CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely absolutely CrossFit
geared and designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of that population (neurological, cognitive, motor).

Since Late 2004 CrossFit Kids has been Forging The Future Of Fitness and is currently in over 400 gyms in North America, Australia, Europe, Africa, India, Japan and Panama. CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness.In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well- rounded athletes.CrossFit Kids workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and scalable for any participant at any level.

What Does this mean ?
This means that, for the most part, no two workouts are the same, so kids and teens never get bored and the novelty of each workout keeps them excited about participating.

The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play-pull, push,run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids Trainers.

When fitness is defined as broad, inclusive and general it means that participants will become well-rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport that they play because CrossFit Kids doesn’t coach them to be good at just one thing.
Our workouts will increase physical competence in 10 fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. ~Courtesy of

We are currently running:

Pre-School program for children ages 3-6 on Tuesdays at 4:15pm
Sunday morning at 9:15 am, we have a Kids class for ages 4 to 9.

Kids program for children ages 7-12 on Thursdays at 4:15

Email for more information or to register your child

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  2. Lisa Deldin says:

    do you have anything for older kids 13-14-15 years old?

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