Sorry for the delay folks, we had some computer issues but we are back on track and the scores are IN for the CrossFit Intramural Open at 203!!!! It was CLOSE at the end, but after scoring in nearly every age and gender category in week 5, Orange is the New JACKED has taken home the title!!!!! Team Black made a huge run with a bunch of Bingo points, particularly from Sam, who filled each box, and finished a close second. Full standings are below.  

1.) Orange is the New JACKED!: 182
2.) Once You Go Black: 178
3.) Chalk Dirty to Me: 95
4.) Bacon and Leggs: 90
5.) REDLINE: 88

Spirit of the Open this week goes to Iron Mary! Mary has done the Open with us since day 1…back in 2011!  She has been a part of every Open since…including the days when the Scaled division wasn’t even a “thing”! Has she missed workouts here and there with illness or injury? Yes. But despite any setbacks, she is still there to help judge and cheer everyone. Every single time. And she always brings such yummy food to our Throwdowns! She is always excited for the Open and pumped up to throw down with a team and give her best effort. She scored among her age group multiple times this year and represented REDLINE with grace and class, as always!

Photo of the Week goes to Pete (see above). Pete is a ball of energy and this picture captures him perfectly. Always busting his butt and also having a fun time with everyone. He had some shoulder issues during the Open this year but hit each and every workout HARD and was able to do three of the workouts RX. Thanks for always providing us a loud WOOOOOO to get us all going Pete!

Thank you to everyone who helped make everything run smoothly for our Intramural Open. It’s not easy. It takes all of us to be a community and pitch in here and there. Bringing food and drinks, judging, helping set up and clean up, cheering and just being here for everyone else. Even something you may consider small and not super important IS important to us! So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, particularly our amazing coaches who served as captains and did so much work! Answering questions, motivating their teams, and always being here to help out and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You are all amazing and we are so lucky to have such fun with the Open….and it’s all because of YOU!!!!!!! See you for the 2019 Open!!!!!!

Top 3 for each age group
RX Men: Pat, Leo and Jon (tied)
RX Women: Kylie, Lisa, Elsa
RX Men (35-44): Alberto, Jack, Kirk
RX Women (35-44): Stacey, Sarah, Brook
RX Men (45 and up): Rich, Pete, Ihab
RX Women (45 and up): Robin, Sara
Scaled Men: Shaun, Mike Earle
Scaled Women: Jenn, Jimena, Stacey P.
Scaled Men (35-44): Shawn
Scaled Women (35-44): Stephanie Sig, Kim, Rachael
Scaled Men (45 and up): Matthew, Steve C., Craig
Scaled Women (45 and up): Cathy, Christine, Cindy

Shawn getting after those thrusters

Matthew and Rich had some epic battles for points during the Open…..but still provided fair judging to each other. Love it!

Leo on his way to a 102

Great shot of Stacey rolling through her pull-ups

Kendra about to start a set of thrusters

Natalie working hard with those pull-ups!

Love this shot of Eliana, Kim and Lisa!