Nutrition is the foundation to everything we do in CrossFit, and the FOUNDATION to our health and well-being.  It is impossible to escape and without a good and solid foundation…you will NEVER fully achieve your potential.  This applies to your workouts, how you look, and how you feel.  The best part?  Our nutrition is entirely within our control!  Combined with CrossFit you have the power to build the most powerful buffer from chronic disease.  Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and cancer account for 70% of deaths in the US…and a staggering 80% of our US healthcare costs.  1 in 5 children are now considered obese…and nearly 1/3 overweight.  Go back and re- read those stats.  Let it sink in…we are in a crisis here in the US.  It is absolutely terrifying, yet all this can be avoided through proper nutrition!

Studies show the underlying cause of chronic disease is a condition called Hyperinsulinemia.  Plainly speaking….too much insulin in the blood.  This is a direct result of excessive consumption of refined and sugar-laden carbohydrates.

The nutrition challenge we are currently running is for the direct purpose of helping everyone break the addiction to sugar and processed carbohydrates.  We hope to educate you on how we can use nutrition to effectively replace medicine and fight chronic disease.  Fill your plates with meats and veggies!  Snack on nuts, seeds, and some fruit.  Add in a little starch for added energy…and keep the sugar OUT!  Keep our food intake to levels that support exercise but not body fat.  It’s really that simple!

Here is what we know from the research….as blood sugar values go down, blood pressure drops, chronic pain decreases or disappears, lipid profiles improve, inflammatory markers improve, energy increases, weight decreases, sleep is improved, and IBS symptoms are lessened. Medication is adjusted downward, or even eliminated.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and watch the following two documentaries; That Sugar Film, and Fed Up.  Both can be found on itunes and Amazon.  They do a great job educating on the dangers of added sugars and highlight just how many of our foods contain added sugars.  Things like bread, english muffins, tomato sauce, salad dressing, condiments, crackers, the list goes on…they all contain added sugar!

Fuel your body right…not just because you want to perform well in the gym, not just because you want to look better naked….but because you want a better medication-free, disease-free healthy future. Do it because you want to provide an example for your kids, and your family who struggle with the same sugar addiction. This quite possibly will save your life, or possibly someone else’s.


Amanda looking strong with a power snatch last week


Stephanie holding strong with those L-sits during the core cash-out last Thursday


Kristen solid with this TGU


Jason on his way up with a TGU


The 4 pm class hitting today’s EMOM


Shayna setting up for a lift while Pat launches over the box