they didn’t think possible. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, we certainly did! The 2016 Open certainly exceeded all our expectations…we cannot wait for next time around!

On the positive side of things, we can get back to our regular schedules now that the Open is done. With all the excitement, announcements and Saturday competition, we’ve gotten thrown off our usual schedules. Some of us even changed around our work schedules, paid for babysitters, etc., in order to get all five workouts done. Our special classes like the Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Masters and Competitors classes are all back on as scheduled, and we can settle back into our routines.

As a reminder, our specialty classes are listed below….

Olympic Lifting: Tuesdays at 7 pm
Gymnastics Class: Friday at 4 pm.
Masters Classes: Fridays at 5:00 pm, Sundays at 10:30 am.
Competitors Class: Saturday at 10:00 am.

See you guys there!!!!


Some box jumps in the sunshine


Justin locking out a thruster


Migs with a nice C&J PR last week!


Mike at the bottom of a OHS Monday


It was great to see Zach back in town for Spring Break. Come back soon!


Pat looking good with his HSPU today


Eliana, Carlos and Mikki at the 5 pm class






Final Standings!!

March 29th, 2016 by admin

TEAM12885854_898785740234255_4254241170847105649_oFINAL RESULTS ARE IN for our competition in the CrossFit Open. We split into five teams, awarded all kinds of points, and it all came down to the final workout. To make sure all teams were still in the running, we awarded the top 5 performances across all categories for 16.5. Before we get to that, we have our special award winners for week 5.

We have two Athlete of the Week awards to hand out. The female winner goes to Sarah of 50 Shades!!!!! We always tell our coaches to “be the example” and work hard every single workout, and to always show tenacity and integrity. Well, Sarah did that throughout the Open and especially in 16.5. With a 4-month old usually in tow, she did all of the workouts as prescribed. We all saw her battle through the final reps of 16.5 (video is below). Congrats Sarah, you truly are an inspiration!!!

For the male winner, we went with Craig of Mother Thrusters. Craig struggled on Saturday with the workout…in fact, he was not able to finish it.  We got an email Sunday night, he was upset with his performance and determined to prove to himself he could do it.  So Monday, despite the soreness, with Robin by his side judging he persevered through a super tough workout for the second time, earning a point for his team.  

Photo of the Week is another double winner, for a male and female. The female point goes to another amazing performance by Stephanie of

Stephanie, photo of the Week!!

Stephanie, photo of the Week!!

Red Menace!!!! The photo is to the right, and it’s a perfect example of how hard she worked during 16.5. Nursing a sore elbow, Stephanie just kept going and going and it was truly inspiring to watch. On the men’s side, we also love the photo of Dallas with his wife and daughter cheering him on in the background.  We have so many parents here setting a great example for their families…..we thought this was a great representation.

The “judging/assistance setting up and cleaning up” point goes to 3 teams this week….50 Shades, Red Menace and Mother Thrusters. Multiple members of each teams helped out throughout the day and more importantly stuck around afterwards to help clean up everything, including taking the tape off the floor, which was a huge pain in the butt. Thanks to everyone who helped out!!!

The Community Engagement point goes to Red Menace for setting up the photo booth in the side room.


Second photo of the week! Dallas and his family!

Second photo of the week! Dallas and his family!

An extra point this week went to the best team photo that was taken on Saturday. The winner is 50 Shades for their creativity. Photo is below.

Carlos picked up an extra point for the Nurples for his outfit….or lack thereof, on Saturday. A photo is below, if you can handle it!

As for performance points, the top five in each category are listed below.

RX Males
1. Nathan – 14:21
2. Mike Leo – 15:53
3. Kirk – 16:21
4. Morgan – 16:27
5. Justin – 18:12

RX Females
1. Alexis – 8:56 (WHAAAAAT?)
2. Monica – 12:07
3. Elsa – 12:30
4. Melissa – 13:11
5. Mikki – 13:42

Scaled Males
1. Nathaniel – 13:45
2. Jon – 16:19
3. Mike Lig. – 16:58
4. Will – 17:14
5. Carlos – 17:19

Scaled Females
1. Lauren 15:03
2. Rachael – 15:32
3. Kasey – 18:41
4. Angie – 18:52
5. Brook – 19:10

Masters Men
1. Rich 17:34
2. Kaz – 18:35
3. Papa John – 19:17
4. Matthew – 21:50
5. Tony – 22:13

Masters Women
1. Marie – 19:38 RX
2. Cathy – 17:21 (scaled)
3. Robin – 19:51
4. Kendra – 21:28
5. Anna – 33:02

When all the points had been tallied….drum roll please!!  Congrats to Team 50 Shades of Awesome!!  This has been our most fun Open yet, thank you to all who participated!  A special thank you to Brenden for his incredible photography, and everyone who came out each week to cheer on our athletes!  Final results are below.

1.) 50 Shades of Awesome – 65 (22 points in week 5)
T2.) Red Menace – 63 (20 points in week 5)
T2.) Purple Nurple – 63 (22 points in week 5)
4.) Reapers – 59 (22 points in week 5)
5.) Mother Thrusters – 54 (19 points in week 5)



Male Athlete of the Week….Craig!!!


No words.


Kiernan fighting through those thrusters!


Lisa on her way to a fast time of 15:43


I think the thrusters made us all feel the exact same way, Tony


Love this photo of Sarah during her final set of thrusters

Team Photo winner!

Team Photo winner!





Week 4 Scores!!

March 22nd, 2016 by admin

Scores are in for week 4!!!! Things are really heating up, as we have a TIE for first place heading into the final workout. Great job to everyone on 16.4. The good news is, all those deadlifts are behind us and it looks like we all came through healthy and ready for one more workout this week. Standings are below, after the full breakdown of week 4.

We will start with our Athlete of the Week, which goes to Marie from 50 Shades!!!! Marie went RX with 16.4, doing 55 deadlifts with a weight FAR over her bodyMarie1909816_1227837867241216_6298469419084181227_n (2) weight. It was also great to see Marie attack the wall ball shots, jumping a good foot in the air for each rep to ensure she reached the 9 foot target (photo evidence is to the right). Marie had our top Masters score for the workout this week. Congrats Marie! We also wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Sam, also of 50 Shades, who did a workout RX for the first time ever with 16.4. She fought like crazy for those deadlifts and used the 14-pound wall ball and the 9-foot target for the first time ever.

It goes without saying that the Nurples took home Team Spirit….again. Photo evidence is below. 50 Shades wins the Community Engagement point for bringing all those yummy deserts for everyone to enjoy after the workout. Man, those were delicious!

The Best Outfit award goes to Red Menace this week. That tutu keeps showing up during the workouts, and Stephanie finally deserves a point for doing all these workouts in the outfit below.

Nathan of the Reapers earned an extra point for his help in judging, cheering, and pushing so many of us to extra reps. When Nathan gets in your ear, you really have no choice but to go faster. Thanks Nathan!

We have a point for Video of the Week. We saw a lot of great clips, but none better than Craig on the rower. He had people behind him, pushing him, cheering him, from his team and others, and when he wanted to slow down, his fellow athletes were ALL OVER HIM (mostly Robin, of course) and Craig just kept on rowing until the buzzer sounded. Make sure the volume is on when you play it. It was a great clip you can see below. Not shown in the clip was Craig sprawling onto the floor when he was done.


Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week goes to Frank (Red Menace) AND Nicole (50 Shades) (photo to the left) who collapsed on the floor together after the workout, and you can clearly see the outline of Nicole’s t-shirt on the floor after she peels off it. Great pic!
Matthew (Mother Thrusters) and Kasey (50 Shades) both also earned points for serving as a good substitute photographer/videographer while Brenden was out of town. Most of the video and pics you saw were from them, as well as Juliann. Thanks to you all. Part of the fun of the Open is seeing the clips and photos.

The Reapers AND Nurples both lost points this week for members not submitting scores to the Games site.

For performance points, our top male RX scorers were Nathan(184), Morgan(175), Brian(175) and Kevin(166). Morgan didn’t submit a score for a previous workout, so Kevin was our third scorer on the Games website. However, Morgan still gets points for being second this week, edging out Brian with his tie-breaker time. Kevin gets one point for his efforts as well. Our top female RX performers were Monica(204), Alexis(201) and Melis(195).

For scaled, Nathaniel of Purple Nurples had the best male score(208), followed closely by two members of Mother Thrusters, Liguori(205) and Tony(203). The Nurples SWEPT the scaled women’s top three behind the performances of Rachael(200), Vicky(195) and Kiernan(187).

For the Masters points, Rich of Red Menace once again earned the top score(160), followed by Kaz(156) of 50 Shades and Steve C.(110) of the Reapers. As mentioned above, Marie paced the Masters women(134), followed by Robin(107) of the Nurples and Kendra (Reapers).

T1. Red Menace – 43
T1. 50 Shades – 43
3. Nurples – 41
4. Reapers – 37
5. Mother Thrusters – 35


Nurples12828544_1227597343931935_4999217196378661279_o (2)

Those tricky Nurples


I’m not sure how Stephanie does all these workouts in this outfit








And Then There Was One

March 20th, 2016 by admin

Week four is nearly in the books!  We have a couple athletes set to take on the brutal chipper Monday…no doubt many of you are feeling the posterior chain burn from all those movements!  We had another amazing Saturday Throw down, great energy and inspiring performances all around.  A special thank you to everyone who came to cheer and support all the athletes!

We will have our usual re-cap of the points, more pictures, and award winners for week 4 on Tuesday. For tonight, we want to announce a couple of things about this coming weekend and 16.5.

For starters, we will celebrate the five weeks of hard work we have endured. We will fire up the grill, crack open some adult beverages and celebrate with a pot luck BBQ after the final heat has concluded. We encourage EVERYONE to attend and stick around, if you can. We will supply the grill and some meat (burgers and hot dogs). The fridge is already well stocked with beer, but feel free to bring whatever you want. If anyone wants to bring a side dish or deserts, please do. The Open hit us with everything it had, so next Saturday we celebrate!

We also wanted to announce an extra bonus point we will be handing out next week. We are going to award a point to the team with the best team photo. The photo must be taken on Saturday at some point during the day. Be advised, if you bring props or anything, it must allow for easy and quick clean up. Be creative, but don’t do anything that will get in the way of the athletes or keep us there for hours cleaning. We know some of you won’t be able to be there due to work constraints…but consideration will be given to those teams with the biggest representation!

We are also going to be doing something different with the heats on Saturday. We are going to split everyone into categories. To start with, all of the coaches will be squaring off in the final heat of the day. It’ll be your chance to cheer your coaches and get in our faces (for once). Other categories we are thinking about are….

1.) First responder/military heat
2.) teachers heat
3.) health care workers heat
4.) businessman/woman heat
5.) Masters heat
6.) Student heat (any type of student who is currently in school)
7.) Coaches heat

We are hoping everyone fits one of those categories. If not, let us know and will get you set up.

Mark your calendars people….Saturday the 26th is going to be a fun day. Come get some!!!!!


And during the last heat of the day….a dance party broke out.


Alexis making those deadlifts look like a PVC pipe


Michelle B. during her set of 55 deadlifts


Yup. Miguel’s expression here sums up everyone’s experience on the rower.


Marie going RX with her DL weight!!!


Papa John getting after it!!!!


Jack finishing up his set of deadlifts


I still don't know how Stephanie WODs in that outfit

I still don’t know how Stephanie WODs in that outfit


We never saw a "no rep!" on the rower before...until Tony judged Kendra ;)

We never saw a “no rep!” on the rower before…until Tony judged Kendra ;)



Week 3 Scores!!!!

March 15th, 2016 by admin

Scores are IN! Below are the standings through three weeks. We have a close race AND a new leader!!!!  We have a lot of points to hand out, so the breakdown is below. It was an AMAZING week and you should all be proud of what you did.

For the Athlete of the Week, the winner is Danielle of The Reapers!!! Danielle did 16.3 for the first time Thursday evening and had trouble with the jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups. There were a lot of no reps and she left pretty frustrated. However, she KNEW she could do better. She attended Monica’s Gymnastic Class Friday afternoon, worked on the pull-ups, and added 70 reps to her score when she re-did the workout Monday afternoon. Danielle’s 16.3 journey is a perfect example that hard work pays off!!!

Team Spirit for 16.3 goes to Team Robin….I mean, the Purple Nurples. They brought all kinds of props into the gym, including the cardboard cutout in the pic to theNurplesDSC_1602 right. Once again, amazing job to the Nurples. Plus, they are at it again. Check the wall at the back of the gym, near the “Goals” board.

For the judge help/special assistance award, Matthew of the Mother Thrusters gets the point this week. This is always a tough point to give because SO many of you donate your time to help judge and make things run smoothly. Matthew sticks out mainly because he showed up at the gym at 6 am Monday to serve as a judge to Anna. Being someone who hates to wake up early, it was amazing to see Matthew show up at that hour. A truly selfless act. Thanks Matthew!!!

Our Photo of the Week is the pic below of Alexis and Nathan. THIS is what the Open is all about. Alexis had just finished 16.3 and, as usual, appreciated Nathan’s encouragement during the workout. LOVE this pic.

Bonus points were also earned by Eliana and Elsa of Red Menace for getting their first bar MU’s, along with Stacey of Mother Thrusters. Once again, it was a special day because of you three!!! We also added a category this week, Video of the Week, which goes to Stacey for her celebration after her bar muscle-up. If you haven’t seen it yet, check our previous blog post or social media. It’s must-see!!!!

For the top performances, we told you there would be a tweak this week, so we decided to award the top FIVE RX men and women this week, instead of the usual top 3. We are so proud of all the athletes that could have gone scaled but chose to go RX , so we wanted to recognize and award points to as many folks as possible! The top score got 5 points and the fifth scorer earned 1 point for their teams. For the men, the top scores were Nathan (Reapers), Kirk (Reapers), Brian (Nurples), Morgan (Thrusters) and Miguel (Nurples). For the women, it was Monica (Red Menace), Alexis (Thrusters), Mikki (50 Shades), Melissa (50 Shades) and Jess (Nurples). For Scaled Men the top 3 were Frank (Red Menace), Dallas (Thrusters) and Jack (Red Menace). For the women’s scaled, the top three were Lisa (Reapers), Rachael (Nurples) and Nicole (50 Shades).

For Masters Scores, top males were Rich (Red Menace), Kaz (50 Shades), and there was a tie for third between Tony (Thrusters) and Steve C. (Reapers). Marie (50 Shades) and Anna (Thrusters) tied for top masters women, followed by Robin (Nurples) and Kendra (Reapers).

Two teams lost points because a member did not report scores. Remember folks! If you miss and WOD due to injury or illness it is still your responsibility to log a score of “1.”

On to 16.4!!!!!

Scores Through 3 Weeks
Red Menace – 35 (14 this week)
50 Shades – 33 (11 this week)
Reapers – 32 (16 this week)
Nurples – 29 (10 this week)
Thrusters – 26 (14 this week)

Photo of the Week!!!!

Photo of the Week!!!!

mikki12238024_888087934637369_8719453494515084166_o (2)

Mikki on her way to 82 reps

Craig12841382_888086644637498_135672765512364942_o (2)

Craig snatching away


It was great to see Justin get his bar muscle-up back!!!!


Lisa posted the top women’s scaled score


Brian, proud of his wife after getting her first bar MU






March 13th, 2016 by admin

We need to invent a new word to describe just how amazing the CrossFit Open has been thus far….and how it keeps getting better and better. Epicness. That’s the new word.

This past Saturday was, by far, one of my favorite days since we opened this gym over 5 years ago. We saw numerous athletes nail their first-ever bar muscle-up during the workout, including two of them in the same heat. I happened to be in that same heat, with Stacey and Elsa, and I kept sneaking peaks at them both because they were getting so close. If I focused on my workout more, I probably would have beaten Froning. Kidding, of course. But I couldn’t resist looking over because I loved the tenacity and grit they were showing. They were SO close on SO many reps, and they just kept trying until the magic finally happened.

I’m posting a video below of Stacey. It’s joy. Pure joy. Knowing you accomplished something after so much hard work. She didn’t want to get down!!!! Then Elsa’s video. It looks like a walk in the park! She had a few seconds left on the clock so she hopped right back up there and almost got rep #2.

Then you see the reactions of everyone else in the gym. You see Alexis pop into the frame of Stacey’s video, jump about 10 feet in the air in celebration, then disappear again (because she was judging Elsa at the time….good thing Elsa was chalking up). You see Brian come over….during his workout….to give congrats to his wife for her accomplishment. You see Nathan trying to coach her how to get down correctly. Or maybe he was trying to get her to swing down again and go right back up? Also a huge thanks to Coach Monica for helping many athletes through drills on Friday during gymnastics class. You were a big part of everyone’s success.

The epicness was through the roof. It was a great morning, and we have two more Saturday mornings to  cheer, sweat, and persevere together. If you haven’t been to a Saturday morning during the Open yet…..drop everything and get there one of these next two weekends…..and witness the epicness yourself!

BRIANunspecified (2)

Brian looking good with those bar MU’s


Eliana on her way to 36 awesome reps!!!!


The moment Elsa got over the bar for the first time!!!


Kasey flying through a set of 10 snatches


Kendra under the watchful eye of Tony


Morgan starting things off Thursday evening


Stacey….pure joy.