JUST GO!!!!!!

May 7th, 2017 by admin

I had one of those days last week….I’m having trouble finding the exact word, but I guess I was feeling sluggish. A little sore but nothing crazy. I had already worked out three days that week, I debated back and forth with myself if I should even work out. Maybe I should rest. But I actually had time to hit the 9 am class so I went in. Why not?

We warmed up and I started to feel better….I started to WAKE UP and not feel so groggy! I felt pretty good during the lift and then we did that short, intense piece with a 20 cal bike, 20 burpees, 200 m run. It was a burner, and as I was stretching afterwards I couldn’t help but think….THANK GOD I SHOWED UP TODAY….I FEEL GREAT AND ACCOMPLISHED AND I WOULD BE SO PISSED AT MYSELF IF I DECIDED NOT TO GO!!!!

Even after all these years of doing CrossFit, I sometimes forget how awesome you can feel after these workouts. How accomplished you feel….like you really did something good and fun! Sometimes I lose sight of that. I have to really remind myself and have this internal dialogue, “hey, dummy, if you have time to hit a class….JUST F*CKING GO!!! Don’t you know how amazing you will feel afterwards???!!! No excuses. Just go, and you can thank me later!”

So this is my message to you. If you have time to go to a class, JUST GO!!!! When have you ever come to the gym and regretted it? Admit it, you always feel like a million bucks after pushing yourself in these workouts with this great community. There is no better feeling.

See you at the gym real soon, right?

WOD SPOILER: Rope climb warning for Monday. Bring those high socks!!!!


Jack got his first taste of tire juice this spring at Thursday’s Strongman Class!!!!!


Brutal little sprint on the bikes!!!


Alberto, Kirk and Pat cycling through those push jerks on Saturday


We loved Monica’s gymnastics class warm-up so much on Friday….we did some of it on Saturday as well


Melis looking strong with her OHS


Shaun, Angie and Sara in the middle of a barbell hold during Sunday’s partner workout









Sip ‘N Stretch

May 3rd, 2017 by admin

Save the date!  On Friday, May 27th, we are hosting a “Sip ‘N Stretch”.  Join us at 7 pm for some yoga and wine!  It’ll be a great way to unwind, relax, and get in some much needed mobility!  Melissa Silva is a great yoga instructor, she was met with rave reviews after she kicked off our last ladies night!  Please sign up with Coach Melissa if you plan to attend.  This is a free program and open to all our member…not just the ladies this time! Everyone could use the stretching session…and a little wine hopefully  bribes you to get here!


Connor throwing the barbell around


Bella cycling through a set of push presses during fight gone bad last week!


Jack making those 36-inch box jumps look way too easy!


Loved seeing Lia sky to a 28-inch box during Monday’s workout!


Don’t look now, but Livia is getting STRONG


Paul got his muscle-ups back on Tuesday!


Lisa working on her muscle-ups



TUESIMG_2608 (1)


New Strongman Class!!!!

April 30th, 2017 by admin

We have some exciting new classes in store for May!

Our Endurance class kicked off last week! If you are looking to get ready for a summer 5k, triathalon, or Spartan race…or if you’re just looking for a little more fun cardio in your life…this is the class for you!  We have some great endurance WODs and intervals to challenge you and get you race day ready! We hope to see you Sunday mornings at 8 am!

NEW Specialty Class!! We are SO excited to kick of a STRONGMAN class starting this month!! Every Thursday at 4pm we will pick up heavy stuff and put them down!  Get ready for farmers carry, sandbags, tire flips, and other fun odd object challenges!

Reminder that Barbell Class runs every Tuesday evening at 7pm, and Gymnastics is every Friday at 4pm.  All our specialty classes are a great add to your CrossFit regiment!  If you haven’t been to one yet, you are missing out!  All specialty classes are included in our Unlimited Membership…and available as an add-on to athletes with a 3 class/week or punch card membership for a $20 drop in fee.


Our CrossFit Kids working HARD!!!!


Ralph giving the atlas stone a big hug


Phillip rolling through his 30 reps with the atlas stone


Lisa and Elsa doing gymnasty stuff at Gymnastics class….Stacey on the other hand????


Monica putting Kasey through some sort of torture…I mean……T2B drill.


Steve C. working with his sandbag


Jackson tossing the sandbag over his shoulder


The Sunday Masters Class coming in HOT!










Are You In?

April 25th, 2017 by admin

Something has been on my mind lately and I wanted to do a little blog about it. I was thinking about the CrossFit Open. It’s been over for a while and we’ve all had a chance to recover mentally and physically and get back to our regular routines. My hope was that the Open would FIRE YOU GUYS UP!!!! We now all have a clear idea about what we need to work on…..we all have a whole list of things. Maybe it’s barbell strength, gymnastics, cardio, or just simply getting to the gym more and gain some more experience with CrossFit in general. I was pumped to see everyone REALLY get to work and strive to get better. By the 2018 CrossFit Open, you could be an entirely different athlete.

For a bunch of you, we HAVE seen that and we love it. However, we have seen others fall off. We have hardly seen some of you since the open ended. Here is the thing. We KNOW you can make it to the gym. We saw it during the Open. You came in on weekends, evenings, or random times to get the workouts in. You made it a priority and MADE IT HAPPEN! So, we know you can. It just takes effort and commitment.

Here is what we want for all of you! We want you at the gym pounding away at your weaknesses. We want you here often. Not just one or twice a week…..we want much, much more. In order to really reach your goals, it takes a commitment and we want you here as much as you possibly can. We know schedules are crazy….kids, sports, events, appointments, work, and whatnot. You have to make yourself a priority sometimes. Some of you are so caring for everyone else…..you forget about yourself! CrossFit 203 is YOUR place to focus on YOU!  You’ll be better off in all aspects of your life if you are feeling healthy and good about your fitness!

I get excited thinking about the 2018 CrossFit Open because I hope you’re all doing things you never thought possible. Doing things you couldn’t this year. But you have to work for it! We want to make you all better athletes, parents, students, employees, husbands and wives, etc. We want you at the gym, working hard and getting stronger and fitter.

Are you in?


You will all be happy to know that we got 2 new bikes the other day. More of this in the near future!!!!


Craig and Robin hitting the Sunday morning 8 am Endurance workout!


Awesome to see Avery getting her first rope climbs!!!!


Rich looked great on the peg board the other day!


Christian locking out a press


Jane looking strong!!!










Friday Schedule Update!!!!!

April 20th, 2017 by admin

A couple schedule announcements for tomorrow and this weekend!  We have a bit of a bummer first…..Friday’s NOON class is canceled.  We apologize for the inconvenience!  Just a totally random schedule conflict. All other classes are ON!

Reminder that this Sunday at 8am we kick off the return of our Endurance Specialty class!  Coaches Alexis and Melissa promise a good time while working on improving your endurance for anything from a 5K, a spartan race, and those long 20-minute CrossFit workouts!  Remember to take advantage of our specialty classes…all those weaknesses that were exposed during the Open…NOW is the time to put in the work! See you there!!!!


The 4 pm crew hitting those rowing intervals


Natalie with a SWEET 260-pound PR!!!!


Lauren looked strong with those sets of 1 today!!!


Wednesday (sorry….forgot a pic of the Thursday board!)

Endurance Class is BACK!!!

April 18th, 2017 by admin

Good news for our Endurance lovers…or haters…who need to work it!  This Sunday we will re-start our weekly Endurance Specialty Class!  Coaches Alexis and Melissa will guide you through some great endurance workouts that are all based off of running, rowing and the assault bikes (gear hint….we have two more en route to the gym!!!). However, we will be adding in other movements too, such as burpees, kettle bell work, maybe even some light barbell work. So, the bottom line is, we won’t JUST be running, rowing or biking. We will keep you guessing and keep things interesting.

This class will take place at 8 am….so we can hopefully beat the heat as the summer goes on. This class is FREE for unlimited members, $20 drop in fee for anyone else. The same goes for our other specialty classes….Barbell Club Tuesdays at 7 pm, Gymnastics Class Fridays at 4 pm….and we will be announcing a NEW specialty class later this month or in early May.

See you early Sunday for your first butt-kicking ;)!!!!!


The noon crew starting those med ball cleans Monday


Shayna was SO excited to be outside running again!!!


Rodolfo looked good with those tuck-pull-ups


Kirk Daddy finishing up a clean and jerk today


Mindy getting some work with those L2 handstand walks


Amber and Stacey…..sisters working hard!!!!


Lou with a bar MU while Jackson and Lisa finish a C&J rep






April 13th, 2017 by admin

We just got back from vacation and I have a question for you all. Do you get as lazy as I do while on vacation? To me, that’s what vacation is for…..to do things you don’t typically do at home, namely relax, enjoy some quiet, not have a schedule and not HAVING to do anything. I immediately settle into relaxation/lazy mode. So, it’s tough for me to work out while on vacation. Sometimes I have a tough time mustering up the energy. As a result, I’m tired and exhausted for most of the vacation. I know this happens every time, but I can’t seem to escape it. I spent most of the vacation fighting to keep my eyes open by the middle of the day. Falling asleep at the pool or on the couch.  Ready for bed even before my boys.

After 5 days of laziness, and Melis pestering me, I finally manned up enough to join her at the local CrossFit. It was a good workout and I was immediately happy that I went. And, as usual, I felt stupid that I didn’t go there more during the vacation.

For the rest of the evening, I was filled with energy and I felt like I’d had an adrenaline injection! I felt like a million bucks…..pretty much the exact opposite of my previous five days. I was suddenly upset that I couldn’t work out the next day because we were leaving and coming home.

But I was happy to be coming home. Back to 203. Back to all of you and the amazing community we have here. Yes, I was even excited to wake up for the Wednesday 6 am crew!

Time to get back to my routine. Time to get back to these tough, fun, amazing workouts. Time to get back to life.


Dallas locking out a clean and jerk


Paula with her game face on!


Amanda with a nice little PR on Wednesday










March 29th, 2017 by admin
The 2017 Champs!!!!

The 2017 Champs!!!!

WE HAVE A CHAMPION!!! There is no other way to put it except to say that the winning team DOMINATED the final week of the Open. Almost every single athlete on the team scored points in their respective age groups. They totaled an amazing 28 points in the final week to pull away from the field….congrats to MEAN GREEN MACHINE!!!! They finished with 122 points over the five weeks of the Open. After trailing Team Reediculous after four weeks, they put the pedal to the medal and absolutely crushed 17.5! Congrats!!!!  Thank you to all the athletes who participated this year!  We had an absolute blast, we hope you all did too!

1. Mean Green Machine – 122
2. Reediculous – 109
3. Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls – 90
4. TNT in Tahiti – 88
5. Yo Mama – 83
6. Dirty Dozen – 61

Spirit of the Open this week goes to two people…..Robin and Alberto! As you know, these two went back and forth with a little friendly CrossFit Open ribbing over the five weeks. There was photoshopping being done, posters and flyers posted all over the gym, and it was all in good fun and it was so entertaining to see what they came up with each week. Each of their teams gets one bonus point.

Picture of the Week is Mike D!!!!! We love this photo. It’s the perfect combo of determination and of course……pain! This was Mike’s first CrossFit Open and he worked so hard and put up some good scores for his team. Awesome job Mike!!!!!

For Week MVP for helping out during the week, a point goes to Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls and TNT in Tahiti. Lisa, Elsa, and Jack all hung around after most people left and actually helped me clean up and vacuum the mess that we left after the party. And they were there when the floor scrubber shorted out and sparks flew out of the power outlets!!!! Whew! That was a bit scary. Thanks to them and for everyone for helping out.

We had a tough job picking the best team photo for the Team Spirit Bonus point. We went with Dirty Dozen! We loved when they wore their gear throughout the Open, their poster, and liked how they printed out pictures of each of their faces for the team picture. Bonus point for them!

Individual scorers are below.
RX Men: 1.Mike Leo (14:44), 2. Pat (16:00)  3. Mikey Moves (17:24)
RX Women: 1.Alexis (9:56)  2. Elsa (12:45)   3. Lisa (15:32)
Scaled Men: 1.  Connor (8:06)   2. Andie  (9:13)  3.  Mike D. (11:48)
Scaled Women: 1. Nicole O. (13:43)  2. Mel M. (14:12)  3. Kelly (14:26)
35-44 RX Men: 1.Alberto (14:33)   2. Brian (15:37)   3. Kirk (15:45)
35-44 RX Women: 1.Melissa (11:16)   2. Stacey (19:53)  3. Michelle C. (20:56)
35-44 Scaled Men: 1. Mike Lig. (9:33)  2. Christian (14:09)  3. Seth (15:08)
35-44 Scaled Women: 1. Rachael (8:55)  2. Kim (10:01)  3. Teresa (10:02)
45 and up RX Men: 1. Paul (28:33)
45 and up RX Women:  None
45 and up Scaled Men: 1. Rich (10:47)  Mark (10:50)  2. Matthew (11:20)
45 and up Scaled Women: 1. Cathy (9:47)  2. Robin (12:30)   3. Sara (12:47)

Photo of the Week!!!!

Photo of the Week!!!!


Bonus point for this team photo by Dirty Dozen

Bonus point for this team photo by Dirty Dozen


Papa John locking out a thruster


The familiar look of relief after wrapping up that workout!!!


Mindy looking calm as can be at the bottom of this thruster


Great pic of Michelle B


Sara blazing through the scaled workout


The 203 crew helping Eliana get to the finish!


Incredible Saturday

March 26th, 2017 by admin

GROUP17505134_1527176843967885_7492537171131646980_oSaturday was truly amazing to us. We took a moment after all the heats had finished to just take everything in and look around. It gave us goosebumps to see so many incredible people, from all walks of life, celebrating the culmination of five weeks of hard work. 

For some, this was your very first time doing the Open (and hopefully not the last). For others, it might have been your fourth, fifth or even sixth time. At the end of these five weeks, it’s really not the scores and times we care about. It’s the pure grit, determination, and character you have all shown that makes us so proud. 

In a world filled increasingly with chaos, we escaped all that for a few hours every Saturday for the past five weeks. We saw really busy people, folks with jobs, families, and commitments, take the time to put fitness and community first.  These workouts were hard, and every single one of you pushed to give everything you have, and then some.  And when everyone finished, you managed to pick yourself off the floor to find someone else still working and support and cheer them to finish. 

The camaraderie witnessed within these gym walls is what really makes this place so damn special.  Every single person really and truly CARES…they care about their own health and fitness, but also about everyone else’s as well.  I’m sure most of you had plenty of other pressing things to get done on a Saturday, but instead you chose to hang out at 203…work out and cheer other people while they exercised for time!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here.  Thank you for caring.  What a special five weeks this has been. 


Team Reediculous

Team Reediculous



Team TNT in Tahiti


Team Mean Green Machine


Team Yo Mama


Team Dirty Dozen


Team Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls


Justin working HARD during his shot at 17.5


LOVED getting Damien through that workout together!


Thanks Jess for coming for a visit! Great to see you!


Also great to see Hayes on Sunday!!! Hope to see you again sometime soon!


THURDSC_0389 sundayDSC_0428

17.5 Throwdown Details!

March 24th, 2017 by admin

We have a rare early Friday afternoon blog post…..but we have a lot to talk about.

17.5 is a doozy!!!! As you saw, they instituted a 40 minute cap for this one. The only reason to have a cap this high is for the people who string 1-2 DU’s together at a time and struggle through basically 40 minutes of DU practice. This seems a bit extreme. If you don’t at least have decent double-unders, it might be a good idea to just smoke the scaled version of this workout. Jumping up and down for 40 minutes isn’t the best idea…..thank us tomorrow when your achilles and calves aren’t totally fired up!

For our purposes of trying to get all our athletes though the workout tomorrow in a reasonable time frame…and to get to the celebration afterwards, we are going to do a “soft” cap of 20 minutes and a hard cap of 25. If we get to the 20 minute mark and you are close to finishing, then we will allow you to finish. If we get to 20 minutes and you are on round 4…..we will stop you and call it a day.  We need to keep all of you healthy and also keep things moving, as we have close to 50 people signed up for the Saturday Throwdown. If we allow every heat to go 40 minutes, well, you do the math…..it won’t be pretty.

If any of you are DEAD SET on finishing this workout no matter what, but you think that 40 minute cap may come into play, schedule a time with Sunday or Monday and we will get you through it. Let Kirk or Melissa know!!!!!

We will aim for 12-15 people in each heat on Saturday.

Melissa and Sarah did a video with some warm-up tips and also stretching afterwards. Check that out later today. We will open the doors at 8:15, so if you need an early heat, get here early and start your warm-up. We will cover the standards at 9:00 sharp (there aren’t nearly as many standards to cover as other workouts). Heat 1 will go off promptly at 9:15 am.

TEAM PHOTOS! We hope you have all planned something for team photos. Try to get that taken care of before 9 am. Get here early, set up whatever you need and when you are ready, we will snap your photo. Try to take the pic in front of the big “203” logo. Each team has 5 minutes of time to set up and get the picture taken. Please plan accordingly. Here is the schedule to ensure chaos doesn’t ensue:

8:35-TNT in Tahiti
8:40-Green Machine
8:45-Yo Mama
8:50-Pecs and the Pussycat Dolls
8:55-Dirty Dozen

9am-Standards Briefed

9:15- Heat 1
9:55-Heat 2
10:35- Heat 3
11:15-Heat 4

11:45- Shots, booze, and food!!


Yup, this is how 17.5 is going to feel. Get ready. Great job to everyone who did the WOD Thursday evening!