Rowing Clinic and Throwdown WOD #1

January 28th, 2015 by admin

As you may have seen on the whiteboard, we are going to hold another rowing clinic, hosted by our friend and Olympic hopeful, Matt McNeil from the Maritime Rowing Club in Norwalk. There will be two clinics on Sunday morning, Feb. 1. The first is at 9 am for those of you who took the class on December 7.  This will build on the skills you learned in the first seminar and focus on drills to improve efficiency on the rower. There will be a second time slot at 10 am for novices or people who haven’t taken his clinic before. This class will focus on proper technique and correcting common faults in your row. If you are looking to improve your rowing, we highly recommend this clinic. All of our coaches spent a couple of hours with Matt in December and learned some very helpful tips. Please sign up ASAP, as we will be capping each class at 7 people. Cost is $15 per person.

We also are announcing the first workout for our In-House Throwdown on Feb. 8. See below.

3 Rounds for each athlete, 1 athlete works at a time, running clock
1:00 on the clock for each athlete
10 box jumps (Master’s and L1 may do step ups)
AMRAP burpees in remaining time

Teams can choose order of athletes. Athlete 1 will have 1 minute to complete 10 box jumps and then do as many burpees as possible in the remaining time. When the minute finishes, athlete 2 will immediately begin the same workout, followed by the third athlete. The workout will continue until each athlete has complete THREE rounds. Score = total number of burpees.

Standards for box jump – hips must be open on top of box. L3 and L2 athletes – 24 inches for the men, 20 inches for women. L1 athletes and Masters athletes – 20 inches for the men, 16 inches for the women

Standards for the Burpees!! At bottom, hips and chest must be on floor. At top, hips must be open and athlete must be upright when jumping and clapping overhead. If the athlete is hinged forward at the hip when jumping, it will be a no-rep. There is no prescribed height you have to jump, as long as both feet are off the ground when clapping overhead.

DSC_0950 (2)

Christian and Mindy battling through a set of dead lifts

DSC_0955 (2)

Michelle B. with her game face on

DSC_0963 (2)

Jill, Jane and Angie (welcome!) working on their deadlifts


DSC_0972 (2)

Carlos, Walsh and some of the 5 pm crew

DSC_0977 (2)

Malu looked strong with her dead lifts today


Congrats to Justin for getting his first bar muscle-up today!

Congrats to Justin for getting his first bar muscle-up today!


Monday's half-day snow WOD

Monday’s half-day snow WOD





The Throwdown Teams!!!!

January 27th, 2015 by admin

The highlight of the snow day today was being able to sit down and make teams for the upcoming in-house throwdown!!!!! Below are the teams. We tried to make sure everyone was teamed with different people from the first throwdown. If you signed up for the competition and we somehow missed you, let us know! It seems too easy that we had exactly the right number of competitors. We have less than 2 weeks until the Competition. If you cannot make the event, please let us know ASAP so we can find a replacement.

We didn’t have the same number of L3, L2 and L1 athletes signed up, so in the list below, the first name will be considered the team’s L3 athlete. L2 is the second name and the L1 athlete is the third name. As the workouts come out, let us know if you need to scale a movement according to the standards set out in the workout description. We will also have Masters standards as well.

We will start announcing the workouts soon, so be sure to get with your team and talk strategy. We’ll also need a team name from everyone. We’ll be posting teams on the white board and you can write in your team name there.

We’ll host a Pot Luck social after the Competition, and we will welcome family and friends to come cheer you on! Can’t wait for February 8th!!!!

Odds and Ends: We are going to begin a make-over to the club room this weekend. We are asking everyone to take your gear home with you by Friday. We will need to empty out the room to put in new flooring, and we don’t want any of your gear to get lost. Thanks for your understanding! We think you’ll love the new room when we’re finished.

1.) Dave, Amber, Donna
2.) Tanya, Mike L., Jane
3.) Carlos, Natalie T., Vanessa
4.) Walsh, Rose, Kristen
5.) Mikey, Mindy, Rita
6.) Lou, Shayna, Malu
7.) Rich, Dallas, Mara
8.) Kim B., Amy, Papa John
9.) Michelle C., Tony, Nicole Q.
10.) Brian S., Nathaniel, Kendra
11.) Jess D., Will, Cathy
12.) Stacey, Brenden, Marie
13.) Miguel, Michelle B., Mike D.
14.) Paul C., Mel D., Vicky
15.) Adam, Jeanine, Kim P.
16.) Elsa, TP, Cris

DSC_0942 (2)

Despite the distractions, TP ripped through his 500m row repeats on Monday

DSC_0943 (2)

TP with some payback


Here Comes the Snow

January 25th, 2015 by admin

Week three of the Nutrition Challenge is here, and a big winter storm is coming to help usher in the week. The forecast isn’t good, folks. Depending on when the storm hits and how strong it is, Monday evening classes are a question mark, and we will probably be closed all day Tuesday. So, get to the gym Monday and hit an early class, if you can. If you haven’t found CrossFit 203 on facebook yet, please find us, as we post weather cancellation notices there. If facebook isn’t your thing, feel free to call us and get the scoop at 203-525-3005.

Nutrition participants, be sure to get your week 2 score on the board.  Your bonus point for week 3 is hydration!  In order to earn your bonus point you must drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces EVERY day. For example a 140lb female must drink 70 ounces every day next week Monday-Sunday to earn her bonus point.  Grab a water bottle and keep track!

As for the upcoming shoveling workload, my position on blizzards is to shovel every single hour. It’s much easier to shovel an inch or two at a time as opposed to clearing two feet in one shot. Plus, it’ll allow you to keep a consistent sweat going, so it’s like an all-day WOD!

The deadline for signing up for the in-house throwdown on Feb. 8 has passed, so we will begin making teams and hopefully announce them by the end of the week. If we have any last-second requests to join in, let us know by Monday evening. We will spend Tuesday’s snow day making teams. We will probably also announce one of the workouts this week….stay tuned!!!!

DSC_0897 (2)

The Sunday 9 am class beginning the madness!!!

DSC_0909 (2)

Kirk and Tanya finishing up the last set of 10 snatches

DSC_0911 (2)

Dave toying with the 135# bar

DSC_0916 (2)

Shayna and Amy fighting through that set of snatches

DSC_0919 (2)

Mike D. looking strong with the barbell

DSC_0925 (2)

Packed Sunday Masters class starting the WOD







Sweatpants, Credit Cards and Throwdowns

January 22nd, 2015 by admin

DSC_0864 (2)Sweatpants are IN!!!! For anyone who ordered, we’ll make sure you get your pair, then we’ll open things up for other people to purchase some. Talk to Kirk or Melissa the next time you are at the box.

In other news, we are finally starting to embrace technology and will start to accept payments via credit card starting in February. We can accept cards for anything we sell, from gear to supplements to Foundations or punch card classes.  (For regular membership we will stick with our auto pay already in place). If you want this option, we will be adding 2.75% to every purchase.

One last reminder before the weekend to sign up for the In-House Throwdown by Sunday! We need some Level 1 athletes to even out the numbers. Folks, you will all be able to do this competition. No need to be nervous. There will be no muscle-ups or max lifts. You’ll be able to handle it. Let’s do this Level 1′s!!!!!!




DSC_0830 (2)

Morgan ripping through the ring push-up ladder

DSC_0840 (2)

Damon, Migs and Natalie

DSC_0847 (2)

Brenden battling with 235# during the front squat ladder while Carlos, Mike T. and Walsh work some ring push-ups

DSC_0863 (2)

Mikey Moves and the 6 pm crew having fun.

DSC_0865 (2)

Mike L. working through the ladder


DSC_0874 (2)

If you haven’t taken one of Melissa’s “Mobility and Stability” classes, you’re missing out!

DSC_0885 (2)

Mike and Kim getting after a set of 20 KBS






Open Gym and In-House Throwdown Deadline

January 20th, 2015 by admin

The CrossFit Open is rapidly approaching and many of you are eager to get in extra work at the gym. So, we have decided to officially open up a couple of more Open Gym times. Monday and Wednesday at 3 pm will now be an Open Gym. This time will be for getting in an extra lift or making up anything you might have recently missed. If that time is the only time you can get to the gym that day, you may also do the regular WOD that every other class will be doing.

We are also keeping the 4 pm lifting-only Open Gym Tuesdays at 4 pm (in the side room), and Sunday morning at 8:30 am.

The deadline to sign up for the February 8th In-House Throwdown will be Sunday! If you want a spot please post your name on the board at the box. You aren’t going to want to miss this!!!!


DSC_0737 (2)

Some of the guys in different positions during a wall ball shot, but it made for a cool picture

DSC_0761 (2)

Nathaniel locking out a DB thruster

DSC_0765 (2)

Alexis with a nice 183-pound C&J on Saturday!!!!

DSC_0784 (2)

Great, great, great to see Cris back in action!!!!

DSC_0795 (2)

The noon class at the start of the filthy 50

DSC_0808 (2)

Dallas with a PR on his back squat










The Open is Open

January 15th, 2015 by admin

Registration for the 2015 CrossFit Open is LIVE!!! For anyone who is new to the gym, this is a worldwide competition that we get to do from our home here at CrossFit 203. It’s the first step en route to the CrossFit Games this summer in Los Angeles. That said, you don’t need to be a fire-breather to compete. This year, more than any other, everyone will be able to participate!

The format for the Open has changed and the big news is the addition of a scaled division! We aren’t sure of the exact format, but we are guessing that two versions of each workout will be released and you can choose RX or scaled. We do the workouts here at 203, submit scores on-line, and you can see how you stack up against everyone in the world.

Anyone who has participated in the Open before will probably tell you it was worth it. They’ll tell you they had fun and they pushed themselves harder than they ever thought possible. We saw so many great performances the last four years.

We hope to make this a big community event each week. The workouts will be released every Thursday at 8 pm for five weeks, starting Thursday, Feb. 26. Athletes must complete the workout by the following Monday at 8 pm. We will have three dedicated times to do the workouts. Some people like to do the WOD immediately after it’s announced, so we will host people Thursday evenings like previous years. We will also get a big group together Saturday mornings. We will have our regular 9 am class for people who aren’t interested in the Open, then the competitors will take over the gym at around 10 am. Sunday morning at Open Gym will also be an option. If anyone needs last licks, we will offer Monday evenings by appointment only, to ensure a judge is available.

We will cheer for each other. We will grunt and sweat and maybe even bleed. And it’ll be fun because we will be together. Is anyone here going to the CrossFit Games? Probably not. But that doesn’t matter. We are going to squeeze every rep we possibly can out of these workouts and we’ll have fun doing it.

Join in. Join us. Let’s throw down. Below is the link to sign up and join team 203!!!!!

Click HERE to visit the Games website and sign up.

DSC_0627 (2)

The 9 am class starting the press/lunge workout

DSC_0652 (2)

Kristen and Elsa looking strong with their lunges

DSC_0654 (2)

Tuesday 5 pm crew hitting the rowers hard!

DSC_0661 (2)

Shayna in great position with this lunge

DSC_0694 (2)

Migs with a nice 245-pound OHS PR!!!!

DSC_0702 (2)

And Amy hit 135!!!!











Winter In-House Competition!!!!

January 12th, 2015 by admin

We are excited about the start of our latest Nutrition Challenge, but we also have another fun event to talk about. It’s time for another in-house competition!!! We would like to get everyone who is interested to sign up at the box, and hopefully organize teams by the last week of January to allow the smack talk to begin!

The competition will be held on SUNDAY, February 8 and start at approximately 9 am. The completion will finish by early afternoon and will be the same format as last time. Each team will have three members, a Level 3 athlete, a Level 2 athlete and a Level 1. The teams will be picked by Kirk and Melissa. We will be creative with the workouts to ensure the L3 athletes are challenged, and the Level 1 athletes will also be able to handle the work load. Anyone from beginner to advanced athletes should sign up. Literally everyone at this box will be able to do the workouts. If you are curious about CrossFit competitions, this is the perfect way to get a taste of it.

Our first in-house competition was one of the most fun days we’ve had here at CrossFit 203. The team of Tanya, Dallas and Kaitlyn took home the championship, and we were proud of everyone who participated. Who will take home the championship and get their names engraved on the plaque this time? Train hard and it could be you.

Let Kirk or Melissa know if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll be putting a sign-up sheet on the white board tomorrow. Can’t wait!

DSC_0563 (2)

Morgan throwing some weight around

DSC_0570 (2)

Babs in great position with this squat

DSC_0579 (2)

If anyone needs a 15-pound plate, Rose has it

DSC_0598 (2)

Rita standing tall with this deadlift

DSC_0608 (2)

Tanya setting up for a heavy set of 5

DSC_0613 (2)

TP getting after the challenge WOD

DSC_0614 (2)

Meg lifting heavy!

DSC_0620 (2)

Brenden in good starting position


Let the Clean Eating Begin!!!

January 11th, 2015 by admin

Our much anticipated first Nutrition Challenge of 2015 officially kicks off in just a few short hours at midnight. We hope you all have prepared for the week and have a plan for your meals and gym time. It looks like we have about 40 eager people signed up and ready to clean up their nutrition after a brutal Holiday season.

The Challenge workout is set for Monday. If you can’t get to the box, contact Kirk or Melissa to schedule another time. Be sure to look at our previous post HERE for rules and guidelines for the challenge. If anyone has questions about what to eat, you will be asked to join a facebook group on Monday morning. This will be a place to fire away with any questions you have about food or nutrition. Of course, you can also ask a coach at the gym.

We will start to take “before” pictures before or after class times on Monday. Or, email the pictures that you took at home to us (

One note about pictures. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable taking these “before” pictures and the last thing we want is for you to avoid this challenge because we asked you to strip down. I think by now you can trust us…..we don’t care how you look. All we care about is you making progress within the five weeks of this challenge. No judgments will be made. We will not show these photos to ANYONE without your permission. We need two angles…from the front and back. Whether they are taken at home or the gym, you must take your “after” photos in the exact same spot.

If anyone else wants to join in, let us know ASAP! We hope you do.

Good luck everyone! Let’s see what you can do in five weeks!!!!!

SCHEDULE NOTE: It looks like we MAY get some icy weather in the AM. We will post the status of the 6 am class by 5:15 at the latest. Cross your fingers that we can have a full day of classes!!!

DSC_0544 (2)

Some of the Sunday 9 am crew working hard

DSC_0535 (2)

Mindy doing her burpees while Elsa locks out a jerk

DSC_0501 (2)

Alberto and Melis starting “Nate” on Saturday morning

DSC_0536 (2)

It was great to see Jake back in town for the last few weeks!










The Food, The Details

January 8th, 2015 by admin

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”   (CrossFit Journal, September 2002, Greg Glassman)

The above statement will be the basis for our Nutrition Challenge that starts on Monday. To take it a step further, you won’t be allowed ANY type of sugar, from honey, maple syrup, agave to cane syrup, or anything like that. If you truly want to reach your goals, you’ll have to sacrifice all of that sweet stuff. As for “little starch,” we will be allowing only sweet potatoes. You will receive negative points for any bread and grains, rice or white potatoes.

Some things to watch out for include condiments and sauces, which almost always seem to include added sugar. Shop the outer perimeter of the store and avoid foods with labels. Dairy is not recommended, but you will not lose points. Again read labels carefully as many dairy products do include added sugars.

We have over 30 people signed up so far and hope to see more names on the board by Sunday’s entry deadline. First place will take 70 percent of the pot. Second gets 20 percent, and third place gets 10 percent. That’s a nice reward for getting super fit, folks! Who will take home all that cash?!

You will have a chance to score 1 point every day for clean eating. One slip-up and you will score 0 for that day. Any further slip ups or cheats will lose another point, putting you at a negative score for the day. We will have a whiteboard set up to record your score each week.

As a reminder, one alcoholic drink will be allowed per week. Anything more than that and you start losing points, one point for any additional drinks for the week. Weekend benders will result in lots of lost points.

We will be requiring food logs. However, not everyone will have to submit each week. We will randomly ask for food logs from certain people every Monday morning. The food log must be submitted by 5:00 pm that day. You do not get a bonus point for having your log completed, however, failure to submit your log will results in one negative point.

Another point comes from attendance at the gym. Plan your week and make sure you get at least three workouts. This point you either get or you don’t. Travel/hotel workouts ARE allowed as long as you report the workout you did to Kirk or Melis. (Home WODs will NOT be accepted)

Remember to submit your “before” photos to Kirk or Melissa by Wednesday, January 14. If you wish to have your photos taken at the gym, grab a coach before or after class. You can send your photos to Photos are confidential, of course. We would never post or release your photos without permission.

We may issue a challenge some weeks. This may be some sort of a physical challenge, or another type of challenge. If you complete the challenge, you will receive a bonus point for the week.

Total points available to earn for the week is 10 (7 food points, 1 alcohol point, 1 gym attendance point, and 1 potential bonus point)! We will kick things off with a Challenge WOD on Monday that we will re-rest at the end of the challenge. If you are not able to make it in, be sure to notify us so we can arrange another day/time for you to do it!

Things kick off Sunday night at midnight and the challenge will run 5 weeks ending February 15th. For anyone who wants to participate, you have until Sunday to enter and pay the $20 buy-in.

We are looking forward to seeing what 5 weeks of clean eating does for everyone!!! Good luck!

DSC_0431 (2)

Migs was looking good with his muscle-ups on Tuesday!

DSC_0442 (2)

I swear Stacey knows when her picture is being taken, so she strikes a pose.

DSC_0390 (2)

Alexis got a nice 215-pound front squat PR!!!!

DSC_0416 (2)

That ball has a long way to travel with T.P.

DSC_0420 (2)

Terri working through her lunges

DSC_0428 (2)

Babs stringing together her muscle-ups!

DSC_0440 (2)

Monica and Dave working on some TGU’s


The 4 pm crew starting their 21 back squats

The 4 pm crew starting their 21 back squats


















Challenge Anyone??

January 4th, 2015 by admin

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter at the box, and the results are in…….the Holidays were brutal. Yes, they were fun, but they were also B-R-U-T-A-L when it came to your nutrition. Many, many of you have looked forward to getting to the box like never before after consuming more cookies, pastries, bread, drinks and other goodies than you can count. Pretty much everyone feels bloated, slow, and generally disgusted with themselves.

Where do we go from here? A Nutrition Challenge, of course! By popular demand we have decided to run a short challenge this winter! Here is what we have planned. You will be competing individually, with a start date of Monday, Jan. 12. It will be a 5-week challenge. As you’ve heard us say before, we get frustrated when YOU get frustrated about your weight. The number on the scale isn’t the focus of these challenges, so we won’t be weighing you at all this time. You will be scored in five categories.

1.) Before and after photos
2.) Improvement in 1 challenge workout
3.) Food points/food log
4.) Alcohol points.
5.) Gym attendance. At least 3 times a week is the standard.
****Note we will allow ONE (serving size) adult beverage per week. ****

More details about food/alcohol points will be released later this week. Your main goals for this challenge are to look better naked and smash the challenge workout. You will do this through nutrition and getting your butt to the gym. That said, we have a tough job ahead of us in judging the before and after photos. So, you will have to strip down. Men will have to be shirtless. Women should do a sports-bra. This, of course, can be done in the privacy of your home (just email us the pictures) or we can take it for you at the gym. If you wear a shirt, it’s almost impossible to judge your photos. Don’t worry, Kirk and Melissa will be the only people to see these photos (unless you give us permission to show the results of your amazing transformation).

We will post a sign-up sheet on the white board. There will be a $20 buy-in with the money being split by the top three finishers. Money must be paid by Sunday, Jan. 11th!

The challenge ends Sunday, Feb. 15, so we will finish just before the first CrossFit Open workout, which is released Thursday, Feb. 26. For anyone looking to compete, this will be a great way to make sure your body is running on all cylinders.

GEAR REMINDER: If you missed our post on Friday, we are ordering sweatpants and also more tanks/tees/sweatshirts. Give us a shout if you want a pair, and give us your size. We will try to order soon!