shop_small_logo_2015This Saturday, Nov. 26 is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!! We are proud to be a small business here in Danbury and will be offering a discount all week. From now through Sunday, we are offering our ‘Foundations’ classes along with your first month for $99!  That is a savings of over $125. This is a limited offer, be sure to spread the word or buy a gift certificate for a loved one!  

I love supporting small businesses in the area. I enjoy finding small coffee shops and avoiding Dunkin or Starbucks. I’d rather go to the small hardware shop instead of the mammoth Home Depot. The problem is finding them and finding a place you can trust.  There’s many local businesses, Kleber C’s Tree, Hat City Painting, Hat City Pressure Washing and Connecticut Excavation that always do a great job!

Fitness is a whole other area. Planet Fitness and Edge are not small businesses. They are places that strive and succeed on the backs of people who get locked into long contracts, pay membership, and don’t show up. Let’s just say that we are the opposite. No contracts. If we don’t see you for a stretch, you can count on us wondering where you are and sending you a text or email.

If you have a friend who goes to one of those big chain gyms and hates it (and we guarantee you know MANY people like this), show them the way! Show them the CrossFit way! CrossFit 203 might just give someone what they are looking for……a COMMUNITY rooted in fitness for people of all abilities! Spread this post to your friends and be sure to take advantage of our Small Business Saturday offer.

Enough of paying for a gym you hate. You’re bored and not getting fit or having any fun at all. This is the time to try CrossFit. Help spread the word and tell people how to find CrossFit 203!!

Let’s get to work!!!


Migs settling under 285 on Friday!!!


Teresa looking solid under this clean


Look who is squatting again!!!!!!!


LOVED Sunday’s Masters Class…..this crew was energetic, supportive, relentless while on those rowers. Keep it up!!!!


Craig’s special motivation was to dance for Robin during her final row…..I’m not sure if it worked?????


Eliana and Michelle flying up those ropes!


Perry getting his first shot at rope climbs and he loved it!