Master’s Class

We are excited to offer a Master’s Class every Friday at 5 pm and Sunday at 10:30am.  This class is open for any CrossFit athlete ages 40+.  Train with an experienced Physical Therapist who knows how the body works, and is familiar with injuries, modifications, and rehab protocols.  The Master’s class will feature CrossFit WODs that you love, as well as an extended warm up and extra focus on mobility and injury prevention.  The CrossFit Games highlighted some pretty Bad Ass 40+ CrossFitters from around the world.  Let’s see what Connecticut has to offer!!

If you are not a member of CrossFit 203, but are actively CrossFitting elsewhere, just pay the drop in fee or get yourself a punch card!

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  1. Michael Ferrara says:

    Hi Melissa. Hope your travels are smooth. I’m here in Lausanne Switzerland for work, trying to figure out how I can get in a decent workout. Anyway, my 14 year old daughter has expressed an interest in cross fit training and maybe meeting with a coach. She has never trained before and I’m sure she has no idea what it’s really all about. She is a competitive equestrian so she at least has strong legs. Wondering if you think a foundational session makes sense for her. If yes, is this something you would be willing to take on?

    Thanks. See you soon.


    Mike Ferrara

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