Nutrition Challenge and Kettlebell Kitchen

August 25th, 2016 by admin

Anyone up for another….NEW Nutrition Challenge? We won’t be running this one ourselves…..there is a challenge starting up on September 12 and it’s called the Lurong Living Championship Challenge and it’s open to everyone around the country. Everything is run on-line, including challenge workouts where you can win prizes, meal plans, different levels of diet plans, and all kinds of other advice and assistance to help you meet your goals. Here is a link to the website.

There are three different levels of diets, Elite, Pro and Starter, depending on how strict you want to get with this. If you are familiar with nutrition challenges, we suggest going with Elite or Pro. Beginners should start with the Starter program. As for the workouts, there are RX and scaled levels and the workouts they have done in the past have been fun and challenging.

The CEO of Lurong Living, Adam Greenburg, will be here Monday evening, Aug. 29 to talk about the challenge, so try to be at the 4, 5, or 6 pm class to hear about the details. Lurong is a supplement company so he will also be bringing samples of what they sell.

In addition to Adam, a representative from Kettle Bell Kitchen will be here to talk about their food service. If we partner with them, you, our members, can order fresh food from them, they deliver directly to the gym, and you bring them home. Three minutes in the microwave and you can have a fast, fresh, healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. For those of you with little time to spare for prepping and cooking, this is perfect for you. We have had the opportunity to sample some meals and they are really good!

Below is a bit more about Kettlebell Kitchen…..

Kettlebell Kitchen delivers delicious, paleo and clean meal offerings to gyms in the tri-state area and beyond. Our chefs cook up healthful, goal-focused meals from the best produce and ingredients possible. In today’s world convenience is everything, and we want to simplify the struggle people have with food to meet their goals—whether weight loss, muscle gain, or sports performance. Order online and our meals are conveniently delivered right to your gym! Our mission is to functionally enhance the human body by giving it the right nutrients to thrive! 

If anyone is interested in a service like this, please let us know.



This is what happens when you dislike boxes during max height “box” jump day


Lisa posted a very solid time for “Nancy” on Monday


Kaila landing a high box jump in front of her cheering section




After Fran


Nicole toying with the deadlifts during “Diane” Wednesday


Great to see Brenden tossing heavy weight around again!!!!


Stephanie working on her L-sit


Najah settling under a clean











August 21st, 2016 by admin

This week is all about intensity. We will be doing a series of “benchmark” workouts….aka some of the infamous “Girl” workouts. For our newer athletes who may not know, the girl workouts are a series of CrossFit workouts that are all named. The purpose behind the workouts are to serve as a measuring stick of sorts. We aim to repeat these workouts every so often in order to track your progress as an athlete. If you do “Cindy” today, then again in six months, and you add 3 rounds during the 20 minute AMRAP….you know our program is working!

We have chosen seven of our favorites that we have not done recently. We plan to repeat them at some point this winter.

Many of these benchmark workouts don’t include super heavy weights, and are meant to really push your intensity level. Ask a coach this week, “why did Coach Greg Glassman name all these workouts after girls?…”

You should be moving fast, not spending much time staring at the barbell or pull-up bar or whatnot. That said, choose your modification wisely to ensure intensity.

In addition to that, we will be doing other random benchmark-type testing. For example (and we won’t be doing this one) a 1 mile run time trial. These extra benchmark tests won’t interfere with the main WOD but will be a fun accessory to help test and assess your fitness.  Be sure to log all times, weights and rounds diligently this week as we will test them again this winter.

It should be a fun week. See you at the box!!!!


Stephanie and Anna with some early morning T2B


Nathaniel looking strong with his deadlifts


Part of Monica’s Friday Gymnastics class was to just hang out on top of that bar for a bit. Nothing to it!


Jill finishing up a sled drag


Chad taking it home


When your legs are jelly at the end of a sled drag… just might need a little help from a friend


Some of the Sunday Masters Class working hard!








Sunday Fun Day

Battle for the Bell V

August 18th, 2016 by admin

Our favorite competition of the year is almost here!!!! The date and workouts for the fifth annual Battle for the Bell competition have been released. The big day is Saturday, Oct. 15 and it is being held at CrossFit Strongtown down the road in Southbury! This is a competition we have done in years past and always have a great time! The format is; teams of 4 (2 male/2 female) with both an RX (Big Bell) and scaled (Little Bell) divisions, meaning ANY of you can join the fun.

This is a “laid-back” competition that you don’t have to feel nervous about. It started as an idea to get some old friends together from a few local gyms. The atmosphere is really supportive and many of our athletes have had a great ‘first competition’ experience with Battle for the Bell.

At the end of the competition, the winning teams from the Big Bell and Little Bell divisions take home a trophy to their gym. The trophy is well-traveled and we hope to bring one, if not both, back to 203 this year!!!!!

The workouts are listed on THIS LINK. Check them out, figure out if you want to do the Big Bell or Little Bell, and we will start putting teams together!!!!


It was great to see Kim pop in for a visit!!!


Michelle B. in great position with this clean


The 5 pm crew somehow mustered the energy to take this pic in Zach’s farewell WOD. What a WOD that was!!!! (oooops….we forgot to take a pic of the board!)


Damien looked strong with his legless rope climbs!


Dr. Mike getting up that rope


Stephanie getting the hang of those rope climbs


Doreen working hard with those climbs


Alberto and Arun going legless


Pat getting some solid practice with those pesky bar MU’s


CLOS, Connor and Rich working on those MU’s


Coach Mikki got in 11 MU’s today!








August 14th, 2016 by admin

We want to say a sincere THANK YOU to our amazing coaches for all of their work in putting together their weeks of programming.  Programming a week of WODs that is smart, varied, challenging, and comprehensive is a lot of work.  Your coaches all put in a lot of time and effort, and we are so grateful!  

The response from our athletes has been great! Everybody we talked to all said they loved the workouts and they enjoyed the different styles we saw across the past eight weeks.

The workouts were fantastic and all, but we also loved the action we saw on facebook and social media (all those great hashtags) and the chatter around the box. We urge you to keep that going! We thought it was so fun to see so much conversation, photos, videos and even more creative hashtags.

Even though we go back to “regular” programming by us, we will once again strive to come up with fun, creative, tough, effective and safe workouts for all of you. That said….we are looking at another HOT week so keep up with your hydration. We keep saying that, but it’s so important at this time of year.

Once again, thanks to our coaches. We can’t wait to do this again next summer!!!!


Some squat therapy before a workout


Lisa flying through a set of v-ups


Melis landing a clean and jerk


The Saturday 9 am class working through the snatch complex



Josh looking strong


Kim under that bar










Winners and Losers

August 11th, 2016 by admin


You’ve probably seen the following photo on facebook or someplace on the internet or social media. We can’t help but immediately think of how it applies to anddontlooknexttoyou13901420_10153791958391299_6813430521917519143_n relates to CrossFit. Many of you have probably heard us say, “don’t worry about the person next to you….do your own thing and worry about YOUR workout.” A little friendly competition with others is a great thing…but what is really important is the competition within yourself towards betterment.

Over and over again this rings true. If you worry about the person next to you and let them dictate your workout or pacing, you’re screwed. Do what YOU are capable of doing and make sure YOU get a good workout with weights and reps that YOU can handle.

“Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.” If you watched the Olympics, you probably saw Michael Phelps focusing only on himself and his races. Others were preoccupied with pre-race stare downs, shadow boxing, which I guess was designed to be some sort of mind game (nice try), or too busy glancing at him every 3 seconds during a race. This obsession with Phelps and what HE was doing led fellow competitor Chad le Clos to fail to medal despite being a favorite heading into the race.

Phelps, meanwhile, kept looking straight ahead (with his Darth Vader stare and all) and went about his business collecting more gold medals.

This is a valuable lesson. Apply it to yourself and your time at the gym and you will reach the goals you strive for. Before you know it, this same attitude you hold at the gym will bleed out to all other areas in your life.  You’ll find success and happiness chasing what matters most to you.


Kim taking the sled for a ride


It’s always good to see Solla throwing weights around


Mikey working through those tough front squats


Tony still working hard despite a little softball injury. Nothing stops this guy.


Lauren landing a clean and jerk


Jack moving some weight


Craig getting after a sled push!!!!!!










August 8th, 2016 by admin

A big thanks to Coach Sarah for her brutal great week of programming. Wind shield wipers, push-ups into squat snatches, evil wheels, hollow holds to superman holds, scooter pikes, and a WOD that punished you unless you have a REALLY fast 200 m sprint. Whew. What a week!

No time for rest though, because Coach Monica will conclude our coaches programming this week. #MonicaMadness! Monday was a jam-packed class and everyone seemed to love it even though it was a super tough workout. She has some amazing workouts planned so you better be here a lot this week!

See you at the box.


The CrossFit Kids playing a risky water balloon game


Justin and Stacey enjoying some outside WODing


Dr. Mike looked strong with his cleans today


A squat-fest at 4 pm


Zach throwing around those cleans


Kaila with that awesome squat of hers


Very thankful Pat finally got some new sneaks. Those old ones just looked painful.




Sunday (sorry....forgot to take a pic of Saturday board)

Sunday (sorry….forgot to take a pic of Saturday board)


Monday #MonicaMadness

Monday #MonicaMadness


August Member Spotlight!!!!!

August 3rd, 2016 by admin

DSC_4270Our August Member Spotlight is Rachael!!!!!! Rachael hasn’t even been with us for a full year yet, but she has quickly become a dedicated member of 203. She is a PROUD member of our 6 am crew. She’s here ready to go, bright and early, nearly every morning. And if some of her fellow 6 am-ers decide to sleep in….well, they are sure to hear from Rachael later in the day. Even though she was so new to CrossFit, Rachael decided to sign up for the Open, and did SO well on many of the workouts. As a matter of fact, for our in-house competition with the Open, Rachael scored major points with the scaled workouts for her team. As she says below, Rachael is JUST a little competitive and she busts her butt for every single workout and motivates everyone around her.  Rachael came to us with a great athletic background and has been quick to make progress.  We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for this tiny beast!

Name: Rachael McGrath

Where are you originally from?  Jersey City (born) Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (raised)

What high school and/or college did you attend?  Danbury High and Fairfield University

Favorite sports teams: Tennessee Lady Vols – I BLEED ORANGE!!

What do you do for work? Assistant Director Bethel Parks & Recreation

When and why did you start CrossFit: Started in January of this year because I was looking for a change from the regular gym routines.  Knowing I am just a little competitive ;-)  CrossFit intrigued me, and I pretty much fell in love with it right off the bat, and went unlimited by the 3rd month because I couldn’t get enough!

Favorite and Least Favorite Lift?: OHS SUCK!!  Not really, just not great at them… yet… something to work on!

My favorite lift is definitely Deadlifts!!!

What was your first workout, and what did you think after finishing? Oh it was a spicy one: 70 burpees, 40 ghd (I am sure I did abmat sit-ups), 50 C2B (I used a band), 40 KBS and 30 HSPU – took 19:35 – needless to say it was exhausting, but at the end I couldn’t wait to see what the next day would bring!

Greatest CrossFit Achievement so far: There are so many since I am such a newb!  But I can string together kipping pull-ups, and that makes me happy.

CrossFit Goal for 2016:  Working on DU’s (I want to string more than 2 together and NOT jump backwards ;-) , get better in all the Olympic lifts and be more consistent with food.

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: Was once a Division 1 basketball coach & recruiting coordinator at Quinnipiac University, and no one ever believes me but I am half Filipino.

Complete the sentence, “CrossFit should…… thrilling each time you walk in the door.  You may not like what you see on the white board when you walk in, but when time is up you feel amazing!”

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….. hanging out at home, visiting friends and family…I need my sleep for those 6 AM classes! J

Other comments?: I am so glad I made the decision back in January to give CrossFit a chance!  The coaches (ALL of them, even the ones I only see sometimes) and the people (especially my 6 am crew) make getting up almost every morning EASY.  I can’t wait to see my weaknesses become strengths, and to just keep enjoying this ride!


This crew all had their game faces on at 6 am


Connor at the bottom of a pause squat


Robin looking WAY too comfortable at the bottom of her squat


Michelle and Teresa looking solid with their squats









August 1st, 2016 by admin

Thanks to Coach Mikki #trikkimikki for her great week of programming last week! We started the week with a lot of barbell….then the “Mikki” WOD we all expected with that strict HSPU, T2B and dip workout….and we heard rave reviews for her Sunday 3-person team workout. It was a great way to end her week. Thanks again Mikki.

If you came to the gym Monday… certainly will remember Coach Sarah’s first workout of the week, #DestroyedByTinyDancer, #SquashedBySarah. Sarah has some unique, fun, challenging workouts in store so be sure to get to the box this week!!!!

We leave you with the video below. We surly aren’t making fun of Brian…..this is how pretty much ALL of us felt and looked during our first snatch attempt after doing 100 push-ups. Destroyed, and thoroughly confused why our arms simply didn’t function anymore. A select few of you nailed your snatches, including your first one. To you I say……I’m very impressed.

See you at the box!!!!!


The second heat of the Friday 6 pm class hitting that tough row/wall ball workout.


Carlos looking good at the bottom of this squat clean


Rita and Donna attacking the tires on Sunday


Kendra, Damon and Alexis huddling in front of the fan for their 100 push-ups


Kaila with a good bail while, in the background, Jess wonders if she can simply hold her arms over her head.



In all seriousness….it’s important to learn how to bail correctly….we all got plenty of practice today, including Shayna.



Friday….loved this little burner








The Summer of DU’s

July 28th, 2016 by admin

Let’s not forgot folks……THIS IS THE SUMMER OF THE DOUBLE (and triple) UNDERS!!!!  I guess we got away from it because, with our coaches programming, we just realized we went about two and a half weeks without double-unders in a workout. Hey, it happens. No matter, though. YOU SHOULD STILL BE PRACTICING DOUBLE-UNDERS ON THE REGULAR!!!! You cannot and will not get better without practice, practice, and more practice. Remember….we are talking about PRACTICE!!! 

One of our shining examples of this is Stacey. Stacey was with us for a LONG time and finally got fed up with doing single-unders in workouts. So what did Stacey do? She came to every open gym, and while everyone else was lifting and doing workouts, she was working on her double-unders. Before class, she’d grab her rope and work double-unders for a few minutes. After her workout was over, she’d work on it for a few more minutes. Fast forward to today and Stacey can routinely do 100 in a row. One day, I gave her a test and told her to do two sets of max double-unders…….she did 99 the first set, then 100 the second set. Loved it!

It takes hard work and practice. And some good tips. Below are a couple of videos to help. As always, ask a coach as you are practicing and we will help you out. Let’s get some more names on that blackboard!


Cathy looking solid with this push press


Stephanie getting work done


Paula doing some HSPU on her 1-year CrossFit Anniversary!!!!


Nathaniel making short work of those strict dips


Mike, CLOS, Zach and Damon during the first set of pull-ups on Thursday


Alexis rehabbing her knee and getting some quality time with the airdyne


Mikki practicing her butterfly pull-ups while Lauren works hard with her ring rows









July 25th, 2016 by admin

A big thanks to Coach Rich for his week of programming last week #wreckedbyrich #bOUCHer. We definitely heard about some sore back sides after that tough back rack lunge workout on Tuesday! Thanks Rich! We have another great week coming up as Coach Mikki takes over programming. There are some fun, tough, creative workouts here and we can’t wait to hit them! The hashtag for the week is #TrikkiMikki, or better yet, #caliente!!!! Have fun with it!!!!

We had our second swim WOD at Reed Beach on Sunday and we are looking to continue it. Weather pending, we will do it again next Sunday at 11 am.  Sign up on the white board by Saturday morning if you will be coming so we can plan accordingly.

Speaking of weather, it’s going to be HOT again this week with a few 90-degree days. Please remember to hydrate and stay safe!!!

DSC_4092 (2)

Lizette looking strong at 6 am!!!


Morgan putting up a solid time for “Isabel”


Chad finishing a snatch


Lucy starting “Isabel”


Aaron on his way up with a heavy lift


Some of the 5 pm crew getting after it


Terri back in action!!!!




THURSIMG_20160721_201504110 SUNDAYIMG_2956