CrossFit Yoga with Coach Michelle: Hopefully coming back soon! Stay tuned.

“Hiding from your weaknesses is a recipe for incapacity and error.” You may have heard Coach Melissa say it before, and it’s worth repeating, that one of our primary goals here at CrossFit 203 is to condition healthy athletes that can compete today, tomorrow and for years to come. Therefore address your weaknesses; we all have them (nasty little buggers that steal PRs from us). I believe that yoga is the way to effectively hunt them down and flush them out. Weakness hunting is now called yoga. But I’m not going to come door to door to sell it to you.  I can only tell you from my own personal experience how I feel that yoga has benefitted me and how it should become a part of your weekly practice. I personally get rather frustrated when I can’t do a movement, not because of lack of physical strength or ability, but simply because my body “won’t go that way.” So yes, I do see a positive correlation between doing CrossFit and practicing yoga. Yoga helps remove the latter scenario from the equation.

What You Can Expect

You probably weren’t aware how messed up an overhead squat would make you feel until you tried it and discovered it was a train wreck right? That’s what I’m going for here.  I’m not going to ask you to chant with me, nor will I play super uber chill chimey music and expect you all to bliss out. That’s not my style. I have found that by doing certain poses in certain ways I have become stronger yet more flexible and I have increased my endurance. Certain little nagging body habits/imbalances have started to subside as well.

This is a class that will act as a compliment to the typical CrossFit class. We will do yoga poses (aka asanas) and we will breathe. Just as every WOD is scalable to meet your needs so is every asana. We’ll use bands, foam rolls if necessary, supports in order to assist you in difficult poses and we will do exercises that strengthen supporting musculature (yay for a healthy rotator cuff).

Your body is a major system comprised of 206 bones, roughly 600 muscles, 22 organs, 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries and you’re only as good as your weakest link. My intention for this class is to help sort through, find and then address whatever tight spots or weaknesses may turn up so that you can keep improving on your WOD times, your lifts and your life.

Namaste bitches!  

4 Responses to Yoga

  1. michelle says:

    Feb 7th Class Focus: Developing Core Strength to Increase Mid-Line Stability.
    **Hint: This ain’t just about holding a plank for 30seconds, this is about stabilizing during movement!

  2. Michelle says:

    Feb 14th AM & PM Class Focus: Developing Core Strength to Increase Mid-Line Stability.
    **Hint: This isn’t just about holding a plank for 30seconds, this is about stabilizing throughout an entire movement/lift!

  3. michelle says:

    Yoga Tuesday 2/28: 10:20AM & 7:15PM
    Hey folks! We don’t know what’s coming up this week (ring dips? OHS?) so we’re going to work General Flexibility again this week. Stretch out what got f*ed saturday! :-D

  4. Cathy Petz says:

    Hey Michelle – I’m planning on coming to yogurt (yoga) class on Wed. Night… Bring a mat right???

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