12.6.10 I have been inspired by a new movement started by this blogpost and fueled by a facebook group called Strong is the new Skinny.  What a great concept, for all women; young and old.  I haven’t met another female friend who hasn’t struggled at some point in her life with body image issues.  We are overwhelmed with images of thin beautiful models, actresses, and other celebrities.

CrossFit gives us images of strong muscular women.  They are doing awesome feats of strength and endurance.  What a great example to set for our children.  Young girls seeing their moms CrossFitting, lifting heavy, doing pull-ups, and flipping tires.  What a great place this world would be if every young girl was led by example and encouraged to lift weights, eat clean, and be strong.

There is no more powerful feeling than to be able to easily handle the five gallon jug of water at work, lift the 50lb bag of dog food from Costco, or clean and jerk your Christmas tree onto the car roof.  I would take being strong over being skinny any day.  I am proud of my muscles and the things that I can do with them.  I was crazy proud the day my mother in law commented on the fact that my muscles were bulging out of my tank top this summer.  I work hard for those traps!

I never thought I’d be offended when someone called me “skinny”.  But I am. Skinny brings the connotation of being “weak”.  I make sure to correct people when they call me skinny. Nope, I’m strong.  Thank you, CrossFit.

I beg you; stop trying to look like Hollywood.  It will only frustrate you and give you a nice diagnosis of osteoporosis 20 years down the road.  Choose to be strong, to CrossFit, and eat clean.  Be a good role model for your kids, your sister, and your best friend.  I promise that you will feel and look the best you ever have.

I’ll leave you with pictures of some STRONG Bad A$$ Women working out at 203 who inspire me everyday!