It was a great weekend for CrossFit 203! We had SEVEN teams compete at CrossFit Strongtown’s Battle for the Bell competition.  As usual, the gang at Strongtown put on an amazing event! We want to send a special thank you to all our athletes who came out…not to WOD…but to cheer on our competitors!  It was your energy, cheers and support that helped every one of us dig a little deeper and push a little harder.  Thank you for taking the time to come out and support everyone!  Another huge shout out to Phillip!  He came by just to cheer the teams on for a bit…but wound up stepping in when we had an athlete go down.  Thank goodness he came down in sneakers!  Phillip, thank you!  We are proud to bring home both big and little 3rd place Bells!  Take a look at them on top of our cubbies where they will be proudly displayed for the next year!  Congrats Jack, Jon, Melissa, Shayna, Mikey Moves, and Eliana for a job well done! We are so proud of all our athletes who competed…some for the very first time!

We also wanted to share something else. If you missed it, Melissa posted something to facebook early Sunday and it was so fitting and amazing and it was also good timing. We are planning on doing a new thing called #MemberMonday on social media each week. #MemberMonday will help you learn about your fellow athletes at 203. You are here for an hour a day and even if you see someone quite often….it’s possible you don’t know much about them. Our first one will be posted tomorrow on Instagram and facebook and we hope you learn a little something about your fellow 203-ers. Melissa’s Sunday post is below in case you didn’t see it.

There’s a lot of folks who love to bash on CrossFit ….they call us crazy, say we’re a cult, claim they could never…or would never join us. I guess I’ll never understand them. What I see in this picture is a community of amazing people…from all walks of life. Pictured here are busy doctors, nurses, and teachers. Police officers and fire fighters who come to the gym after long shifts. Lawyers and business people who squeeze in a workout between meetings. Parents who make it a priority to carve in an hour of time for themselves. Full-time students and grandparents, working out side by side. Some are former athletes…others former couch potatoes. We all share a common bond that is CrossFit. That need to be a part of something bigger, to surround yourself with others who will hold you accountable and make you better. Yes we work out….but we also have a lot of fun, and I cannot imagine what I’d be without these people at CrossFit 203. 

OUR crew!

OUR crew!


Lots of pain faces on those bikes…..including Damien


Coach Rich locking out a thruster


Mikey Moves looking strong!


Eliana tossing around some weight


Synchronized KBS’s for Andrea and Jon


Some of our amazing spectators, Melissa F., Mary, Marie and Kendra!!!

Some of our amazing spectators, Melissa F., Mary, Marie and Kendra!!!


Big Bell Third place for Melis, Jack, Andrea and Jon!!!!!


Third place Little Bell for Adam, Mikey, Shayna and Eliana!