Hopefully by now everyone is aware of how important nutrition is when it comes to your health,
fitness and overall looking good naked! We want to be sure everyone is up to date and aware
of all the resources we have available here at 203.

Our private facebook nutrition challenge group has now been made public to any active 203
Members. We’ll provide regular nutrition education here, as well as offer support, advice and
Accountability. Search for 203 Nutrition and join if you’d like!

We have also added a nutrition board in the club room. Check it out for monthly tips and
recipes! If you still are looking for more in depth Nutrition guidance, head over to our
website to check out more nutrition coaching options!

The Open is right around the corner, take charge of your nutrition today….and you’ll be
amazed at the results and improvements you’ll see when it’s time to do 18.1!

Dee flying up that rope!

Christine getting the hang of those rope climbs!

One of our new friends from Lesser Evil Snacks….Ujj!!!!!

Amber focusing on her lift

Marie looking strong!!!!

Pat driving up during a clean and jerk

Victoria getting LOW on those evil wheels!